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From oil rigs to disaster recovery, commercial renovations to graduation parties, with VIP To Go you give your employees, customers and guests a restroom where they can be comfortable, cool, relaxed and refreshed – ready to take on the world. Learn more about how VIP To Go’s unique line of custom designed trailers can make any event successful and memorable.


Event Planning for Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofit events are crucial for the success of nonprofit organizations, for a variety of reasons. Nonprofits need to impact their local community. They generally have a goal, and seek to make a di

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bikers on cross country biking trip

Preparing for a Cross Country Biking Trip

A cross-country biking excursion can be one of the most exciting things that you (and your group of bikers) ever do. If you’re the one in charge of making this adventure come to fruition, then you n

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stirring a glass with cocktail and ice cubes

All of the Best Cocktail Party Ideas You Could Ever Dream Of

Cocktail parties are some of the most sociable, fun, and elegant parties you will ever attend. The best part about throwing one is that they’re fairly simple to put together. That’s because, with

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benches surrounded by fall leaves

Celebrating the Changing Seasons with a Fun Fall Celebration

The weather is starting to get cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, and more and more people are thinking about things like apple cider and pumpkin pie. They’re also thinking about fall gatherin

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School Events that Parents and Children

Ideas for School Events that Parents and Children Will Love

The goal of school events is to create a place where students, their parents and guardians, and teachers can come together and have a great time. This sense of community is undeniably beneficial for a

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To Do List

How To Host Successful Community Events

Planning successful local events and community events can be a little bit complicated. It’s not as simple as just ‘deciding to host an event.’ There are actually a lot of steps that go int

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outdoor event lighting

Unforgettable Outdoor Events

Helpful Tips and Tools to Plan an Unforgettable Outdoor Event It’s no secret that outdoor events have become increasingly popular, especially in the past year. Outdoor events offer endless

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banquet set up for corporate event production

7 Steps to Planning the Best Corporate Events

There are many good reasons to plan and orchestrate a corporate event. In truth, the best corporate events are those where employees leave feeling inspired, motivated, and energized! There are a

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Restroom Rental In New Jersey

How To Get A Restroom Rental In New Jersey

Despite being one of the smaller states in size, it most certainly makes up for it in personality.  From the busy, fast paced lifestyle of North Jersey—to the slower-moving, greener pastures of Sou

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performers at parade

Restroom Trailer Rental for NYC Parades

New York City is known as an international hot spot for fashion, Broadway plays, museums, art galleries, finance, and a classic metropolitan lifestyle. One aspect of The Big Apple, though, that captur

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golf player ready to hit ball

Portable Bathroom Trailers For Golf Courses

Who doesn't love a round of golf? It's just 18 holes—you, your friends, a set of clubs, and the whole morning or afternoon to just relax and have some fun. But if you own a golf cours

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wine tasting

Restroom Trailer Rental for a Wine Tasting Event

Hosting a wine tasting lets you share your love of this delightful beverage with friends and family. If you are not very familiar with wines, you can

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vermont farm

Restroom Trailer Rental In Vermont

Vermont is a beautiful state. It's known for its incredible cheddar cheese, it's delicious maple syrup, and for the many farms, artisan foods, wineries, fresh produce, and breweries that call it home.

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finish line for charity fundraising event

Charity Events: How to Plan an Outdoor Fundraiser

Whether you are having a charity fundraising event for breast cancer, school sports, children’s cancer services in a hospital, or other cause that better serves your community, planning is an import

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sunset over Delaware River

Restroom Trailer Rental in Delaware

Delaware is a beautiful place to live, visit, celebrate special occasions, enjoy historical sites, and even start your own business. The state has many gorgeous venues for weddings and parties, as wel

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political campaign voting sign

How Do You Plan A Political Campaign?

