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Portable shower rental trailers provide a level of hygiene and comfort for guests or workers that can help make the event or work more enjoyable. They provide a convenient and comfortable way for guests or workers to freshen up, and are a great option for outdoor events such as camping trips, festivals, and construction sites. Each portable shower trailer is equipped with private stalls, hot water, and other amenities and can be configured to meet the specific needs of the event.

An emergency shower trailer is especially helpful for disaster relief sites, providing essential hygiene and sanitation facilities to people affected by natural disasters, accidents or other emergency situations where permanent shower facilities are not available.

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  • Person Number varies
30' X 8'1000
Outside view of eight station shower unit
  • an icon of Shower8 Showers
  • an icon of sink2 Sinks
  • an icon of stall0 Stall
22' X 8'800
Full image for six shower combo restroom trailer
  • an icon of Shower6 Showers
  • an icon of sink6 Sinks
  • an icon of stall6 Stalls
18' X 8'250
An outside image of the 3 station shower combo trailer
  • an icon of Shower3 Showers
  • an icon of sink3 Sinks
  • an icon of stall3 Stalls
7' X 12'150
outside photo of 2 stations shower combo trailer
  • an icon of Shower2 Showers
  • an icon of sink2 Sinks
  • an icon of stall2 Stalls


Shower trailers offer the invaluable benefit of providing hygienic, convenient, and comfortable bathing facilities in locations where traditional showering options are unavailable, enhancing the overall experience at events, campsites, or during emergency situations. Review ratings from our many satisfied users:

Viacom Inc
We needed them in a pinch (you know how it is) and they delivered, worked with us on budget and overall exceeded our expectation 10 fold. Thank you!!
Paul Phillips
We had a great party and it was made all the more so by such sparkling clean accommodations from VIP to Go!
Karen Sabath
The whole interaction with VIP to Go was excellent from start to finish. Clarity of our options, pricing and delivery flexibility were all excellent.
Edmond Etti
Got the job done. Your all around professionalism was greatly appreciated
Tosin Emmanuel
It was the best experience ever Read more at: https://www.viptogo.com/restroom-trailer-reviews
Congregation Bais Yehuda
As always, renting from you comes with a great experience, excellent customer service, timely delivery and pickups, and great prices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a portable shower trailer rental?

A portable shower trailer rental typically includes the following:

    • The shower trailer itself, which is a self-contained unit that can be easily transported to the event location
    • Hot water supply and heating system to provide warm water for showers
    • Private shower stalls
    • Toilet facilities, for some models
    • Change room and locker area for guests to change and store their personal belongings
    • Lighting and ventilation system
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers and soap dispensers
    • Supply of fresh water
    • Portable holding tanks for waste water
    • Delivery and setup of the shower trailer at the event location
    • Maintenance and cleaning of the shower trailer during the rental period
    • Pick-up and removal of the shower trailer after the event


How long does it take to set up an emergency shower trailer?

Typically, it can take up to several hours to set up an emergency shower trailer. Before setting up the trailer, we assess the location and determine the best spot for the placement of the emergency shower trailer. The setup process often entails leveling the ground, connecting to utilities, and making any necessary adjustments to ensure that the trailer is stable and secure.
Once the trailer is set up, we test the systems to ensure that everything is functioning properly. We may also provide a brief training session for the event staff on how to operate and maintain the trailer during the event.
It’s important to note that emergency shower trailers can be set up relatively quickly, but the availability of utilities and the location of the site may affect the set up time. In case of emergency, we can expedite the delivery and set up process to make the shower trailer available as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to rent a portable shower trailer?

The cost to rent a portable shower trailer can vary depending on a number of factors such as the size and configuration of the trailer, the duration of the rental, the location of the event, and the services included in the rental package.
Rest assured that we do not include any surprise fees, as the costs for delivery, setup, and pickup are included in the rental package. For additional services such as generator rentals, frequent servicing, and on-site attendants, please reach out to us for a case-specific price quote.