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Long-Term Restroom Trailer Rental Guide

5 Tips for Long-Term Restroom Trailer Rentals

Choosing a long-term bathroom trailer for your event or project is a decision with ramifications that will affect you for a while. Below, you’ll find five crucial tips for long-term restroom trailer rental to guide you through the process and help ensure you get the most value and convenience from your rental experience.

1. Understanding the Purpose of Long-term Rentals for Temporary Restrooms

It’s essential to understand why you need a long-term bathroom trailer rental as opposed to a short-term option. Whether you’re managing a construction site, planning a seasonal event, or running a temporary facility, knowing your long-term needs will help you pick the right type and size of restroom trailer. Clear objectives also make it easier to communicate your requirements to the rental company.

2. Benefits of Utilizing Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers for Long-term Rentals

Upgrading to a luxury portable restroom trailer for long-term rentals can significantly enhance the user experience. These trailers often come with high-end amenities like climate control, flushing toilets, and elegant interior designs. By investing in a more luxurious option, you not only elevate your event’s ambiance but also show a commitment to comfort and hygiene.

3. Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages of Long-Term Rentals for Temporary Bathrooms

Long-term bathroom trailer rentals come with their pros and cons. On the one hand, they offer a more stable and often luxurious restroom solution for an extended period, making them ideal for certain types of events or projects. On the other hand, long-term rentals may involve higher costs and the need for regular maintenance. However, understanding both sides can help you make a more informed decision.

4. Finding the Trustworthy Company for Portable Restroom Trailer Rentals: A Step-by-Step Guide

Selecting a trustworthy company for your long-term restroom trailer rental is a crucial step in ensuring a successful and hassle-free experience. The following is a step-by-step guide designed to assist you in finding a reliable service provider.

  • Do Preliminary Research: Start by searching online for companies that offer long-term bathroom trailer rentals in your area. Look at customer reviews and ratings, check out their websites, and even visit social media pages to gauge their reputation.
  • Compare Quotes: Don’t settle for the first quote you get. It’s beneficial to compare prices and services from different providers. Be wary of companies that offer exceptionally low rates; they may be cutting corners on service quality or hidden fees may apply later.
  • Verify Licenses and Certifications: Always ensure that the company is licensed and certified to operate in your jurisdiction. Proper documentation is an indication of compliance with health, safety, and environmental standards.
  • Visit the Facility: If possible, visit the facility to inspect the trailers firsthand. This visit allows you to assess the cleanliness, quality, and amenities of the long-term restroom trailers. A company that maintains its trailers well is likely to be more reliable.
  • Ask for References: Reputable companies should be able to provide references from past clients who have rented long-term bathroom trailers. Contact these references to inquire about their experience with the company.
  • Review the Contract: Before signing any agreements, make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions. This includes the rental period, pricing structure, maintenance schedules, and what is expected from both parties. Look out for any hidden fees or clauses that may be disadvantageous.
  • Ask for Tips and Guidelines: A trustworthy company will provide tips for long-term restroom trailer management, including maintenance schedules, cleaning, and how to handle any possible issues that may arise during the rental period.
  • Ensure Clear Communication: Ensure that the company has a transparent communication channel. Whether it’s a hotline for emergency service calls or a dedicated representative to answer your queries, good communication is a hallmark of reliable service.
  • Review Payment Terms: Understand the payment terms clearly. Whether it’s a monthly rental fee or a one-time upfront payment, knowing your financial obligations upfront can prevent any misunderstandings later on.
  • Inquire about Post-Rental Support: Finally, a reputable company will offer support even after the trailer has been delivered and set up. Whether it’s regular maintenance checks or immediate responses to issues, quality post-rental service is a good indicator of a company’s overall reliability.

By following these steps, you’ll be better equipped to choose a trustworthy company for your long-term restroom trailer rental, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience from start to finish.

5. Clear Communication with Rental Company for a Smooth Rental Experience

Effective communication with your rental company is key to a successful long-term bathroom trailer rental. Be clear about your needs, the duration of the rental, and any specific requirements you may have. Ensure the company is reachable for maintenance calls and other urgent issues that may arise during the rental period. Open communication lines will make the process more efficient and reduce the likelihood of unexpected issues.

By carefully considering these tips for long-term restroom trailer rentals, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

VIP To Go’s Long Term Bathroom Trailer Rental Philosophy Is Designed to Serve

VIP To Go offers long term bathroom trailer rental.

When you need a long term bathroom trailer rental, VIP To Go wants to be your go-to source. And we are confident that we are the best choice for a trailer bathroom rental that you can make for a variety of reasons.

What’s the number 1 reason that VIP To Go should be your source for long term Restroom Trailer rentals?

We’re the best in the business when it comes to long-term portable bathroom trailer rental units, because this is who we are and the main focus of our business. At VIP To Go, our main goal is to be the premiere long term restroom trailer rental company in the country with a porta potty rental cost that is reasonable for your budget. We built our luxury restroom trailer rental company to serve you. This means that the focus of our business is providing long term solutions to your restroom needs.

