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Hand Washing Station Rental Nationwide in the United States

In the U.S., we have a high standard for hygiene no matter where we are, including remote or outdoor locations devoid of plumbing. We are no longer content with using porta-potties with no access to hand washing stations. Luckily, there is a burgeoning market of portable sinks and hand washing station rentals to satisfy modern cleanliness and sanitation needs. 

 With sink rental companies that transport hand washing stations anywhere in the United States, it should be simple enough to find a portable sink rental near you. Here we will explain the ins and outs of portable sinks, including how they work and who uses them. We will also cover all pertinent information related to portable sink and hand washing station rentals.

What Are Portable Sinks?

Portable sink trailers are mobile hand washing stations that supply hot and cold running water from faucets, for use in locations that do not have restroom facilities with proper plumbing or running water. There are various types of portable sinks, but most of them have similar dual water compartmentalization mechanism to provide clean running water to users.

They may differ in their energy source, as some require electrical power to provide hot water while others use batteries, gas, or even solar energy. They may also differ in form as there are sinks with far more depth for tasks like food preparation and sinks that are quite shallow for exclusive hand washing use.

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How Do Portable Sinks Work?

Portable sinks work by using two different compartments to store fresh water and wastewater, respectively. They sit atop a cabinet that houses the two compartments that connect with different sized tubing to the faucet so as not to confuse the freshwater and wastewater, which could lead to health hazards. Freshwater pumps up and out of the faucet and the water you use to wash your hands flows through the other tubing into the wastewater compartment.

The freshwater compartment needs to be refilled, and the wastewater compartment needs to be emptied at regular intervals (depending on the volume of traffic) to the sinks. Freshwater either comes from a hose or a separate portable tank supplied to you by the rental company. If there is a hot water option, there will be an electric water heater, so you will need to plug the sink into an outlet, use a generator, or opt for a battery or solar run sink.

Sink Station Set-Up

Portable sinks are self-contained and user-friendly machines that make for easy set-up, maintenance, and removal. If you are renting a portable sink trailer, the set-up comes with the rental for utmost convenience. Rental companies will drive trailers with hand washing stations built-in to the location of your choosing, and they will also hook the sinks up to their respective water tank source. 

If trailers need electricity to run the sinks, the rental usually comes with a generator. However, there are situations where the hand washing stations are close enough to a building to use the building’s electrical power. Many hand washing stations also come with the accessories you would expect for restroom facilities like paper towels, mirrors, and built-in soap dispensers. 

Who Uses Portable Sink Stations?

Portable sink stations are useful for any situation where you might need to wash your hands, which encompasses many industries from foodservice and hospitality to medical, entertainment, education, and beyond. There are many locations where companies or events need sinks, but there is no plumbing or electricity to run them. Others may have plumbing and electricity, but the construction of extra sinks or restrooms is out of their budget.

Perhaps the industry we think of first when it comes to portable sinks is the medical industry, as clean hands, and impeccable hygiene are crucial to proper medical care. Healthcare providers will wash their hands multiple times a day before and after each new patient. The food and hospitality industry uses portable sinks at an increasing rate as catering for large outdoor events is in increasingly high demand.

Many companies use portable sink stations for temporary periods. In the case of events such as concerts, festivals, or large sporting events, the company or municipality may only want to rent portable sinks and restroom facilities for a day or a weekend. Construction companies may need wash stations to accompany toilets on a construction site for the duration of a project which could take months.

Schools and daycares generally buy hand washing stations as permanent fixtures in science labs and for temporary building locations that are themselves trailers that stand apart from the larger school buildings.

National wilderness parks may use hand washing or hand sanitizing stations at trailheads, renting extras for peak hiking seasons during the summer and fall.  

Best Portable Sink Rental Near You Nationwide 

There are portable sink rentals across the United States, so there is sure to be a rental company ready to serve your hand washing needs wherever they may be. Many portable sink rental companies fit particular niches, providing the best portable sinks for a certain customer demographic.  

Many rental companies will ask you what type of sink you’re looking for, where your location is, how many sinks you will need, and the rental period’s duration to best assist you in quoting a price for the rental service. A quote generally includes all equipment, accessory items, and labor mentioned below. However, there may be more specialty items or equipment included in a luxury trailer:

  • sinks 
  • soap 
  • hand sanitizer
  • sanitizing kits (for longer rentals)
  • paper towels
  • mirrors
  • tanks
  • generator (for electrically run sinks)
  • delivery cost
  • set-up cost
  • strike cost 

Some manufacturers specialize in portable hand washing stations for schools and daycares, while others provide sinks for all types of institutions. These same manufacturers also produce sinks for the foodservice industry, supplying deeper sinks, countertop space, and potable water for drinking and food preparation.

Other manufacturers have created sinks specifically for outdoor events that are completely self-contained and do not require electricity or come with a generator. VIP To Go is proud to serve as a vendor for all restroom trailers, sink trailers, and shower trailers for all types of outdoor events

Many companies and manufacturers boast that their sinks and restroom facilities are ADA-approved, supplying the equipment and easy access requirements for disabled customers.

It is important to investigate what each manufacturer offers to ensure that you know what to expect when you employ a rental service. You’ll also need to have a rough estimate of how many people will need to access the facilities daily and if access to wheelchairs is necessary. 

Furthermore, VIP To Go offers packaged deals that include portable sinks along with restroom facilities. They also offer nicer commercial-sized restrooms and shower trailers for more high-end events.

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Portable Sink? 

Costs depend on the number of sinks in a unit and the amount of time the customer will be renting the hand washing station. To get a better idea of pricing and availability, visit the product page of our website where you can input your location and rental dates and our online system will generate a quick quote for your convenience.  

How Does a Portable Sink Work?

Portable sinks work by drawing water from a freshwater tank underneath the sink and filtering used water to a separate tank. Freshwater comes from an external tank or hose that will refill the tank when water is depleted, while the used water can be emptied into a drain.

Are Portable Hand Washing Stations Sanitary?

They are very sanitary and efficient as the water you use to wash your hands is fresh, and the used water is funneled to a different compartment to be disposed of after it fills up. Additionally, the water tank that feeds the sinks has disinfecting tablets that you can place in them to ensure that the water is free of harmful bacteria. 

Portable hand washing stations uphold the same high standard for hygiene as any permanent sink fixtures would, delivering clean water for washing and, with certain options, for drinking.  

How Do Portable Hand Wash Stations Work?

Portable hand wash stations operate using the same mechanism as single portable sinks, but multiple sinks are in a row inside a trailer. Larger trailers with various portable sinks are for larger crowds, but there are portable sink trailers for rent with one or two sinks as well. Sinks will either hook-up to an external house from a permanent water source or a large water tank supplied by the manufacturer or rental company.


We have gone over the general description and mechanisms involved in portable sinks, along with a summary of the variety of sinks available for specific industries, usages, and locations.

Since it may be more cost-effective to rent portable hand washing stations and restroom or shower trailers for temporary usage or on a month-to-month basis, hand washing station rental is on the rise. Rental companies cater to your needs no matter how basic or elaborate they may be.