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From oil rigs to disaster recovery, commercial renovations to graduation parties, with VIP To Go you give your employees, customers and guests a restroom where they can be comfortable, cool, relaxed and refreshed – ready to take on the world. Learn more about how VIP To Go’s unique line of custom designed trailers can make any event successful and memorable.

VIP to Go sustainable restroom trailer rental

Embracing Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness in the Restroom Trailer Industry

In recent years, the importance of sustainability and eco-friendliness has become increasingly apparent across various industries. As the world grapples with the effects of climate change and environmental degradation, businesses…

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Farm workers on a field needs the best farm portable restrooms

Agriculture Restrooms: Portable Restrooms for Farm Workers

In the dynamic world of agriculture, every aspect of farm operations, no matter how seemingly minor, plays a pivotal role in ensuring productivity and worker well-being. Recognizing this, VIP To…

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get health and hygiene in farm restrooms for farm workers with VIP

Ensuring Hygiene in Farm Restrooms for Workers and Visitors

For any farm operation, a clean and sanitary environment is paramount. This goes beyond just fields and equipment – proper farm restroom facilities play a vital role in both worker…

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VIP To Go farm restroom servicing for farm settings

Essential Tips for Maintaining Farm Restrooms with VIP To Go

Long days, demanding schedules – running a farm means keeping a tight grip on efficiency. One area often overlooked, but crucial for worker well-being and productivity, is restroom facilities. Imagine…

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farmers working in field need farm restroom facilities

Discover the Best Farm Restroom Facilities with VIP To Go

Attention farm owners and managers! Say goodbye to the inconvenience of subpar restroom facilities for your hard working farm hands. At VIP To Go, we're passionate about ensuring that every…

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A farmer on a setting that needs farm portable restrooms

5 Must-Have Features for Renting Farm Portable Restrooms: Ensuring Comfort and…

Amidst the vast expanse of agricultural landscapes, the need for reliable facilities remains a constant priority for farmers. In these remote settings, farm portable restrooms emerge as essential amenities, ensuring…

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vegas style restroom

Elevate Your Event with Vegas-Style Restroom Trailers

When it comes to hosting a memorable event, every detail counts. From the grandeur of the venue to the smallest amenities, each aspect contributes to your guests' overall experience. At…

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elegant restroom rentals at golf course event

Experience Luxury and Style with VIP To Go’s Stylish Restroom Trailers

Introducing the Stylish Restroom Trailers by VIP To Go. Elevating the ambiance of any event, our trailers offer luxury with their contemporary design and convenient amenities. Step into a realm…

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luxury restroom trailers for outdoor events

Enhancing Guest Experience with Rolls Royce Luxury Restrooms

Enter our Rolls Royce-inspired restroom trailers, where luxury reaches its pinnacle, setting the standard for upscale events. Here, every detail is meticulously crafted to embody the ultimate level of restroom…

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woman checking VIP restroom trailer cost

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a VIP Restroom Trailer?

Working as an event organizer involves juggling numerous considerations to ensure every aspect of your event runs smoothly. Piecing together the details of your event involves finding the right balance…

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What makes VIP To Go the best alternative to Callahead?

In the fast-paced and competitive industry of portable restroom solutions, VIP stands out as a leading provider. As event planners, construction site managers, or anyone in need of quality portable…

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outdoor concert with people dancing and being merry

What Features to Consider When Renting a Restroom Trailer Rental?

For event planners, the success of an event hinges on meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring that each aspect aligns perfectly with the overall vision. Among these crucial elements is…

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An outdoor music concert with a packed crowd

Why Renting Restroom Trailers for Your Events is Cost-Effective

Event planners understand the importance of creating a comfortable and convenient environment for attendees and renting restroom trailers has become a cost-effective solution for meeting these needs. In this article,…

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An outdoor concert

How to Select the Right Size Restroom Trailer to Rent

Planning events involves meticulous attention to detail, and one aspect that should be prioritized is the provision of restroom facilities. The size of the restroom trailers you choose plays a…

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A music festival outdoors

Tips for Choosing the Right Restroom Trailer Rental Company

Selecting the ideal restroom trailer rental company is a crucial decision for event planners seeking to ensure seamless and sanitary facilities for their gatherings. In the realm of portable sanitation,…

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Participants at music festival

Benefits of Renting VIP Restroom Trailer Rental for Sporting Events and…

In planning and organizing outdoor events, the role of portable restroom trailers cannot be overemphasized. These facilities are a game-changer, offering a sophisticated solution to the age-old challenge of providing…

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scene of Florida natural disaster

Mobile Restroom Solutions for Emergency and Disaster Relief Operations

In times of crisis, ensuring access to proper hygiene and sanitation facilities is of paramount importance. This article delves into the critical role of mobile restroom solutions in emergency and…