Does this mean that you have to have the same bathroom trailer rental, in the same place, for months or years?

No, long term porta potty rental doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a single trailer, in the same place, for months or years. What our long-term luxury bathroom trailer rental philosophy means is that while weddings and weekend craft fairs are great, our main focus is on you, the statewide or national organization who needs restroom trailers for weeks or months, even longer, in a single location. Additionally, we are here to serve the company that needs multiple units from job to job.

At VIP To Go we can help you keep your workers clean and sanitary with our VIP porta potty rental while they build a building, rebuild your customer restrooms and more. We can provide rentals to keep your customers happy while you renovate your building. We can provide you the restroom trailers that you need, with a low porta potty rental cost, anywhere around your state or around the country.

What sets VIP To Go apart from the other restroom trailer rental companies?

There are a number of features and bathroom trailer rental services that set VIP To Go above the competition. Our trailers, for one, are always the newest and best. We have the most variety and one of the largest fleets of restroom trailers in the country. But the number one thing that sets us apart from the competition is our pricing structure. When you contract with VIP To Go, we can create a custom port a potty rental cost structure that covers all your restroom trailer needs around the state or around the country. Whether you’re on the hunt for porta potty weekly rental cost or a long-term porta potty rental that fits your budget, we can accommodate you. To our knowledge, no other restroom trailer rental company goes this extra step to make your large projects easier to budget and manage.

VIP To Go is the Professional Name that You can Trust

VIP To Go we began as a long-term trailer porta potty rental company. Our goal has always been to fulfill the needs of our long-term contract partners. Then, we do short-term events to keep our portable restroom trailers active when you don’t need them and thus help keep the cost of port a potty rental units down for you.

With VIP To Go you can see our professional attitude right in our name, as we seek to be discrete and a cut above the competition.

It’s our name and it’s our attitude. We stock nothing but the best, newest models of restroom facilities, and offer the best service to you, your employees and your own customers. Call VIP To Go today to discuss how we can be part of your long-term bathroom trailer rental strategy with low porta potty rental cost rates.

VIP To Go is where Your Company Needs Us, around the Country, with One-Stop Toilet Rental Prices

VIP To Go offers national toilet rental prices for long term rentals.

At VIP To Go, we offer you national toilet rental prices on the best restroom trailers, trailers that are new, clean, state-of-the-art and always ready to serve your needs. We also often prompt, friendly service, full maintenance, and more. That’s right- while based in New York, VIP To Go is a national company that supplies national restroom trailers. We rent trailers in California, Florida, Washington State and everywhere in between. OK, we don’t usually go to Alaska, but depending upon your needs, it is possible. No matter where you are and what type of restroom needs you have, give us a call and see what VIP To Go can do for your company and your trailer porta potty rental budget.

National Contracts for One-Stop Shopping

One of the huge benefits that VIP To Go offers our large, national organization partners like you is one-stop shopping for all your rental trailer bathrooms needs, around the country. We currently have contracts with a variety of national retail companies who have various building and Restroom Trailer needs for locations all throughout the company.

We can do it VIP restroom trailers for your organization, too.

The way it works is that once you have contracted a VIP luxury restroom with us we can provide your restroom rental trailers where you need them, when you need them. Building a new store in New Jersey and need restroom trailers for your work crew? VIP To Go is there! Done with that store and now working on a huge renovation on the facility in Georgia? We’ll pick up the New Jersey trailers and deliver the George trailers as soon as you need them. A new job suddenly popped up in Hollywood California and you need luxury restroom trailers for TV and movie sets? No problem!? We’ll get some additional trailers out there as fast as you need them with reasonable toilet rental prices.

Wherever your work takes you, whether you are a touring entertainment company, a national construction company, or beyond, VIP To Go will be there, wherever you need us, to provide clean, comfortable, top of the line restroom trailers with reasonable porta potty rental cost.

Forget Renegotiating Every Time You Need Toilet Rental Prices

Now, we talked about how easy it is to get VIP To Go trailers to follow you around the country, but we need to mention one more thing. This saves you time.

Imagine that your company needs trailers in three different states in the next quarter. Think about how much time you might spend calling restroom trailer rental companies and getting quotes for trailers in those three areas. Then, a fourth area is added, and you are on the phone for more luxury restroom trailer monthly rental quotes, juggling maybe two or three companies in each locality, talking to 12 companies at one time trying to get the best trailer porta potty price. This could amount to hundreds of man hours as you get quotes, do site walks, read and approve contracts and so forth.

Now, imagine that there was one company who could meet your restroom trailer needs in all four of these states, for the same luxury restroom trailer rental price and terms in every state. One phone call. One negotiation of terms. One review and approval of the contract. One company to pay. One contact person for all the toilet rental prices. With the option for long term porta potty rental services for an indefinite amount of time.

You don’t have to just imagine… this is how VIP To Go and our VIP restroom trailer rental units work. We give you one price for trailers anywhere in the country remember: we supply national restroom trailers anywhere!) No renegotiating every time you switch cities, states or even coasts. Just the same good service at a consistent, affordable price whenever you call VIP To Go.

