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VIP To Go Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I rent a trailer if I don’t have an electrical outlet nearby?


All our trailers are set to run on one or two standard 110 outlets. However, if you do not have an outlet nearby, or if having cords running to the restroom trailer presents a problem, VIP To Go can provide a gas powered generator to operate the lights and pumps in your restroom trailer, allowing true versatility as we can place your trailer wherever you need it.

Location and Availability

I am getting married in about one month and am interested in one of the trailers. We probably would not be able to supply the garden hose water supply and potentially not the electric as our reception is on a farm in a field. We are expecting about 250 guests and were wondering if you could give us some idea of general price for more basic trailers. We are located in northeastern PA (about 40 minutes northwest of Scranton. Would the trailer be delivered to our site or would we have to pick it up somewhere?
Thank you!!


Our trailer come with a water tank on board for use instead of a garden hose, we also could provide a generator for electricity so no worries on that end. Our driver will deliver, set up and pick up the trailer so it's a worry free transaction, all you need to do is pick the unit you like, pay and let us know when to deliver.

What if I do not have a hose or water supply nearby? Will the sinks in my restroom trailer rental still work?


All VIP To Go trailers can be easily run off a standard hose spigot. However, if you do not have a water supply nearby or if having a hose leading to the restroom trailer is inconvenient no worries – all our restroom and shower trailers also come with large fresh water storage tanks. We can fill the tank ensuring that your trailer can be used even in the absence of a water supply.

What type of maintenance will I have to do on a restroom trailer?


For most rentals no maintenance will be required on your part, really. You may have to wipe down a counter or sweep the floor if things get messy, but that’s it. VIP To Go will ensure your trailer is delivered clean, sanitized and full of paper products so you can worry about more important things. 

Does a restroom trailer have that yucky, “port-a-potty” smell?


The simple answer is “no.” Your restroom trailer will be delivered to you smelling clean and sanitized, without heavy perfumes. Furthermore, VIP To Go restroom toilets actually flush the waste away to an outside storage tank; we don’t simple allow the waste to accumulate in chemicals like a blue-box porta-potty does. So, while the occasional user may create a temporary smell in the trailer right after use, waste odor does not accumulate in our trailers.

Do I have to supply my own toilet paper and paper towels?


VIP To Go will deliver your trailer stocked with sufficient paper products to meet the anticipated attendance that you give us and then some. If your event is over attended or goes over hours you may find that you run out of paper products and have to go get more on your own, but this rarely happens.

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