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outdoor event

Benefits of Renting Restroom Trailers for Your Special Events

Planning a special event involves numerous considerations, and one crucial aspect often overlooked is ensuring adequate restroom facilities. As the demand for outdoor and remote gatherings continues to rise, the…

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Emergency service a disaster site

Rapid Relief: The Role of Emergency Response Restroom Trailers in Disaster…

Navigating the aftermath of a disaster demands a rapid and well-coordinated response, where every aspect of relief efforts plays a crucial role. Among the often-overlooked necessities, access to clean and…

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An emergency situation

The Unsung Heroes of Emergency Management: Restroom Trailers in Action

When disasters occur, people in affected areas are often thrown into a state of confusion, losing every sense of comfort and convenience. As emergency response teams swoop in to remedy…

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VIP To Go’s adequate restroom facility at an outdoor event 3

Last-Minute Wins, A Wedding Planner’s Experience with VIP To Go Toilet…

Embarking on the journey of orchestrating a seamless wedding involves a meticulous dance of details, where every element contributes to the symphony of a perfect day. Amidst the myriad of…

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Setup for wedding

Unforgettable Weddings, Success Stories with VIP To Go Portable Toilets

The success of a wedding is often found in the details. Every element, from the choice of venue to the centerpieces, color scheme, and decor on each table, contributes to…

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VIP To Go restroom trailer service

How to Service a Restroom Trailer: DIY vs. Professional Services

In the realm of event planning and site management, one of the less glamorous but utterly essential considerations is the maintenance of RVs and restroom trailers. The question of whether…

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VIP To Go’s portable restroom trailers for weddings

Creating Unforgettable Experiences with VIP To Go’s Restroom Trailers

Elevating the ambiance of a wedding transcends aesthetics; it hinges on the meticulous orchestration of every facet, including facilities. Enter VIP To Go's unparalleled portable restroom trailers—a discreet touch of…

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Preparations in place for a outdoor wedding reception

The Unseen Essentials of a Perfect Wedding: Sanitation Facilities

Planning the perfect outdoor wedding requires you to watch out for details in virtually every aspect. Most event planners will place food and drinks at the top of their to-do…

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Bathroom rentals for weddings

Perfect Wedding Details: VIP To Go’s Luxury Restroom Trailers

In the grand tapestry of wedding planning, attention to detail plays a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable experience for the happy couple and their guests. And what could be…

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outdoor wedding setup

Creating Unique Wedding Experiences: Beyond the Obvious

A wedding is more than just a ceremony; it is a cherished milestone where couples and their guests come together to celebrate love, joy, and new beginnings. Every couple dreams…

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setup for outdoor wedding

A Perfect Wedding with VIP To Go: A Planner’s Testimonial

Attention to detail is paramount, especially when planning a wedding. Seasoned wedding planners understand that every element contributes to creating an unforgettable experience for the bride, groom, and their guests.…

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An outdoor gathering

Find Portable Bathrooms for Rent from VIP To Go

Embarking on the meticulous journey of event planning requires a discerning eye for every detail that contributes to a memorable experience. The provision of portable bathrooms stands out as a…

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A lady wheeling through a street

Portable Handicap Shower Rental: Accessible Bathing Solutions for Individuals with Disabilities

Crafting an inclusive and accessible arrangement involves meticulous planning, especially when it comes to ensuring facilities cater to individuals with disabilities. Amidst the array of considerations, one pivotal aspect that…

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Teeming crowd at an outdoor event

Special Event Bathroom Trailers

Transforming special events into seamless and sophisticated experiences requires meticulous planning, and one crucial aspect that should be considered is the provision of convenient and luxurious restroom facilities. In this…

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An outdoor wedding with guests present

Wedding Portable Bathrooms: Luxury Restroom Solutions for Your Special Day

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. Amidst the meticulous planning of venues, catering, and décor, you need to make plans for your…

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Austin event restroom trailer rental

Austin Luxury Event Long Term Restroom Trailer Rentals

Austin, the vibrant capital of Texas, pulsates with adventure at every turn, captivating thrill-seekers with its dynamic spirit. Whether you're scaling the limestone cliffs of Barton Creek or bouldering at…

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table setting at luxury event

9 Event Ideas That Need Luxury Portable Restrooms

Every event has a list of important items, from food and music to tables and chairs. One crucial piece of the party-planning puzzle that shouldn’t be overlooked is restrooms. Yet,…

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Group of friends on a camp site

Portable Toilet and Shower Unit: A Combined Solution for Hygiene

In the meticulous planning of events or the immersive experience of camping, the significance of convenient and hygienic facilities cannot be overstated. This brings us to the indispensable portable toilet…