VIP To Go is Easy on Your Budget

This transportability of our VIP restroom trailer rental cost to anywhere in the United States translates to savings for you in man hours. And you can always feel confident that your VIP luxury restroom trailers are set up right. Our managers often fly from state to state, supervising VIP restroom trailer rental delivery and set-up and ensuring that all your expectations are met… or exceeded.

Now, you may find another company willing to do this national providing of trailers. But it is likely that their long-term porta potty rental cost will be much higher than VIP To Go because their company is not truly equipped for national rentals and they are simply sub-contracting the job. VIP To Go has a fleet of restroom trailers that we readily transport around the country, saving you money on toilet rental prices and ensuring you consistent quality and service. Call VIP To Go for toilet rental where the porta potty rental cost does not factor into the high standards built into it.

Don’t make your workers or customers relieve themselves at the bank – Get a porta potty trailer rental

Porta potty trailer rental is a smart choice for work and play

A porta potty trailer rental can improve employee morale. According to numerous studies, including some posted on Forbes and the Huffington Post online, workers who are happier in their jobs are more productive. Actually, we probably don’t even need studies to tell us this… you know that you do your job better when you are happier with your work and with your work environment. While we don’t think there have been any studies on it, it stands to reason that part of being satisfied with your work environment is having access to clean, comfortable areas to take your breaks, including answering the call of nature in a luxurious work trailer with bathroom.

During an eight-hour work day most employees will use the restroom at least twice. Certainly the impact on moral will be better if your employees are visiting a clean, nice Restroom Trailer, where the restroom is possibly larger and nicer than their own bathrooms at home, as opposed to your employees being required to step into a cramped, smelly blue box to do their business.

The VIP restroom trailer is better and leaves happier feelings and you can take that to the bank.

Avoiding a “Bank” of Porta Potties around Your Workplace

One way that portable restroom trailers are better than the old blue box chemical toilets is that they are roomier and more comfortable. But another way that rental bathroom trailers they are better is that they are much cleaner, and they stay cleaner longer. This means that you can actually “serve” more people by having a restroom trailer than by having a “bank”, that is a row of lined up, chemical box toilets.

In fact, with restroom trailers you may only need half as many actual toilet stalls as you would need stand up chemical toilets.

This means that instead of having an unsightly row of blue boxes you can have just one or two large, neat, clean, welcoming restroom trailers. Your workers will thank you. Your customers will thank you. And even the surrounding neighborhood, or those who drive by, will thank you for the improved view.

Keeping Your Customers Satisfied with a Porta Potty Trailer Rental

Not only is a porta potty trailer rental more attractive and cleaner than a chemical blue box porta-potty, but they are also more luxurious. We have yet to meet a blue box with heating in cold weather or cooling in hot weather like our washroom trailer rentals. Rather, they seem to amplify the exterior weather, leaving your backside colder in cold weather and becoming stinky sweat boxes in hot weather.

All our restroom trailers, however, include lights, running water, air conditioning and heating systems. This makes them not simply toilets but actual “rest” rooms, whether you choose the single bathroom trailer or multiple rental trailer bathrooms. They provide place to relax for a moment, comb your hair, check your teeth, wash your hands, warm up, check your smartphone away from the cold, oh, and of course, use the toilet.

Choose a Restroom Trailer from VIP To Go

When you pick a porta potty trailer rental over an old chemical box toilet, you make your workers, clients and customers happier. You can save money with fewer toilets and better productivity. You create a satisfying atmosphere. You make the day just a bit better for everyone.

Call VIP To Go to reserve your restroom trailer today.

Start your next construction project with a VIP To Go portable bathroom trailer

A portable bathroom trailer is like rolling out the red carpet for your workers.

If you are starting a construction project and need a portable bathroom trailer to cater to the construction workers, call VIP To Go today to reserve your restroom trailers. Here are three ways that VIP To Go portable toilet trailer rental unitsGo has the best, newest restroom trailers available will help you build your building faster:

1. VIP To Go has the best, newest restroom trailers available.

Our VIP restroom trailers are never more than 12-18 months old, which means you always get a state of the art, clean luxury restroom trailer rental for your workers.

2. VIP To Go restroom trailers can actually save you money.

When you choose a Restroom Trailer over the old style, blue chemical box toilets you can have fewer units per person because of the running water and cleanliness that these rental bathroom trailers provide. This translates to a cost savings which can either lower your overall porta potty rental cost or at least make the price of restroom trailers extremely affordable on almost any budget.

3. Restroom trailers improve morale.

Nobody feels good walking into a dirty, smelly box, like a chemical toilet. When you provide your work crew with clean, attractive VIP restroom trailers they will feel more valued and appreciated. An employee who feels this way is more productive.

But, you may wonder, is a portable bathroom trailer always the best choice?

Of course, while restroom trailers offer value, superior performance and simply “feel” better, they may not always be the best choice. For example, if you have extremely tight space restrictions, like on a floor which is under construction or on the side of a highway, a restroom trailer may not be possible to fit.