What is a political campaign? This is a question that cuts right to the heart of what it means to hold elections, discuss legal policies, and facilitate democracy. And it’s an i

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sweet 16 birthday party for girl

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 16 is a special time in your child’s life, and a Sweet 16 party for a girl or boy is a great way to celebrate this special occasion. You may be wondering how to make the day memorable. Here

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Family gathering at the beach

Family Get Together

Do you dream about family gatherings and hosting one? If so, you’ll find that planning it can end up being overwhelming. You have to make sure you have enough food and entertainment. Besides this, y

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campfire on campground

How to Plan a Camping Trip for Yourself, Family, and Friends

Camping is one of the great outdoor adventures. It’s just you alone in nature, perhaps solo, with your family, or a small group of friends. Summer is the most popular time of year for a local or cro

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Clean bathroom counter with accessories

Portable Bathroom Attendant for Weddings and Events

When you’re in charge of planning an outdoor event, there’s a huge amount of details you have to take care of. There’s a theme, guest list, food, entertainment, decor, and so much more that goes

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Outdoor Sports field

Outdoor Restrooms for Sports Fields

It can be challenging to provide safe, comfortable athletic fields for both players and spectators of college sports. It’s important to maintain a safe environment for everyone involved, and one of

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Lighthouse in Rhode Island

Rent An Affordable Restroom Trailer in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is known for its warm summers, and cold, wet winters, with a tourist season that stretches from mid-March to mid-October. This means lots of people on the streets, lots of outdoor events,

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Inflatables at a pool party

Pool Party Ideas

Let Your Pool Party Make A Splash Looking for pool party ideas to help you plan your next poolside get-together? There’s nothing more fun than throwing a summertime party, complete with some g

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Filming a movie

Planning Your Movie and TV Shoot or Commercial

In film school, they might not teach you how to set up a movie shoot far from civilization. However, a film location in a remote area can significantly cut down on your costs and time constraints.

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Woman using a sanitizer from a marble counter

How to Make Sure Public Restrooms Are Safe and Hygienic

When it comes to using a public restroom you likely have some pretty strong feelings. You might be one of those people who thinks that it’s no big deal. But you also might be one of those people who

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Restroom trailer outdoors

Restroom Trailers Rental in Connecticut for Your Next Event

Elegant and clean restroom trailer rentals provide the comfort and convenience of home to any of your Connecticut outdoor events, including weddings, fairs, festivals, sporting events, family reunions

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5 Myths About Restroom Trailers Debunked

We all know the odorous, rickety, I-don’t-want-to-touch-anything vibe of an old school porta-potty. This isn’t that. VIP To Go restroom trailers are nothing like that. They promise luxury, full-se

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Restroom trailer surrounded by greenery and trees

Restroom Trailer Rental in New Hampshire

There is so much that goes into planning any kind of event. The last thing you want to do is to stress over your restroom trailer rental. In fact, you most likely wish it would just magically take car

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Restroom trailer on a city block

Portable Toilet VS Restroom Trailer

If you are setting up a construction site, hosting a special event, planning a festival, or other types of outdoor events, providing access to the necessary facilities is an important consideration. M

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Office building

Temporary Restroom For Businesses

Planning A Bathroom Renovation for Your Business Old bathrooms — clean as they may be — never quite give off a really clean feel. Sometimes it's just the dingy, outdated look t

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Bathroom vanity and mirrors

Temporary Bathroom Solutions for Your Next Renovation

Lifestyle changes, growing families, and disrepair are just some of the reasons that people decide to renovate their bathrooms. The planning process can be exciting, as you get to choose fixtures, pai

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Chairs at outdoor event

Outdoor Bathroom Rentals For Your Events

VIP To Go bathroom trailers keep your guests safe and comfortable during your outdoor events, and our luxury toilet trailers are super convenient. Outdoor events are great ways to celebrate special

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Restroom trailer sinks

Urinal and Bathroom Trailer History & How To Choose the Right One for Your Event

A bathroom trailer can be the perfect way to improve your worksite and can make everyone more comfortable. Finding the best company to deliver a bathroom, whether you want a urinal trailer or a tradit

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portable restroom trailer

Outdoor Party Ideas to Wow Your Guests

An outdoor party can be tons of fun. Planning the outdoor event can be tons of fun as well. Whether you decide to go with old classic party activities such as  food decorating and magic shows, or you

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Portable bathroom trailers for rent Maine

Portable Restroom Trailers for Your Event in Maryland

If you are hosting an outdoor event in Maryland, having a portable restroom trailer is vital. You want to ensure your guests have access to the amenities they need to feel comfortable at your event. A

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Portable bathroom trailers for rent Maine

Restroom Trailer Rental in Maine

VIP To Go is a national company that provides well-maintained, accessible, and clean restroom trailer rentals for resident