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Music festival

Rent Long Term Mobile Restroom Trailers in North Carolina

Planning an event in North Carolina and in need of reliable and convenient restroom facilities? Look no further than VIP To Go for your mobile restroom trailer needs. Whether it's…

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mobile restroom trailer at an outdoor event

Ohio Luxury Event Long-Term Restroom Trailer Rentals

Ohio offers thrilling adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore the wild beauty of Hocking Hills State Park's stunning cliffs and waterfalls. Embark on exhilarating water sports on Lake Erie's shores. From…

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How Air Conditioned Porta Potties are Changing the Game for Outdoor…

Outdoor events are a staple of the warm sunny months, but they often come with a few downsides. One of the biggest complaints people have about spending extended time outdoors…

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An outdoor event requiring portable restroom services

Portable Restroom Rental Services Near Me

In an age where convenience and accessibility are paramount, finding reliable service providers that can cater to diverse needs across vast geographical regions becomes essential. Enter the world of portable…

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A construction site requiring portable restroom trailers

Construction Restroom Trailers and Rentals for Construction Sites

In the bustling world of construction sites, where heavy machinery roars and workers toil tirelessly to bring structures to life, a crucial necessity exists: sanitation facilities. Construction managers and site…

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People gathered for an outdoor event requiring portable restroom trailers

Portable Showers and Restrooms: Convenient Hygiene Solutions for Any Setting

Maintaining hygiene is of paramount importance, regardless of the setting. Whether you're organizing a large-scale outdoor event, overseeing a construction site, or managing disaster relief efforts, ensuring access to clean…

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People gathered at an outdoor festival

Portable Toilets with Sinks: Deluxe Sanitation Solutions

Efficiency, convenience, and cleanliness are paramount considerations when orchestrating successful events. Event planners understand that every detail matters, and that includes the often-overlooked aspect of sanitation. In this quest for…

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outdoor wedding setup

Dealing with Last Minute Sanitation Requirements During Weddings

The significance of seamless execution in the fast-paced realm of last-minute wedding preparations cannot be overstated. Event planners have a lot to organize, and one crucial aspect that often gets…

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people gathered outdoors for a music concert

ADA-compliant Trailers: Restroom Trailers for Accessibility

Accessibility is not just a buzzword; it's an essential aspect of event planning that ensures everyone, regardless of their mobility needs, feels welcome and valued. Enter ADA-compliant trailers, a game-changing…

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outdoor wedding that requires flexible toilet services provider

Handling Last-Minute Changes with VIP To Go’s Flexible Toilet Services

When it comes to hosting a successful event, the devil is in the details—especially the last-minute ones. The ability to adapt and accommodate unforeseen changes can often make the difference…

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people gathered at an outdoor location

Portable Shower Solutions by VIP To Go

In the world of event planning and construction management, there exists a crucial need for innovative solutions that cater to the unique demands of temporary settings. One such solution that…

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sanitary restroom trailers

Why Cleanliness is Key: How We Ensure Immaculate Restroom Trailers for…

Cleanliness is the cornerstone of any successful restroom trailer rental business. A hygienic and sanitary bathroom trailer is essential for ensuring that every user has a positive and clean interaction.…

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luxury portable restroom trailers

VIP Treatment: How Our Restroom Trailers Provide a Five-Star Experience

Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a music festival, providing your guests with high-quality restroom facilities is essential to ensure that they have a comfortable and enjoyable…

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wedding reception

Thinking Outside the Box: 10 Innovative Uses for Wedding Portable Restroom…

Portable restroom trailers for rent are a perfect addition to any outdoor wedding. They allow guests to feel comfortable and refreshed throughout the entire event. They offer air conditioning and…

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Restroom Trailer Long Island

Long Island, a captivating destination for adventure seekers, beckons with its abundant natural beauty, vibrant communities, and a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. As an event planner in this enchanting…

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A restroom trailer located beside a building

What Size Restroom Trailer Do I Need?

When it comes to organizing events, ensuring the comfort and convenience of your guests is paramount. One crucial aspect to consider is the restroom facilities available on-site. Restroom trailers provide…

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outdoor festival

How to Prepare for Your Portable Bathroom Rental Delivery

Are you planning an unforgettable outdoor event? Ensuring that your guests have access to clean and comfortable restroom facilities is essential. And that’s where portable bathroom rental come in. In…

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Luxury portable restrooms at an event

Best Luxury Mobile Restroom Trailers

Outdoor events, whether they are grand weddings, corporate galas, or lively music festivals, require meticulous planning to ensure a memorable experience for attendees. Amidst all the details, one often underestimated…

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restroom trailer rental for wedding

Restroom Royalty: Transforming Wedding Restroom Trailers into a Luxurious Oasis for…