On the other hand, if you can fit rental bathroom trailers, you should consider it. Picture the last time you saw a large construction project on the highway and saw a blue chemical box standing by. Imagine the noise, and even the shaking, that a person using that box faces. Not exactly conducive to the proper function of human systems. But a portable bathroom trailer in such a location can better block out noise and provide a sense of escaping the frantic work sight, if only for a moment. This can help improve employee morale and productivity.

One article in the New York Times asserts that a few small breaks during the day where the employee escapes both the work and their direct work environment leads to better productivity. It’s true – a restroom trailer may actually make your construction workers more productive!

The Decision is Clear

Now we know that restroom trailers are cleaner, more satisfying to employees and not much more expensive, in the long run, than blue box chemical toilets. Sure, in tight spaces the blue box may have its place, and if you need a mixture of portable bathroom trailer and blue box chemical units, call VIP To Go today and we can work with one of our partners to get you the best port a potty rental cost on a combination that meets your needs. Or, simply call VIP To Go today to reserve your restroom trailers so you can best serve your construction crew.

Patrol in style with deluxe portable toilets

Deluxe portable toilets can make your security team more effective. Really. In our modern age, security is a concern in every state, in every city, at any event. You simply never know when something might happen and you might need some muscle to keep the peace. Usually, your security units need a home base. Sometimes, this might be an office, but often this takes the form of a shack or rental trailer, perhaps in a mall parking lot or along a border they are patrolling. And often, these shacks do not include any restroom facilities. And sometimes, your patrol or security team is completely mobile, patrolling the grounds or parking lot, with no home base at all or perhaps only with their vehicle.

Of course, an effective security team is a comfortable and alert security team, whose basic needs of warmth or cooling and sanitary restroom facilities are being met. If you want your security team to do their job right you have to ensure that they are comfortable and cared for. VIP To Go can help you there.

Special Events Security with Deluxe Portable Toilets

At VIP To Go we can provide short and long term Restroom Trailer rentals for your events, specifically when your security patrol needs a place to relax. Our trailers can be an accessory to an existing trailer office or other facility, offering a sink, toilet and mirror – the basic necessities of cleanliness. But our trailer port a potty  facilities can also work great in an area where your security team is entirely mobile and completely lacks a home base. In this case we can provide a VIP restroom trailer equipped with a fireplace and sitting area, full lighting, heating or cooling, even music and wireless internet access to allow for your security patrol team to take a well needed break and emerge refreshed and ready to fight off the bad guys.

Border Patrol Facilities

VIP To Go has contracted with various municipalities to offer deluxe portable toilets for their border patrol units, or other mobile units such as park service or hunting enforcement. Often, these security and monitoring stations are located in rural areas, away from adequate running water and restroom facilities. Thus, VIP To Go can provide restroom trailers that run on generators and water tanks, giving your security or patrol team access to clean restrooms with lights and running water, no matter where they need it.

Long Term Restroom Trailer Rentals

Depending upon the needs of your security crew and organization, we can provide short-term or long-term deluxe portable toilets. We have long term porta potty rental contracts now that extend indefinitely, as we provide a long-term, easy to manage, low-maintenance solution to your patrol and security team’s sanitary needs. We can do the same for you.

Call VIP To Go today to find out how we can help you meet the unique portable bathroom trailer rental needs of your organization.

VIP To Go is your one-stop shopping place for film and music event port a potty luxury trailers

Make your event rock with port a potty luxury.

Port a potty luxury can keep your film or music crew happy. Lights, camera, action – cut! What is that terrible smell? It’s the blue box portable chemical toilet that someone rented for your latest filming event, and no one on the cast or crew is happy about it. At VIP To Go we understand that the film industry and the music industry work under tight deadlines, often requiring extensive travel, sometimes with little notice, and intense ability as you move from site to site, venue to venue.

VIP To Go has the flexibility and national presence to help make your next film, musical festival, concert or other event a success… at least as far as the luxury portable toilets are concerned. We provide top of the line luxury restroom trailers for tv and movie sets that are odorless, with clean running water, and we do it on your schedule, where you need it.

VIP To Go and Your Tight Filming Schedule

If you are managing a photo or video shooting schedule, you probably feel like you have 100 balls in the air at once, trying to manage caterer, transportation, equipment and more. Let VIP To Go take one pressure off you as we handle your restroom trailers, easily, around the country.

VIP To Go is your best choice for restroom trailers for on-location shoots  filming for a number of reasons, chief among these is our single national price. When you work with VIP To Go we can quote you a single price for port a potty luxury restroom trailers around the country. This means that if your director suddenly decides to move the shoot from California to Colorado, we can get restroom trailers for on-location shoots at the new location  before the rest of the crew even arrives, without your having to find a new company, get new quotes and arrange new contracts.

So you can concentrate on finding that new caterer or getting your equipment moved, but leave the luxury restroom trailers for tv and movie sets to VIP To Go.

