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Get Your Wedding Restroom Rentals on Almost Any Budget

Wedding restroom rentals provide convenience, wherever your wedding is held.

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If you’re looking into restroom trailer rentals and want to get a sense of the average cost to rent a portable restroom trailer for an upcoming event, there is a lot of information we can start you off with. Many people assume that wedding restroom rentals must cost a fortune, and that certainly they cannot afford a restroom trailer rental on their budget. Also, many wonder to themselves ‘ Where can I find a restroom trailer rental near me? Who services my area?’ But if you call VIP To Go for an estimate, you may actually be surprised to learn about luxury portable toilets prices and how accessible your options are. So let’s look in detail at some trailer rental costs, as well as a summary of the bathroom trailer benefits. We’ll gladly give you all the specifics you need to know when considering a portable restroom trailer.

Especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many have come to rely on restroom trailer rental so that they can go ahead with scheduled wedding plans. In an environment where indoor socialization and crowds needs to be strictly avoided, renting porta potties or bathroom trailers means that the show can go on, albeit slightly differently than planned. And don’t worry that a portable restroom trailer or portable toilet rental will be a sore spot for your guests – each luxury restroom trailer is sure to impress even the most pampered guest, as they are designed for black tie events, and they far surpass the design of a comfortable home bathroom. And because the cost to rent any of these portable restroom trailers is quite reasonable, restroom trailer rental can be an option for many who would have otherwise been stuck without an option. At VIP To Go we pride ourselves on restroom trailer rental prices and shower trailers that are reasonably priced so that our porta potties and restroom trailer services can be affordable for the average individual trying to host an event. We’ve also added a COVID courtesy, allowing users to cancel their restroom trailer rental or rent a shower order up to just 48 hours before delivery for a complete refund! We felt this was only right to offer in a fast-changing and unstable environment where plans could change so unexpectedly at the last minute..

Some Basic Wedding Restroom Rentals Prices

As you can imagine, prices of wedding restroom rentals and other restroom trailers can vary widely. If you are new to the world of restroom trailers you may have no idea what that range is for luxury portable toilets prices. Let’s lay luxury portable toilets prices right out there and say that as of early 2021, our VIP To Go Restroom Trailer rentals for a weekend range in price from approximately $1400 to $3500, depending upon the options that you choose.

To put that into perspective, consider this: Renting 3 blue box porta potty toilets will probably run for about $600 for a weekend. However, renting a restroom trailer, the simplest model with running water, air conditioning and lights, the rental cost totals around $900. That is just a 33% premium for an amazing step up in facilities from from porta potties. Bathroom trailers include flushing toilets, running water, a toilet paper dispenser, hand sanitizer and soap dispenser, and other conveniences that far surpass a home bathroom. So you see, portable toilets prices may not be as high as you believe.

Now, if you want a top of the line restroom trailer for VIP events, complete with television, DVD player or wired for music, Wi-Fi and other bells and whistles, the rental price will increase and you will be looking at two or three thousand dollars, but for just the restroom trailer basics, restroom trailer rental prices, and rent a shower prices too for that matter, remain quite affordable.

Whatever your needs, VIP To Go’s goal is to be the premier provider of restroom trailer rentals and shower trailers, ranging from basic porta potty rental to fancy shower trailers that include restroom facilities. Our Customer Care team is ready and attentive to respond to your specific restroom rental needs, whether you’re looking for a luxury restroom or simply a basic porta potty stall. Cost of trailer rentals is calculated on a per day or per week basis. And if you’re still wondering ‘How can I find a restroom trailer rental me’, did we forget to mention that we service clients nationwide?

Other Considerations

Of course, price alone tells you little. Some companies will quote you a toilet rental price, then come back to you later with a delivery fee and other hidden fees for every little part of the wedding restroom rentals. Not the case with VIP To Go’s luxury portable toilets and rent a shower prices. As a rental company with premier service, we give you a quote for wedding restroom rentals, that quote is for your full event, and includes a site inspection (if you request it) to ensure that we can put the trailer where you wish to put it, delivery and installation, pick-up after the event, and general liability insurance throughout your event. With VIP To Go’s luxury portable toilets prices you truly get all inclusive pricing – the only thing extra is the tax, and we can’t do anything about that. You also get over-the-top VIP To Go customer service, which is a major factor to consider when cross-comparing luxury portable toilets and rent a shower prices!

