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Safe, affordable decontamination shower trailers where you need them

Shower trailers are great for decon.

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Shower trailers help a body feel good. After a hard day at work, nothing feels quite as good as a stream of high-powered hot water flushing the dirt off your body. But when you work in a facility where you may be exposed to chemicals, pollutants or other contaminants, a nice warm shower may be an important part of physical and emotional health.

This is why portable trailers by VIP To Go are such a good option for organizations to use during hazardous clean-up, after emergency situations, or in any situation where people are likely to get dirty and want to get clean before they leave the premises.

The VIP To Go Shower Trailers for Decontamination

At VIP To Go we stock a variety of trailers that can be used for general construction site or contractor clean-up. Whether you need to remove mud, asbestos, and anything in between, VIP To Go has a shower option that suits your needs. We carry combination restroom and trailers, but we also carry dedicated trailers that can serve one, two, even four or more people at a time.

And forget those old style “gang showers” that leave nothing to the imagination. At VIP To Go every one of our trailers includes individual, private shower rooms that ensure discretion and personal dignity, while washing the germs into our closed holding tank to be held for proper disposal.

If you have decontamination needs here are 4 reasons to rent a shower trailer from VIP To Go:


We offer an extensive range of ready to go models, in stock, that we can deliver tomorrow.


We deliver trailers anywhere in the country, any day of the week.


Our prices are competitive. In fact, if you need showers at various locations around the country we can work with you on a national contract to provide showers and restrooms wherever you need them for one low price, no shopping around or looking for a new shower restroom rental company in each location that you work in.


If you have unique needs we will happily customize a trailer to suit you.

Meeting Your Decontamination Needs

If you need to help your workers get clean or decontaminate after a dirty job, but you do not have shower facilities on site, renting a mobile shower trailer from VIP To Go can be a great option. Installing a shower in your building where none exists can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even buying a portable shower kit, like a basic inflatable model available from Grainger can cost over $8,000, and that is the most basic, plastic, see-through model that you can imagine. If you wonder how much are portable restroom trailers, know that you can get a shower or Restroom Trailer for a far more affordable price.

With VIP To Go you can get an attractive, state of the art, hot and cold running water shower trailer where you need it, when you need it, for as long as you need it. Our basic restroom trailers generally run off plain water, perfect for rinsing and diluting chemicals and contaminants. But if you have an application that requires chemical dilution or something else, contact VIP To Go today to see what personalized options we can design to meet the needs of your business.

At VIP To Go our goal is to meet all your restroom and shower trailer needs. Usually, we can do that readily with what we have in stock as we have a variety of restroom trailers for rent and restroom/shower combos. But if meeting your needs requires renovating one of our restroom or shower trailers, we are willing to do that. So no matter what your needs, and how many other companies have told you that it is not possible for them, call VIP To Go and see what we can do for your today.

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