Manage Your Musical Tour Better with VIP To Go

VIP To Go offers a variety of luxury trailers to keep even the most discerning musician or sound crew happy. We can provide customized restroom trailers, with fireplaces, wireless internet and more, at each of your tour dates, providing a sense of comfort and consistency on the long road of a musician. At VIP To Go we can help you arrange restroom trailers for concerts around the country, ensuring that the right rental bathroom trailer is there at the right time. Every one of our rental bathroom trailers is discrete, comfortable, and well appointed, and can work with just a regular electrical outlet and garden house.

VIP To Go Delivers Port a Potty Luxury To Any Entertainment Event or Venue

VIP To Go is your one stop shopping center for restroom trailers on your entire event tour. If you are arranging music festivals, a concert tour, or any other event, VIP To Go national restroom trailers can give you a price and service that will travel wherever you need it, around the country. Whether you need a trailer in Idaho or Nevada, and anywhere else in the United States, we can set you up with a portable toilet trailer rental contract that gives you the same price wherever you go, making your budgeting and set-up that much easier.

Call VIP To Go for a solution to your port a potty luxury and luxury restroom trailers for tv and movie sets needs in the entertainment industry today.

Four reasons the impact of a rental toilet trailer on your budget is worth it!

A simple trailer provides luxury within your budget.

Here are 4 ways that a rental toilet trailer from VIP To Go can save you money:

1. You can actually have fewer toilets.

The World Health Organization and your local health department will have guidelines for how many toilets you need to have per person over a certain period of time. Your VIP To Go customer service representative can also help you figure out exactly how many rental trailer bathrooms you need. But when it comes to saving money, you need to know that restroom trailers, which provide running water for washing your hands and flushing toilets that whisk waste away rather than just dropping it into an open pit of chemicals, can handle more human visitors than the old style blue chemical toilets. This means that the health department will allow you to have fewer trailer porta pottysaving money includes simply ensuring that a choice you make won’t cost you too much in the long run. With restroom trailers from VIP To Go, you don’t need to worry about high porta-potty weekly rental cost or pricey long-term portable toilet hire. So, you can forget the eyesore of the blue boxes, have fewer units, and help mitigate the price of restroom rentals by doing so.

2. Restroom trailers are more pleasant and may keep your employees on the job longer.

Admit it, if you ate a little something that didn’t agree with you and you needed to us the restroom, reading material in hand, are you going to step into the blue box of smelly death? Or are you going to hop in your car and drive to a place with running water and a decent bathroom? If you voted for the drive, now image your employees taking driving breaks in search of cleaner restrooms. How much work time might be lost to this search for restroom peace? Proving a clean, pleasant rental toilet trailer can increase the productivity and work time of your employees. Happier employees and healthier employees are more productive employees.

3. A rental toilet trailer costs very little to run.

Part of saving money includes simply ensuring that a choice you make won’t cost you too much in the long run. With restroom trailers from VIP To Go you don’t need to worry. Our rental bathroom trailers all run off a standard 110 outlet and cost very little to run. All the power they need is for some lights, the pump to run during a flush, and heating or cooling systems. Of course, the exact porta potty trailer rental cost depends on usage and energy rates in your area, but overall your budget will not take as huge a hit as you might imagine. When it comes asking how much is a restroom trailer or how much does a restroom trailer cost to rent with VIP To Go, the answer is probably less than you think, as our trailers are competitively priced.

4. Restroom trailers make for happier customers.

If you are putting your VIP To Go restroom trailer in a place where the customers can use it, having a restroom trailer will generate far more good will, and possible sales, than an old chemical box.

Call VIP To Go and talk to us about how a rental toilet trailer from us can save you money and make your employees and customers satisfied.

From oil rigs to coal mines, bring some creature comfort to your work site with VIP To Go restroom portable trailers

Restroom portable trailers can serve as changing rooms.

Restroom portable trailers can increase productivity. Despite all our business and technology, America is still a country built on hard work and sweat equity. Our country has some of the hardest working construction workers, oil drillers, coal miners and other laborers in the world. These are the people that build our country, literally, finding the fuel that we all need to keep going and live our lives. And they deserve to work in comfortable, sanitary surroundings.

From oil rigs to fire houses, coal mines to skyscraper building sites, VIP To Go can help you ensure that your workers have ample access to clean restrooms to keep themselves comfortable and productive, all day long. We offer a wide selection of rental bathroom trailer units without the high cost of port a potty rental units from other companies.

Restroom Portable Trailers Provide a Quick Escape

Comfort improves morale, and with better morale employees are more productive. If you own a company where men work in temporary facilities or outdated buildings, where restrooms are rare or unattractive, long term rental of a clean, state-of-the-art Restroom Trailer could provide a variety of emotional benefits which result in better productivity and an upswing in profits.

