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With nationwide portable trailer service, we’re always nearby.

At VIP To Go, we’ve established ourselves as a premier national portable toilet provider, catering to a wide range of events and locations across the United States. With our extensive network and efficient logistics handling, we ensure that high-quality portable restroom solutions are accessible to you wherever they are needed, be it remote outdoor events, construction sites, or elegant outdoor weddings.

This national reach of restroom trailer offers several key benefits. Firstly, it guarantees consistent quality and service standards regardless of location, ensuring that clients with multiple locations can receive the same exceptional experience everywhere. Secondly, our nationwide presence enables scalability and flexibility, allowing for the accommodation of events of all sizes, from small gatherings to large festivals. Additionally, our widespread operations facilitate quicker response times and more efficient deployment, which is particularly beneficial in emergency or last-minute scenarios. And with our variety of portable toilet options, including luxury and eco-friendly models, VIP To Go addresses the diverse needs of its clientele, ensuring comfort, convenience, and compliance with sanitation standards across the country.

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Areas We Service

As a nationwide service provider, VIP To Go is renowned for its exceptional expertise in catering to the distinctive requirements of cities across the United States. Whether you’re looking for restroom trailers for an event on the bustling streets of Boston, the sunny shores of Tampa, the iconic skyline of New York City, or the vibrant culture of Austin, we’ve mastered the art of navigating the unique challenges presented by diverse urban and suburban settings, ensuring that clients nationwide receive top-notch portable restroom services.

VIP To Go:
Premier Restroom Trailer Rental Company

VIP To Go has been working alongside clients to make better portable bathroom solutions since 1998. With years of dedication and experience, we have perfected the delivery and set-up process like no other company. Chances are, we’ve serviced a venue like yours, or an event just like the one you’re planning, right near you.
Whether you run a business or are bringing together the myriad pieces of an event, you have hundreds of details to tend to. VIP To Go is here to knock one thing off your list in moments — renting the mobile restroom trailers — and rest assured, your restroom trailer needs will be met exactly as you want them to be.
We have three lines of restroom trailers, and all of them are very well maintained, clean, in perfect working order and include many amenities. Our three restroom trailer styles are:

Rolls Royce

Our Rolls Royce style trailers offer the most extensive amenities available for your restroom rental. Luxury lighting, marble-look counters, modern fixtures, and more scream high end. The Rolls Royce line offers the most comfortable and luxurious experience for you and your guests, and indeed, many guests using the bathroom at black tie events are wowed.


In our Vegas style trailers, we maintain upgraded levels of comfort with efficiency. Outfitted with white marble designs, posh lighting and stylish sinks, the Vegas trailer’s high- styled look makes your restroom experience upscale and convenient.


Our Stylish trailers are clean and comfortable restroom trailers for standard restroom needs. With LED exterior and ceiling lights, black and white marble floors, and clean stainless steel sinks, the Stylish trailer offers basic comforts plus some bonuses.

Within each one of these 3 lines, you’ll find options for smaller and larger restroom trailers, a mix of stalls and urinals, ADA restroom options, and shower/toilet restroom rental combos. Each unit is equipped with air conditioning and heat, a sound system, basic toilet amenities, and more. No matter what you choose, at VIP To Go, we are proud to say that you’ll get high-end customer service and real bang for your buck. With expertly trained personnel and free site inspections, we offer the most extensive accommodations at the most competitive prices. Luxurious restrooms do not have to cost a fortune.

Sinks in porta potty trailer in NY and NJ Mobile restroom trailer in NY and NJ Sink in mobile restroom trailer in NY and NJ Interior of mobile restroom and shower trailer in NY and NJ

Plus, at VIP To Go, you know that what you see is what you get. Our price quote to you is your final price quote. We will not add on supplementary costs for delivery, installation or anything else. VIP To Go provides estimations that cover the entire cost of your event, including installation of the trailers, general liability as the event occurs, and finally the pick-up after the event. When comparing VIP To Go to other rental toilet and shower companies, we are the leaders in all inclusive competitive pricing.

You can browse the mobile restroom trailers on our website, view the interior and exterior, see how many guests the restroom can service, read about our amenities, and request an instant and automated quote for your desired restroom trailer.

Our chat representatives are eager to help you out online with all of your concerns. When you sign on with VIP To Go for a restroom trailer, we will walk you through every single step of the process. Tell us about your desired venue, how many guests you’ll be having, the duration of the event, and some more information about your guests, and we will find the solution that is right for you.

The trailer restroom specialists at VIP To Go have gone through the event and temporary restroom trailer rental and placement process countless times with our clients. They’ve worked with corporate, industrial, retail, and residential clients in various industries such as entertainment, construction, wedding, and more. At VIP To Go, we are here to ‘hold your hand’ and make sure you get exactly what your crowd will appreciate.

So whether this is your first time renting a restroom trailer, or you’ve rented restroom trailers numerous times in the past, VIP To Go will make sure that the process is a quick and efficient one. From choosing the right portable restroom for your crowd and venue, to setting up the restroom trailers, to ensuring that the portable bathroom is installed correctly and working to your satisfaction, to cleaning and maintenance, VIP To Go is here for every step of the way.