A restroom trailer can be so much more than just a place for guests to freshen up during a wedding. With a little creativity and preparation, it can be transformed…

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luxury restroom trailer with air conditioning

Renting a Luxury Restroom Trailer: The Ultimate Solution for Any Remote…

Whether you’re camping with family, hosting an outdoor wedding, or dealing with an emergency situation, having access to a comfortable restroom can be a challenge. Many outdoor locations lack the…

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ada compliant restroom trailer

The Importance of Accessibility: How Our Restroom Trailers Accommodate Guests with…

Inclusivity in restroom facilities is a critical aspect of event planning, and it is essential to ensure that all attendees have access to appropriate facilities. ADA restroom trailer rental makes…

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restroom with portable shower trailers for camping

Stay Fresh and Clean: How Shower Trailers Enhance the Camping Experience

Camping is a popular outdoor activity for many people, offering the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and connect with nature. However, camping can also be…

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luxury portable restroom trailers

VIP Treatment: How Our Restroom Trailers Provide a Five-Star Experience

Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a music festival, providing your guests with high-quality restroom facilities is essential to ensure that they have a comfortable and enjoyable…

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movie set

Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals for Film Shoots

Filmmakers often travel to remote locations in order to capture unique scenery, landscapes, and cultures that can add depth and authenticity to their projects. From the Mojave Desert in California…

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pictures of beach weddings in florida

How to Plan a Beach Wedding Everyone Will Enjoy

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. And that’s why people spend so long planning it out. And where to hold that wedding is…

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construction site services

Managing a Construction Site Requires Proper Construction Site Services

If you’re the manager of a construction site you already know that there are plenty of things you need to monitor. You need to keep track of everyone on the…

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bride and groom wedding weekend

Planning Your Weekend Wedding

Are you planning on celebrating your big day by holding your wedding on a weekend? Compared to weekday weddings, weddings that are held over the weekend are more convenient to…

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notebook for list of wedding vendors

How to Choose Vendors for a Wedding – and Mistakes to…

Planning a wedding can be challenging. There is a seemingly never-ending list of decisions and choices, from the wedding gown to the venue, the guest list to the date for…

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holiday open house

Celebrate the Season With a Holiday Open House

There’s a lot to look forward to with the year-end holidays: good food, parties galore, seeing old friends and family, the exchange of gifts, and much more. Amid all this…

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destination wedding photos

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

Everyone has their idea of what their “dream wedding” entails, whether it’s a low-key yet stunning ceremony in a church or an extravagant, impossibly rustic, and country-themed outdoor extravaganza. But…

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Outdoor Halloween Party

7 Spooktacular Must-haves for Your Outdoor Halloween Party

The weather’s getting crisp, the leaves are changing color, and we’re all incredibly excited for the spooky season. Halloween is nigh, and what better way to celebrate than to have…

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participants at festival party

Festival Planning Guide: How To Plan a Festival Like a Pro

Each year there are countless festivals in the United States. These large gatherings are opportunities to commemorate and celebrate one’s heritage, culture, and traditions. They allow us to explore shared…

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fall party cakes

Eight Delightful Fall Event Ideas To Celebrate the Season

Every season has its own “perks.” During the winter, you’re met with the majestic beauty of snow-capped mountains, while springtime ushers a slew of vibrant colors and warming temperatures. But…

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crowd at good community events

Community Event Ideas to Bring your Community Together

Back to school season is starting, and summer tans are all wearing off. There’s nothing like having the local community come together for a little pick-me-up as the leaves change…

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corporate workshops in session

Corporate Workshops Ideas for the Best Corporate Events

As a workshop facilitator planning professional development workshops, you surely recognize the importance of bringing employees together to promote camaraderie, teamwork, and productivity. You also appreciate the opportunity that corporate…

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outdoor bachelor party

Bachelor Party Planning: How to Throw an Unforgettable and Epic Party

As a groomsman, one of your biggest responsibilities is to throw a bachelor party that’s unforgettable and fun. Who plans the bachelor party? Typically, the groom’s best man or groomsmen…

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announcement of baby shower event-min

How to Host Your Own Baby Shower Event

Having a baby is one of the most memorable moments in life, but it can also be overwhelming. Not only is your life about to change for good (but for…

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carrying coffin at funeral service

The Seven Essential Steps to Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral is never a fun time, but unfortunately, it’s a part of life. In the event that a loved one has passed, and you’re put in charge of…

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Hand with scissors cutting red ribbon - opening ceremony

How To Throw a Successful Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Are you announcing the launch of your new business? A ribbon-cutting ceremony is a great way to celebrate and publicize the opening of a business or organization. Characterized by the…

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wheelchair accommodation for inclusive events