A clean VIP portable restroom  is both a necessity and a luxury. It is important that all workers be provided sanitary facilities to answer the call of nature. But more than this, a nice restroom trailer can provide a place for a quick mental break, away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace. A VIP restroom trailerknowledgeable VIP To Go customer service representative can help you make this decision about the quantity of luxury bathroom trailer rentalnumbers of restrooms decreases wait time and loss of productivity, and also helps keep the can provide a place to escape the heat, warm up in the cold, and even check emails or wash up before lunch. These small luxuries can translate to big improvements in attitude among your workers.

The Number of Restrooms in the Workplace

One thing you might wonder about is how many restroom portable trailers you need to provide on a job site. Perhaps you have an old site that has some restrooms, but you worry they aren’t enough. Your knowledgeable VIP To Go customer service representative can help you make this decision about quantity of units, but here are some basics for you to consider right now:

A jobsite made up entirely of men needs about 1 toilet for up to 15 workers per shift, 2 toilets for 16-45 workers per shift, 3 toilets for 46-75 workers per shift, and 4 toilets for 76-100 workers per shift. A jobsite that consists of both men and women, or mostly women, would need about 1 toilet for up to 5 workers, 2 toilets for 6-25 workers, and an extra toilet for every 25 additional workers beyond this. Having sufficient numbers of restrooms decreases wait time and loss of productivity, and also helps keep the trailer bathroom rental units cleaner.

Keep Your Employees Happy and Reduce Attrition

Happy employees work harder, work longer, and stay at their job longer. If you run a facility that requires long hours of hard work, but that you feel may lack adequate restroom facilities, call VIP To Go. We have a variety of restroom and shower trailers to fit different needs and budgets. We can place restroom portable trailers anywhere, even where electricity and other services do not exist. We can help you keep your workers comfortable, clean and happier.

You can grow, grow and grow with elegant porta potties!

Elegant porta potties can expand your office space.

Elegant porta potties can be part of your creative office expansion. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It makes sense to us, because that’s why we exist – people realized that they often needed restrooms in areas where there was no plumbing to be found. Enter the Restroom Trailer, which provides comfort and sanitation where it is needed most, regardless of existing facilities.

Now, you may find yourself looking to reinvent your company or rebuild your facilities. Hopefully you are experiencing growth and need to expand. Or, perhaps you are downsizing so you can save money and increase profits. Maybe you are getting creative, inventing new office spaces out of necessity, for example by carving out office space in your warehouse or in a large storage facility. In our age of the successful dot com, many start-ups and expanding companies are looking for creative solutions to manage their needs in a way that is economical and modern.

Make Elegant Porta Potties Part of Your Plan

If you are considering novel ways to expand your business facilities, be careful to begin with a plan. Decide upon what it is that you hope to accomplish and what facilities you will need to keep the people in your employ comfortable, productive and happy.

Ensure that this plan includes elegant porta potties facilities. This can mean budgeting for the sometimes extreme expense of hard plumbing in restrooms. But, if your move is temporary or current cash flow is a major concern, your plan might include the rental of restroom trailer units from VIP To Go. With a long term porta potty rental you have full flexibility to relocate, adjust, or discontinue the units whenever you’re ready.

The World Health Organization warns that poor sanitation helps to spread disease. This is true no matter how developed the country that you live in is. According to the Health and Safety Executive, an organization dedicated to human welfare, every workplace needs to include a sufficient amount of sanitary conveniences, such as toilets and sinks. These sanitary rooms should be well lit, properly ventilated, clean and orderly, conveniently located, secure and private. VIP To Go’s standard restroom trailers can meet all of these requirements, and more.

Building Your New Office

Whether you are using old shipping containers to build offices within a warehouse space or simply waiting out a major renovation effort, it is imperative that you provide your employees with ample clean restroom facilities. Elegant porta potties can do this. Use caution not to build more offices or employ more people than your restrooms can handle, unless you have VIP To Go bring in rental bathroom trailer reinforcements to augment your existing restrooms.

VIP To Go can work with you during the planning portion of your renovation, relocation or expansion. We can help you to ensure that adequate elegant porta potties facilities will be in place and operational before your staff arrives on site. We can plan to deliver, set-up and even maintain your high end portable toilets, for as long as you need them, all for one affordable price that we quote you up front. With VIP To Go you will get great service, great facilities, and no nasty surprises or extra costs. Just clean restrooms that make your staff comfortable and productive.

For the high-tech, modern workplace we even offer luxury restroom trailers that can add real style and fun to your workplace. We have restroom trailer models that include any number of bonus accessories including showers, music, flat panel televisions, fireplaces and more! Call VIP To Go today to see how our restrooms can be part of your corporate growth plan.


Health and Safety Executive.


A customized trailer bathroom can meet your unique needs

A standard trailer bathroom is luxurious but we can customize as well.

A trailer bathroom should meet your needs. They say that no two snowflakes look the same. By the same token, no two businesses are exactly the same and every company has different needs, including portable bathroom trailer rental needs. In fact, you may find that you have needs that your company never had before, and that those needs continue to change from month to month or year to year. For example, perhaps you need a Restroom Trailer for the first time. VIP To Go can rent you the restroom trailer you need, showing you a variety of options. But perhaps you have rented before and now have a new need. We can also go far beyond the usual VIP porta potty rental, if that’s what you require.