We understand that when you’re planning a wedding, the restroom trailer rental is just a small part of the big picture. With many time-consuming tasks to attend to, you want peace of mind knowing that your portable restroom trailer arrangements will be taken care of to satisfaction. And if you’re also considering shower trailers, the logistics can become more complex. With VIP, you can feel confident that all arrangements will be well-handled, from trailer rental prices to delivery and beyond. Once we have your contact info and your finalized order, we’ll reach out to you to arrange the logistics of the restroom trailer rental so you don’t have to worry about anything further.

VIP To Go Stands above the Rest

At VIP To Go, we set ourselves apart from the rest by replacing our portable restroom trailers every 12-18 months, and designing our own trailers to meet the needs of our customers. As part of every restroom trailer rental package, we also do the following:


We provide a free site visit, before your event, to discuss trailer placement so there are no surprises on delivery and the portable restroom trailer will be perfectly suited to your needs.


We provide additional service, such as renting trash receptacles and generators, and even providing attendants for the bathroom trailer or shower trailers, if you wish.


When you call or email VIP To Go, you get a reply within minutes via our customer service blackberry operations – this means that someone will see and return your phone call or email within minutes.


We never charge extra for trailer rental delivery, pick-up, set-up or tear-down…it’s all included in the restroom trailer rental cost.


All our trailer rentals come to you fully stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags and so forth – we strive to provide far more supplies than we anticipate you will need.

Just as an example, here’s a basic description of our two station styling restroom 7×8 trailer:

Built to party, the 8’ party Restroom Trailer offers 2 rooms and a total of 2 restroom stations. One door leads to the women’s room where you will find 1 private toilet stall, a sink, counter and grooming mirror. The men’s side is similar, but includes 1 stall, 1 sink and 1 urinal. The entire bathroom trailer includes LED exterior lights, LED ceiling lights, interior walls that are a modern half black and half white, a black and white marble floor, clean stainless steel finish sink, skylight, and 11,500 BTU A/C unit w with heat. With a 350 gallon waste tank this trailer is recommended for events with 50 to 125 guests.

If you’re pretty ready to go ahead with a potable toilet rental, you can visit our website for options of portable restroom trailers or shower trailers. To find out the cost to rent, choose a model trailer rental you’re interested in, enter your specifics, and you’ll get instant pricing. And if your plans are not set in stone, you can rest assured that we offer a generous cancellation policy on all porta potty and restroom trailers reservations. Our website also features FAQ related to restroom trailer rentals. Knowing that our bathroom trailers for rent are in high demand, when you’re looking for a restroom trailer rental near you and you have the specifics worked out, we’d encourage you to reach out and confirm your reservation as quickly as possible.

Portable Restroom Trailers for Disaster Relief

Our preference is always to provide restroom facilities for life’s happy occasions. So when we get a call from event planners arranging a black tie event looking for fancy portable restroom trailers, it’s a gratifying that our fancy restroom trailer rentals can enhance a special event. The same goes for providing a job site manager with bathroom stalls or a restroom trailer for a construction site- we feel fortunate to help. On the other hand, we also know that it’s our calling to lend a hand to those dealing with the harder side of things. To help with disaster relief, VIP To Go takes the pressure off providing responders and survivors with sanitary porta potty rentals and rent a shower options so attention can be given to the other aspects of the emergency situation. Throughout the COVID 19 pandemic we responded to many rent a shower and portable toilet rental requests from individuals and families in need of immediate portable toilet and shower arrangements, and we were grateful to be in a helping position. We realize that when disaster strikes you may need to utilize a trailer rental without much notice.  Rest assured that we constantly restock our portable restrooms with the necessary supplies, such as hand sanitizer to refill any emptied hand sanitizer dispenser.

At VIP To Go, long term restroom trailer rentals are our business, whether the standard porta potty or fancy porta potty rental. While our luxury restroom trailers are reserved for weddings and other black tie events, we also regularly provide bathroom trailer rentals for job sites, most often for a temporary construction project or large-scale construction sites. We offer ongoing portable restroom maintenance, changing out porta potties and restroom trailers if they become too old or worn, maintaining the restroom trailers, moving porta potties to new construction sites and so forth. Our restroom trailer services can even be employed for crews preparing movie sets. We also have a large fleet of portable restrooms and restroom trailers to accommodate heavier portable toilet volume. And the fact that, if needed, you can also rent a shower from our extensive selection makes it a one-stop solution for many.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers, visit our website for a full listing of bathroom trailer rentals. Feel free to contact us with specific portable toilet questions – call our toll-free phone number at 877 564 6977 and we’ll be glad to assist. We aim to please with every aspect of your rent a shower or trailer rental experience, starting with our luxury portable toilets prices!



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