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VIP To Go puts restroom trailer information at your fingertips


VIP To Go is your go-to company for restroom trailer rentals nationwide. Our fleet of affordable, luxury bathroom trailers is one of the largest in the nation. We also maintain restroom trailer fleet yards around the country, allowing us to deliver your bathroom or shower trailer fast but also giving us a firm understanding of the unique delivery and placement needs of your part of the country. With unparalleled customer service and brand new luxury restroom trailers every year, VIP To Go is the only company to turn to during your event or emergency planning.

About Us

VIP To Go has decades of experience in providing luxury restroom trailer rentals on almost any budget. VIP To Go’s outstanding customer service has made us one of the biggest names in restroom trailers. Our volume discounts on purchasing new trailers allow us to pass the savings on to you when you rent a restroom trailer.


VIP To Go offers a variety of trailer sizes and designs to suit any needs. From large but basic models for disaster relief to opulent, luxury restroom trailers that make your wedding that much more memorable, VIP To Go has whatever portable restroom trailer you need, however many toilet trailer rentals you need, and the best customer service in the restroom trailer business!


Before you consider any other company check out VIP To Go’s restroom trailer blog. Here, you can see what’s new in the world of rental trailer rentals in your part of the country and see how we can put our extensive knowledge of restroom and shower trailers to use to make your event more successful.

Here are just a few of the blogs that you will find on the VIP To Go blog page:

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Rental Info

Check out our Rental Info page to help you understand the many features available when you select VIP To Go rental restroom trailers. For long term restroom rentals or short term, luxury weddings or commercial renovations, even VIP To Go’s most basic models will exceed your expectations. And our luxury bathroom trailer models simply have to be seen to be believed.


An informed renter is a savvy renter, that’s why you should learn all that you can about restroom trailer rentals before you put your money on the line. VIP To Go has created a complete guide to restroom and shower trailer rentals with you in mind! This easy to read, interesting guide is full of everything you could want to know about bathroom trailers, including tips for choosing the right trailer rental company and so much more!

Here is sampling of what you can learn about restroom trailers with the VIP To Go guide:

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To ensure that your event is a success you need to understand the ins and outs of restroom trailer rental. Our FAQs answer all your questions about restroom trailer rental including what kind of trailer, where can we put it, when can I have it, why is it better than a chemical toilet, how much will it cost and so much more.

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Call VIP To Go today to reserve your restroom trailer, or simply to get the answers to your burning restroom questions. When you work with VIP To Go we take the pressure of catering to your guests restroom needs off your shoulders and allow you to focus on the event itself. Call VIP To Go at 877 564 6977.