Renting a Standard VIP To Go Trailer Bathroom

At VIP To Go we have an extensive stock of restroom trailers for rent. We probably have one that will suit your needs. Our lowest model, standard restroom trailer is already 5-star rated, with running water in the sinks and flushable toilets, mirrors to allow grooming, and air conditioning systems. Our low-end VIP porta potty rental model has enough to meet most of your needs, providing male and female stalls, entry stairs, and clean exterior look and a comfortable interior.

One way that we ensure that even our low-end restroom trailers will meet your needs is that we replace each VIP restroom trailer trailer every 12-18 months. This means that the trailer you rent will never be more than a year and a half old. Always fresh. Always new. Always state of the art. In fact, VIP To Go has been in the trailer bathroom rentalMeeting Your Needs with Luxury Bathroom Trailers business so long that we have developed a relationship with the manufacturer of our restroom trailers and now we take a part in their design! So we always know that every trailer bathroom we get is impeccably designed and comfortable.

Meeting Your Needs with Luxury Bathroom Trailers

If your trailer porta potty needs extend to something more luxurious, we have got your back. At VIP To Go we carry restroom trailers with a variety of features beyond basic running water and comfort. We offer restrooms with baby changing tables, extra large dressing rooms, additional counter space, oversized mirrors, ADA compliant features, fireplaces, flat screen televisions with DVD players, showers, piped in music and even wireless internet. If you are hosting an opulent event or important group, VIP To Go can work with you to choose a luxury restroom trailer that will be the talk of the town.

Customizations at VIP To Go

If you have needs that extend beyond our standard trailer port a potty or luxury trailer bathroom stock, VIP To Go is there for you. We often customize our restroom trailers to meet the needs of our clients. The DIY restroom trailer can include plants or carpets to add a custom look, or creating signage that fits in with the theme of your business or location. In some situations we have even added things to our restrooms, such as lockers. And, in long term rental situations we can even have a custom trailer built to meet your specific needs. With VIP To Go, it’s almost as if you get to build your own restroom trailer!

At VIP To Go it is our mission to ensure that you always have what you need, when you need it, so call VIP To Go today.

Keep your customers happy during restroom construction with luxury restroom rentals

Luxury restroom rentals can include a fireplace.

Luxury restroom rentals are good customer service during restroom renovations. In our modern world people have become accustomed to modernization, which is the idea that business will be continually upgrading and improving to keep up with modern technology and aesthetic sensibilities. In other words, you must stay modern and relevant if you are to build future success or maintain current success. You must build customer satisfaction and exceed customers’ expectations, even when it comes to portable toilet trailer rental units.

Understanding Customer Satisfaction – and the Role Luxury Restroom Rentals Can Play

Customer satisfaction is a term that businesses often throw around in various contexts. But what is customer satisfaction really, and why does it matter? Customer satisfaction is a measurement of how your company’s products or services are meeting, hopefully surpassing, the needs and expectations of your customers.

As one marketing text put it, sales and market shares may be a good indicator of a company’s current success, but customer satisfaction is the best indicator of a company’s future or continued success. To grow your business and maintain or increase your profits you must satisfy your customers. One way that you do that is by keeping your facilities fresh and giving them reason to come back to you again and again.

For many companies this means renovating their facilities, which often includes updating their restrooms. But if you are a facility that serves customers, you cannot be without restroom facilities for even a day, much less the weeks or months that real renovation takes. So what do you do? You call VIP To Go for luxury restroom rentals.

The Restroom Trailer Can Create an Impression

Now, you might be thinking that this is simply a stop-gap measure, that by providing luxury restroom rentals you will meet your customers’ basic needs, and do your renovation as quickly as possible. But what we are here to tell you is that a rental Restroom Trailer from VIP To Go can actually add to your customer satisfaction, not just meet their needs. Of course, every VIP To Go restroom trailer includes a hand washing station rental built right in.

The Value of a Good Impression

Remember that in our modern age, having one unhappy customer is not an isolated occurrence. That customer is all too likely to post their dissatisfaction on an internet forum where negative comments can live forever, damaging your reputation and profits for years to come.

Thus, even in times of renovation and construction it is important that you do your best to keep your customers satisfied. How? Well, you may not be able to stop the dust or quiet the noise, but you can provide them a clean restroom, and what’s more, provide them luxury restroom rentals that give them something positive to talk about, taking their mind off any negatives of your construction. And that’s exactly what VIP restroom trailer rental units are designed to do.

VIP To Go Makes it Easy

At VIP To Go we make customer satisfaction  (at least when it comes to rental bathroom trailers) easy by handling all your luxury restroom rentals needs. We can help you decide how many luxury restroom trailer rental facilities you need, where the portable bathroom trailer rental should be placed, we can hook the luxury bathroom trailer rental up, create signs (even personalizing them to fit your image), maintain the restrooms and more.