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VIP restroom trailer

Restroom Trailer Rental in Massachusetts

VIP To Go is a family-owned and operated portable restroom company serving the greater Massachusetts state. We take pride in providing high-quality restroom services for various events, from small bac

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Portable restroom rentals

Bathroom Trailer Rental Prices in Pennsylvania

A Broad Selection of Trailers to Choose From VIP To Go has furnished political conventions, celebrity events, VIP soirees, weddings, military bases, and many other events with luxurious rest

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Portable restrooms Florida

Portable Restroom Trailers in Florida

Air Conditioned Bliss Florida summers are sizzling hot and humid. In these conditions, working outdoors can be draining. There’s nothing like working up a sweat and then stepping away from

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Construction Site Water Tank

When it comes to running a construction site, there's a great deal that goes into keeping operations running. Even small details can cause massive delays, such as lacking the water necessary to perfor

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Opulent restroom trailers in Austin TX

Restroom Trailer Rental in Texas

Texas is a booming state, from the oil fields in the countryside to the construction industry. From remote, undeveloped areas to busy cities like Dallas, there are always major projects going on. Howe

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Emergency response soldiers

Disaster Relief Trailers Rental

When disasters strike, it can truly destroy anyone’s plans, either personal, professional, or our very livelihoods. Serious fire hazards, viral outbreaks, natural dis

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Hand Washing Station Rental Nationwide in the United States

In the U.S., we have a high standard for hygiene no matter where we are, including remote or outdoor locations devoid of plumbing. We are no longer content with using p

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Bathroom Trailer Rental with VIP To Go

Are you looking to rent a bathroom trailer? VIP To Go’s bathroom trailer selection makes getting a bathroom easy. Luxuriant, affordable, and with better sanitation th

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Restroom icon at wedding

Restroom Trailers in Rochester, NY for Weddings and Events

In 2019 alone, well over 6,000 couples tied the knot in Rochester, NY. The area is so popular that according to research organization

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A zoomed in inside view of restroom stations with blue doors and colorful towels

Portable Shower Rentals: Affordability and Convenience

Who doesn’t love a hot shower first thing in the morning, after a hard day on the job, or rinse off after or escape from unexpected weather? Your location or circumst

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5 Station luxury restroom trailer rental at wedding

Restroom Trailer Rental Cost: Get Value In Portable Toilets

Are you planning an event outdoors? Or are you planning a large event, such as a wedding, in a unique location such as a barn? Or does the location you are holding an event not have enough restroom fa

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Luxury porta potty trailer men-women icon

Luxury Porta Potty Rentals: Your Needs In A Mobile Restroom

We've all heard it before, "The event was amazing, but the porta potties were absolutely disgusting." Why are toilets always one of the first things people comment on? It may have to do with the fa

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Bride and groom at wedding

Wedding Bathroom Trailer: Why Go For A Restroom Rental?

In the US, there are over 2.1 million marriages a year! Are you and your fiance going to be one of those lucky Americans this year?

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With portable toilet rental Maine can keep skiers warm, swimmers cool and every clean and refreshed.

Portable Toilet Rental in Maine

When it comes to events with portable toilet rental Maine, call VIP To Go, the single largest provider of restroom and shower trailers to the Pine Tree State. In fact, we are not sure there are any ot

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With VIP To Go restroom trailer rentals Boston benefits from experience

Restroom Trailer Rentals in Boston

When it comes to Restroom Trailer rentals Boston turns to VIP

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Opulent restroom trailers in Austin TX

Restroom Trailers in Austin Texas

Bigger is better even with restroom trailers in Austin TX. Whether you have an oil field that you are just setting up or an old rig that lacks the comforts of home, keeping your crew comfortable, sani

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VIP restroom trailer rental in Tampa, Orlando and beyond

Restroom Trailer Rental in Tampa

When it comes to a Restroom Trailer rental Tampa needs to kee

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Restroom trailers NY after Hurricane Sandy

Restroom Trailers in New York

When it comes to restroom trailers NY has an advantage because you have VIP To Go servicing your needs with restroom trailers for rent in your own backyard! As a bathroom trailer rental company, we ar

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Luxury Portable Toilets in NYC at an NYU lecture.

Luxury Portable Toilets in NYC

Are you looking to reopen your business or host an event with proper social distancing guidelines? Are you looking for a portable restroom trailer for long te

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