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Get Your Wedding Restroom Rentals on Almost Any Budget

Wedding restroom rentals provide convenience, wherever your wedding is held.

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Many people think that wedding restroom rentals must cost a fortune, and that certainly they cannot afford them on their budget. But if you call VIP To Go for an estimate, you may actually be surprised by what you learn about the price. So let’s look in detail at some costs, as well as a summary of the benefits.

Some Basic Wedding Restroom Rentals Prices

As you can imagine, prices of wedding restroom rentals and other restroom trailers can vary wildly. If you are new to the world of restroom trailers you may have no idea what that range is. Let’s lay it right out there and say that as of early 2014, our VIP To Go Restroom Trailer rentals for a weekend can range from $900 to $3500, depending upon the options that you choose.

To put that into perspective, consider this: Renting 3 portable blue box toilets will probably run for about $600 for a weekend. However, renting a restroom trailer, the simplest model with running water, air conditioning and lights, will cost you around $900. That is just a 33% premium for an amazing improvement in facilities. So you see, the costs may not be as high as you believe.

Now, if you want a top of the line trailer, complete with fireplace, television and DVD player or wired for music, Wi-Fi and other bells and whistles, the price will increase and you will be looking at two or three thousand dollars, but for just the basics it is quite affordable.

Other Considerations

Of course, price alone tells you little. Some companies will quote you a price, then come back at you later with extra fees for every little part of wedding restroom rentals. Not the case with VIP To Go. When we give you a quote for wedding restroom rentals, that quote is for your full event, and includes a site inspection (if you request it), to ensure that we can put the trailer where you wish to put it, delivery and set-up, pick-up after the event, and general liability insurance throughout your event. With VIP To Go you truly get all inclusive pricing – the only thing extra is the tax, and we can’t do anything about that. You also get over-the-top VIP To Go customer service!

VIP To Go Stands above the Rest

At VIP To Go, we set ourselves apart from the rest by replacing our trailers every 12-18 months, and designing our own trailers to meet the needs of our customers. But we also do the following:


We provide a free site visit, before your event, to discuss trailer placement so there are no surprises on delivery.


We provide additional service, such as renting trash receptacles and generators, and even providing attendants, if you wish.


When you call or email VIP To Go you get a reply within minutes via our customer service blackberry operations – this means that someone will see and return your phone call or email within minutes.


We never charge extra for delivery, pick-up, set-up or tear-down.


All our trailers come to you fully stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags and so forth – we strive to provide far more than we anticipate you will need.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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