How To Plan Disability-Friendly Inclusive Events

So many aspects go into planning an event. Sometimes, disability-friendly facilities and services fall by the wayside. However, these provisions are nonetheless important and must be considered at all stages…

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farewell party celebration

5 Farewell Party Celebration Themes for a Memorable Send-off

Saying goodbye is never easy. Whether it's a friend moving away, a colleague leaving their job, or a relative moving out of state, farewells can be filled with bittersweet and…

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scheduling for nonprofit event planning

The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Event Planning

Planning a benefit can seem daunting. There are many aspects that planners need to consider, from choosing the date and venue to getting the word out. But while nonprofit event…

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attendees at international conference

Conference Planning Checklist Ultimate Guide

A successful conference can be the key to promoting professional development, creating a platform for networking, and inspiring better performance. And being organized is the key to that success. Whether…

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red white and blue labor day party themes

Labor Day Party Ideas for the Best Weekend

Imagine a life with no weekends, paid leaves, sick days, and benefits — just a long stretch of endless and continuous work. Fortunately, this isn’t a scenario we have to…

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night view of Las Vegas

Portable Restroom Trailers for Rent in Nevada

Welcome to Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps! But no matter where you are, you’re going to need a bathroom, right? (Especially if you never sleep.) Whether you’re setting…

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Plan a Family Reunion

How to Plan a Family Reunion in 9 Steps

Family is the most important thing in life - a reality that we’ve come to appreciate more so than ever in this day and age. But trying to connect with…

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setup for wedding

How to Choose the Best Wedding Planners in Florida

Congratulations! You have a wedding coming up. And you’re dreaming of an event that is just perfect on every level. To help with the arrangements, you’ll want to choose a…

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devastation from natural disaster

Disaster Relief Restroom Trailers for Natural Disasters in Louisiana

Louisiana has a rich history and culture that it can be difficult to learn all about in just one lifetime. It has been home to everything from pirates to big…

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rings and flowers for engagement party celebration

How to Celebrate an Engagement: Engagement Party Ideas

Congratulations on your engagement! This is a time of dreams and anticipation for the future! An engagement is a momentous occasion in your life. It is a sign that you…

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trade show event

Luxury Portable Restrooms for Trade Shows in Florida

The most crucial aspect of planning an outdoor event involves making sure attendees, special guests, and main acts are taken care of. While several important elements have to be considered…

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happy birthday milestone wishes

Milestone Birthday Ideas To Celebrate Right

Wondering when you should be celebrating a milestone birthday? What if we told you that every birthday is a milestone? Well, the truth is that while certain birthdays are considered…

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wedding anniversary celebration

Anniversary Party Ideas Using Luxury Restroom Trailers

Wedding anniversaries are a celebration of love, commitment, trust, partnership, and memories. As such, planning an unforgettable gathering requires a blend of traditional and modern anniversary party ideas to honor…

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luxury event setup

Luxury Event Planning

When you plan a party, you want your guests to feel like they're in a world-class resort and that every last detail has been carefully considered and perfected. You definitely…

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crowd applauding

How to Go About Planning a Retirement Party Perfectly

When it comes to hosting a retirement party, you want it to be perfect. You want the retiree to feel special and honored as they complete their last days at…

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friends at outdoor bridal shower

Planning a Bridal Shower: Everything You Need to Know

Celebrating a bridal shower is a long-standing tradition that family members or close friends of to-be brides follow to this day. Hosting bridal showers dates back to the 16th century.…

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graduation party decor

Creative Outdoor Grad Party Ideas for a Memorable Graduation

Graduation season is here again! This time of year marks the end of an era for many students. All your hard work in school has finally paid off, and you…

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concert event participants

How to Plan South Florida Concert Tours

Attending a concert with your favorite band or artist performing on stage is undoubtedly a high-octane experience. As the event begins, you become one with the sea of fans, forgetting…

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Bar Mitzvah boy reading Torah portion

What Happens at a Bar Mitzvah and Why It’s Celebrated

Bar Mitzvahs (for boys) and Bat Mitzvahs (for girls) are coming-of-age ceremonies that celebrate the transition of a Jewish child into adulthood. According to Judaism, this occurs at the beginning…

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wall with peeling paint

Developer Liability for Construction Defects

Construction is used for various purposes, whether constructing a ten-story office building or a creative remodeling of an old home. Regardless, there is the potential for mishaps along the way,…

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guard holding american flag

Ways to Honor Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It's the unofficial start of summer and…

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attendees at concert event

How to Organize a Concert Event: Checklists and Guidebook

At the height of the pandemic, we had to stream home concerts to continue supporting our favorite artists and keep ourselves entertained. Fortunately, as we slowly assume a life of…

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outdoor exercise group

Outdoor Gym Ideas And How VIP-To-Go Fits In The Plan

Being fit is no longer a matter of choice but a compulsion in today's sedentary lifestyle. The US obesity rate has always been on the higher side. However, thanks to…

