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When Disaster Strikes,
VIP To Go Is Right Where You Need Us

Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

Every year, natural disaster-prone states like Florida, Louisiana, New Orleans, and Texas experience the wrath and aftermath of storms and hurricanes. Strong winds, floods, and heavy rainfall force people out of their homes in search of cover. From hot meals and clothing to emergency porta-potty and disaster relief showers, there is a wide range of urgent needs that FEMA disaster recovery center units and state emergency operation centers need to address.

Here’s How VIP To Go Can Help

Portable Toilets & Restroom Trailers

Emergency restroom trailers for disasters have sanitary flush toilets that provide a private and comfortable space for people to relieve themselves.

Shower Trailers

Emergency shower trailers provide displaced residents with shower facilities, while emergency restroom and shower trailers combos have both lavatories and showers.

Handwashing & Sanitizing Solutions

Hand washing sinks meet people’s hygiene needs with a safe water system. Water tanks provide a portable water supply to disaster-relief restrooms.

Pumping Gray Water

Pumping waste is a safe and efficient system for removing waste from recreational vehicles (our own or those from other providers).

Our service-oriented company recognizes the importance of its portable restroom trailers for disasters, and is prepared to respond with speed and reliability.

Storm Relief and Recovery Challenges

Storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can strike hard, ripping homes apart and endangering lives inland. Deaths, people trapped in their homes, massive flooding, major power outages, broken structures, and landslides require organized and prompt emergency responses from rescue and relief to rehabilitation.

Due to the magnitude of weather-related disasters, the damage they leave in their wake requires a strong collaboration between local government emergency departments, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Red Cross, and other local and federal agencies that lead disaster management and risk mitigation.

Displaced families, especially children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities, need to be taken care of and provided with shelters and supplies to keep them safe and well. Before a semblance of normalcy can be regained, issues in evacuation sites must be addressed. As people seek shelter, complications and insufficiencies tend to surface, especially in large-scale disasters. Typical challenges include meeting the needs of evacuees, logistics for relief items, health and sanitation services, and providing a secure environment.

From trauma to the inconvenience of being away from home, post-disaster situations usually have psychological and physical effects like anxiety and sickness. Suddenly having no access to comforts like showers and toilets can add to survivors’ distress.

Thus, portable toilet emergency preparedness should be among the key considerations when planning for disaster preparedness. This is where private service providers like VIP To Go can help agencies meet evacuees’ urgent needs with restroom trailers for disasters. We have partnered with governments and organizations to respond to calls for emergency response restroom trailers anytime disasters strike. We provide services to help resolve hygiene and sanitation issues arising from sudden events like climate disasters and pandemic outbreaks.

Emergency porta potty units and emergency shower trailers are critical for calamities involving severe storms and floods. Sufficient preparation before disaster strikes is the first line of defense to secure, protect, and assist residents during periods of inclement weather.

VIP To Go has mastered handling natural disasters

We have experience working with and handling numerous requests for our units from local government agents at disaster relief sites, FEMA, various emergency management departments, utility companies, and more. As a result, we’ve been able to deliver, install, and maintain hundreds to thousands of portable bathrooms, handwashing sinks, toilet trailers, and water tanks on demand whenever and wherever needed.

Quick Response Time

24/7 Customer support

Large Inventory of Emergency Restroom Rentals

Responsive Staff

Strong Local presence

efficient service

VIP To Go: Prepared for Swift Response

When people suddenly evacuate their homes and are relocated to shelters, it’s important to help them cope with the disruption by providing them with dignity and a sense of order. Clean, comfortable disaster-relief restrooms and shower trailers are necessary to provide a sense of normalcy and protect affected populations from sickness and discomfort. VIP To Go has been a reliable partner of local governments in meeting the health and sanitation needs of displaced survivors.

At VIP To Go, our experience with Florida natural disasters has strengthened our capability to deliver emergency restroom trailer units and services. We have a reliable delivery fleet, maintenance and sanitation staff, and responsive customer service. Our ADA-compliant restroom trailers for disasters are available to service the needs of children, the elderly, or the disabled. Our company’s emergency response preparedness during a FL state of emergency or wherever they are needed enables us to respond swiftly.

VIP To Go has helped deal with numerous disasters over the years, and our experience has taught it to start preparing for an impending storm as soon as weather warnings go out. We have a proactive approach that includes:

  • Gathering units to nearby areas before the storm hits so that they are available for quick transport to evacuation sites
  • Responding to requests for assistance with a dedicated emergency staff that is prepared to work round-the-clock
  • Navigating blocked roads and difficult-to-access areas for delivery and servicing
  • Securely installing and securing safe placement of trailers in designated shelter areas
  • Servicing and maintaining the restroom trailers as frequently and for as long as needed

With 18 years of experience in responding to wide-scale emergencies, the company’s staff is trained to work until all requirements are met. VIP To Go enjoys the reputation of being a reliable vendor during challenging times, with a fleet of emergency management restroom trailers that can be rapidly deployed. One call is all it takes and we’ll come through with your delivery of mobile restroom trailers for disasters.

Making emergency portable toilet units available to displaced residents can mitigate health risks, especially among those with comorbidities. Access to portable restrooms during disaster relief should be prioritized along with food, safe and clean water, clothes, and medicine. Disasters may be inevitable but preparation before hurricanes hit greatly reduces risks, saves lives, eases anxiety, and supports people as they cope and recover. A dependable supplier of quality emergency porta-potty, emergency shower trailers, and other hygiene facilities is critical during calamities.

For questions about our range of VIP To Go products, prices, and preparedness for disaster response, contact us and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Let’s work together to make everyone as safe and comfortable as we can, even during the most challenging disasters.

hurricane quick facts

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season begins around early June, when ocean temperatures start rising. It generally lasts through the end of October when these temperatures begin to drop. Tropical storms also happen around this time since pronounced winds and high temperatures are the perfect recipe for them.

Hurricane Incidence

Records show that from 1851-2017, Florida has had the highest number of hurricanes in the US, followed by Texas, Louisiana, and North and South Carolina. Areas that are predisposed to weather disasters require swift, state-wide responses from emergency management teams that look out for residents’ wellbeing.

Hurricane Repercussions

According to the Office for Coastal Management, there have been a total of 56 weather and climate disasters that hit the U.S. recently, causing huge losses in lives, infrastructure, homes, and businesses. These storms often cross several state lines, and require a unified effort to rebuild all that is lost.