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hurricane winds and flooding in Florida

Florida Natural Disasters: Creating a Preparation Plan

Many people are attracted to Florida for its temperate year-round weather, crystal-clear beaches, and an immense amount of activities ranging from leisure to adventure. In fact, it’s estimated that Florida…

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contractors on construction site

How To Start A Construction Business In Florida

If you’ve had a passion for construction and would love to start a successful construction company, South Florida is a great place to get started! Why? Because as a place…

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Children learning outdoors

Starting an Outdoor Learning Center: How VIP TO GO Can Enhance…

When it comes to maintaining the mental and physical health of the youth, especially children, playing outside tops the list. The ability to freely move around in an outdoor learning…

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construction workers in conversation

RFI Log & its Importance for Commercial Construction

Inward migration to South Florida in recent years has led to a record number of construction projects. The region has welcomed some 40,000 new residents and over 35,000 new industrial…

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workers and construction vehicles at road building site

South Florida Construction Projects: Contractor’s Guide to FDOT Standard Specifications

Accelerated Demand: South Florida Construction Projects South Florida has been enjoying an influx of migrating residents in recent years. While the pandemic has slowed down economic activities in most of…

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rows of graduates at graduation ceremony

Tips On How To Organize A College Graduation Ceremony

College graduation is a milestone event that seniors look forward to with a vision of a diploma in their hands and proud smiles all around. As a school administrator, the…

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people interacting outside

How to Start An Outdoor Business + Six Best Outdoor Business…

The era of small businesses is upon us. More and more people each day are leaving the workforce in hopes of making it big following their true passion and being…

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four seasons

The Best Seasonal Businesses and How VIP Can Make the Experience…

A seasonal business can be a great way to make extra cash when you're not tied down by other responsibilities. Starting a seasonal business can be a fun and rewarding…

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bathroom trailer Texas

Long-term Restroom Trailer Rental in Texas Just Got Easier with VIP…

If you are planning to hold an event in Texas that is going to last for a few weeks or even months, consider one of our long-term portable restroom trailers…

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Event Planning Ideas for a Successful Event on a Budget

Creative Event Planning Ideas for a Successful Event on a Budget

Covid-19 has had quite an impact on our lives, but one of the biggest areas hit was events big and small. In 2020, we said goodbye to all kinds of…

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2022 Trends in Meeting and Events

2022 Event Trends for Business Meetings

It’s 2022, and Covid seems to (finally and thankfully) be dissipating. What does that mean? Alongside restaurants, gyms, and other venues fully open to the public, meetings and events are…

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positive work culture for stronger employee engagement

Employee Appreciation Day 2022: Improve Employee Engagement and Retention

Improving employee engagement and retention hasn't been the top priority for most employers, however, the Great Resignation has changed all that. Employees are fed up with hostile work environments, micromanagement,…

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include hadicapped guests in your outdoor event planning

ADA Requirements for Outdoor Events

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in 1990 and amended in 1998. It was created to ensure the protection of people with disabilities from discrimination. From…

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escalators in department store

Outdoor Restroom by VIP To Go: Equipping Department Stores with Neat…

From a good selection of products on display to convenient shopping lanes, ample parking space and proper ventilation, cozy lounge areas, security, and clean restrooms—department stores need to provide their…

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pile of white towels for mobile shower trailer

5 Reasons to Rent a Shower

Why Rent a Shower? If you’re going to be anywhere without a shower you may already be thinking about your options when it comes to mobile shower trailers. But do…

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law enforcement personnel

Choosing VIP For Your Government and Public Agency Mobile Restroom Trailer…

VIPToGo has been reliably renting and delivering mobile restroom trailer rentals for the past 15 years. Our expertise extends from local businesses and events to government and public agencies. We…

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wine at party event

Affordable Portable Bathrooms for Parties and Small Events

No one wants to host a party and look bad. Although one of the biggest aspects of planning a wedding, corporate event, or party is the venue, the venue is…

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city streets in snowstorm

How VIP Will Always Be There for Your Winter Event Needs

For event planners and those hosting parties who are looking for portable restroom trailers, some questions may arise about winter events, winter weather, and how VIP To Go can handle…

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parked mobile trailers

Restroom Trailer Manufacturers

Restroom trailers have surely made life easy for us, especially for those who plan and host a lot of outdoor events such as parties, sports events, political campaigns, and so…

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snow activities in the mountains

Winter Break Activities that Make Family Time More Fun

When winter hits we can all start to feel a little cooped up. After all, the cold weather, the snow, the wind … it definitely doesn’t make you feel like…

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crowd at outdoor winter event

Planning Winter Events

How to Event Plan for Winter Weather If you're planning a party or event in winter, you need to come prepared. Winter events preparation applies even further if you live…

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Attendee bags at event

Covid Event Risk Assessment for Safe Events

The era of Covid has certainly impacted all areas of life, especially event planning. For the longest time, events of almost all sizes and types were shut down. Now that…

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historic home tour of main room

Restroom Trailers for Visitors at Historic Home Tours

When it comes to our past, many people think they understand all about it, or they think about major things, like wars or major advancements in technology. But there’s more…

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Event Planning for Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofit events are crucial for the success of nonprofit organizations, for a variety of reasons. Nonprofits need to impact their local community. They generally have a goal, and seek to…

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bikers on cross country biking trip

Preparing for a Cross Country Biking Trip

A cross-country biking excursion can be one of the most exciting things that you (and your group of bikers) ever do. If you’re the one in charge of making this…

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stirring a glass with cocktail and ice cubes

All of the Best Cocktail Party Ideas You Could Ever Dream…

Cocktail parties are some of the most sociable, fun, and elegant parties you will ever attend. The best part about throwing one is that they’re fairly simple to put together.…

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benches surrounded by fall leaves

Celebrating the Changing Seasons with a Fun Fall Celebration

The weather is starting to get cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, and more and more people are thinking about things like apple cider and pumpkin pie. They’re also…

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School Events that Parents and Children

Ideas for School Events that Parents and Children Will Love

The goal of school events is to create a place where students, their parents and guardians, and teachers can come together and have a great time. This sense of community…

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To Do List

How To Host Successful Community Events

Planning successful local events and community events can be a little bit complicated. It’s not as simple as just ‘deciding to host an event.’ There are actually a lot of…

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outdoor event lighting

Unforgettable Outdoor Events

Helpful Tips and Tools to Plan an Unforgettable Outdoor Event It’s no secret that outdoor events have become increasingly popular, especially in the past year. Outdoor events offer endless possibilities,…

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banquet set up for corporate event production

7 Steps to Planning the Best Corporate Events

There are many good reasons to plan and orchestrate a corporate event. In truth, the best corporate events are those where employees leave feeling inspired, motivated, and energized! There are…

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performers at parade

Restroom Trailer Rental for NYC Parades

When it comes to orchestrating grand events in the bustling heart of New York City, the logistics of accommodating thousands of attendees with essential amenities can pose a unique challenge.…

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golf player ready to hit ball

Rent Golf Course Bathrooms

Who doesn't love a round of golf? It's just 18 holes—you, your friends, a set of clubs, and the whole morning or afternoon to just relax and have some fun.…

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wine tasting

Restroom Trailer Rental for a Wine Tasting Event

Hosting a wine tasting lets you share your love of this delightful beverage with friends and family. If you are not very familiar with wines, you can hire a wine…

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finish line for charity fundraising event

Charity Events: How to Plan an Outdoor Fundraiser

Whether you are having a charity fundraising event for breast cancer, school sports, children’s cancer services in a hospital, or other cause that better serves your community, planning is an…

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political campaign voting sign

How Do You Plan A Political Campaign?

What is a political campaign? This is a question that cuts right to the heart of what it means to hold elections, discuss legal policies, and facilitate democracy. And it’s…

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sweet 16 birthday party for girl

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 16 is a special time in your child’s life, and a Sweet 16 party for a girl or boy is a great way to celebrate this special occasion. You…

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Family gathering at the beach

Family Get Together

Do you dream about family gatherings and hosting one? If so, you’ll find that planning it can end up being overwhelming. You have to make sure you have enough food…

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campfire on campground

How to Plan a Camping Trip for Yourself, Family, and Friends

Camping is one of the great outdoor adventures. It’s just you alone in nature, perhaps solo, with your family, or a small group of friends. Summer is the most popular…

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Clean bathroom counter with accessories

Portable Bathroom Attendant for Weddings and Events

When you’re in charge of planning an outdoor event, there’s a huge amount of details you have to take care of. There’s a theme, guest list, food, entertainment, decor, and…

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Outdoor Sports field

Outdoor Restrooms for Sports Fields

It can be challenging to provide safe, comfortable athletic fields for both players and spectators of college sports. It’s important to maintain a safe environment for everyone involved, and one…

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Inflatables at a pool party

Pool Party Ideas

Let Your Pool Party Make A Splash Looking for pool party ideas to help you plan your next poolside get-together? There’s nothing more fun than throwing a summertime party, complete…

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Filming a movie

Planning Your Movie and TV Shoot or Commercial

In film school, they might not teach you how to set up a movie shoot far from civilization. However, a film location in a remote area can significantly cut down…

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Woman using a sanitizer from a marble counter

How to Make Sure Public Restrooms Are Safe and Hygienic

When it comes to using a public restroom you likely have some pretty strong feelings. You might be one of those people who thinks that it’s no big deal. But…

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5 Myths About Restroom Trailers Debunked

We all know the odorous, rickety, I-don’t-want-to-touch-anything vibe of an old school porta-potty. This isn’t that. VIP To Go restroom trailers are nothing like that. They promise luxury, full-service amenities…

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Restroom trailer on a city block

Portable Toilet VS Restroom Trailer

If you are setting up a construction site, hosting a special event, planning a festival, or other types of outdoor events, providing access to the necessary facilities is an important…

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Office building

Temporary Restroom For Businesses

Planning A Bathroom Renovation for Your Business Old bathrooms — clean as they may be — never quite give off a really clean feel. Sometimes it's just the dingy, outdated…

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Bathroom vanity and mirrors

Temporary Bathroom Solutions for Your Next Renovation

Lifestyle changes, growing families, and disrepair are just some of the reasons that people decide to renovate their bathrooms. The planning process can be exciting, as you get to choose…

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Chairs at outdoor event

Outdoor Bathroom Rentals For Your Events

VIP To Go bathroom trailers keep your guests safe and comfortable during your outdoor events, and our luxury toilet trailers are super convenient. Outdoor events are great ways to celebrate…

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Restroom trailer sinks

Urinal and Restroom Trailer History by VIP To Go

How to Choose the Right Portable Toilet Urinal for Your Event When planning an event, a bathroom trailer can be the perfect way to improve your worksite and can make…

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portable restroom trailer

Outdoor Party Ideas to Wow Your Guests

An outdoor party can be tons of fun. Planning the outdoor event can be tons of fun as well. Whether you decide to go with old classic party activities such…

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Construction Site Water Tank

When it comes to running a construction site, there's a great deal that goes into keeping operations running. Even small details can cause massive delays, such as lacking the water…

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Emergency response soldiers

Emergency Trailer Rentals for Disaster Relief

In the face of unforeseen disasters and emergencies, the impact can be devastating, touching every aspect of our lives, from personal well-being to professional endeavors and even our very means…

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Hand Washing Station Rental Nationwide in the United States

In the U.S., we have a high standard for hygiene no matter where we are, including remote or outdoor locations devoid of plumbing. We are no longer content with using…

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Bathroom Trailer Rental with VIP To Go

Are you looking to rent a bathroom trailer? VIP To Go’s bathroom trailer selection makes getting a bathroom easy. Luxuriant, affordable, and with better sanitation than your blue-box portable potty,…

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Restroom icon at wedding

Restroom Trailers in Rochester, NY for Weddings and Events

In 2019 alone, well over 6,000 couples tied the knot in Rochester, NY. The area is so popular that according to research organization The Wedding Report, Rochester ranks the 54th…

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A zoomed in inside view of restroom stations with blue doors and colorful towels

Portable Shower Trailer Rental: Affordability and Convenience

Who doesn’t love a hot shower first thing in the morning, after a hard day on the job, or rinse off after or escape from unexpected weather? Your location or…

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5 Station luxury restroom trailer rental at wedding

Restroom Trailer Rental Cost: Get Value In Portable Toilets

Are you planning an event outdoors? Or are you planning a large event, such as a wedding, in a unique location such as a barn? Or does the location you…

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Luxury porta potty trailer men-women icon

Luxury Porta Potty Rentals

We've all heard it before, "The event was amazing, but the porta potties were absolutely disgusting." Why are toilets always one of the first things people comment on? It may…

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Bride and groom at wedding

Wedding Bathroom Trailer: Why Go For A Restroom Rental?

In the US, there are over 2.1 million marriages a year! Are you and your fiance going to be one of those lucky Americans this year? If you are, there’s…

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With portable toilet rental Maine can keep skiers warm, swimmers cool and every clean and refreshed.

Portable Toilet Rental in Maine

When it comes to events with portable toilet rental Maine, call VIP To Go, the single largest provider of restroom and shower trailers to the Pine Tree State. In fact,…

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With VIP To Go restroom trailer rentals Boston benefits from experience

Restroom Trailer Rentals in Boston

When it comes to Restroom Trailer rentals Boston turns to VIP To Go time and again to ensure that the bathroom trailer rentals for their largest events go off without…

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Restroom trailer rental in Texas

Restroom Trailers in Austin Texas

Bigger is better even with restroom trailers in Austin TX. Whether you have an oil field that you are just setting up or an old rig that lacks the comforts…

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Luxury portable toilets in NYC

Luxury Portable Toilets in NYC

Are you looking to reopen your business or host an event with proper social distancing guidelines and are on a seemingly endless quest for luxury porta potty rentals in NYC?…

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