Remember that according to one article by the World Health Organization, “Toilets need to be as sexy as mobile phones and TVs”. At VIP To Go we don’t necessarily think that toilets are sexy, but we do have the single bathroom trailer and trailer monthly rental units to bathe your customers in comfort and luxury.

We are also here to help you make your renovations go smoothly. In fact, here are 3 Steps to Better Renovation to help you get started:

1. Plan.

Know how long certain areas will be out of commission and create a logical plan.

2. Ensure you have adequate facilities.

Be sure to place restrooms at the top of the list, whether you need long-term portable toilet hire or rental trailer bathrooms for the weekend.

3. Communicate.

Ensure that your staff knows where the restrooms are and is able to set customer expectations and answer questions. Communicate to your customers too. Letting your customers know what to expect (in terms of renovation and available washroom trailer rentals) can reduce potential complaints.

4. Ensure proper signage.

VIP To Go can help create a DIY restroom trailer with  signage matches your theme or color scheme and fits in with your business.

5. Consider incentives during construction.

Although providing a luxury restroom trailer rental for your customers and workers will help ease the stress of the renovation, there are still other steps you can take to increase morale. For example, if the construction is likely to pose an inconvenience or distraction, consider a discount program during the construction.

Call VIP To Go and we will help you make restroom trailers part of your renovation plan.



Happy Customers During Renovations.

Marketing Text: Farris, Paul W.; Neil T. Bendle; Phillip E. Pfeifer; David J. Reibstein (2010). Marketing Metrics: The Definitive Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN 0-13-705829-2.

VIP To Go’s all-inclusive pricing makes bathroom trailers budgeting easy around the country

VIP To Go delivers bathroom trailers around the U.S.A.

VIP To Go is the premiere supplier of basic and luxury bathroom trailers and shower trailers. In fact, VIP To Go has such a great reputation that we have worked with FEMA, the United States Navy, various border patrol organizations and a variety of big box retail chain companies. These companies know that VIP To Go provides unmatched service, variety and national pricing on all of our national restroom trailers.

What is included in VIP To Go’s pricing?

The cost of port a potty rental is critical for most individuals and business. We try to make our trailer porta potty rental prices equitable for all. But how? Our bathroom trailers pricing is all inclusive. That means that when you call VIP To Go, our experienced customer service representatives will listen to your needs and help you choose what features and amounts of restroom trailers that you will need. Then, we will provide you a customized quote for your VIP restroom trailer rental cost that includes everything. And we mean everything.

The price quote that you receive will include trailer preparation, a site walk through (if desired), delivery, set-up, agreed upon maintenance, ample paper supplies, and pick-up. The only thing not included directly in the port a john rental prices is sales tax, which we do not include by law. Of course, if you are a tax exempt charity organization then no tax would be added to your porta potty weekly rental cost. To our knowledge no other national bathroom trailers rental company offers this one, all inclusive rental bathroom trailer price.

Does VIP To Go rent short term or long term?

VIP To Go is a long term rental company which also makes short term rentals. So, while our main business is weekly, monthly or annual restroom trailer rentals, we do rent available trailers for weddings, parties and other short term events. However, our pricing structure is set up in a way to ensure value and convenience for our customers.

If you do a short term rental, say a wedding porta potty rental, other companies may drop off the trailer on Friday and pick it up Sunday. Getting it a day early or late results in an additional fee. At VIP To Go we usually drop the trailer off at least a day before your event and pick it up a day later, all for the weekend VIP restroom trailer rental cost – usually the same or lower than the competition. So you don’t have to worry about when the trailer will arrive; it’s already there, leaving you to focus on other preparations.

What connections are required to run bathroom trailers?

The most commonly used connections of our rental restroom trailers are simply a standard 110 electrical outlet and a garden hose. Waste water is then stored in a storage tank and pumped out as needed. Of course, we do offer other options.

If you are in an area near a sewer access we can set the restroom trailer up to connect straight to the sewer, bypassing the need for pump-outs. If you lack a garden hose or water supply we can deliver the trailer with a filled water reservoir, and offer refilling if you wish. If you need the VIP restroom trailer somewhere without an electrical outlet we can provide a gas powered generator to power the lights and pumps.

With VIP To Go rental bathroom trailers, almost anything is possible. At VIP To Go we listen to you and create custom services that meet your specific needs. Call VIP To Go.

Take a tour inside an opulent VIP To Go porta potties where luxury is standard

Porta Potties luxury includes fireplaces and more.

When it comes to porta potties luxury can mean many things, including a fireplace. VIP To Go offers a varied selection of restroom trailers, many that offer unique features and that we actually designed ourselves. Your VIP To Go customer service representative can tell you what type of VIP porta potty rental trailer options we have available for you, and can even provide you pictures of our various VIP portable restroom models. But to give you a good idea of what portable bathroom trailer rental units we can offer here we will describe our restroom trailers.

The VIP To Go Restroom Trailer

Every one of our trailers includes electric lights, a sink with running water, a countertop, mirror and a flushable toilet. Each one also has an air conditioning system that can cool or heat the unit. Every one of our restroom trailers is simply colored on the outside, usually white, with two or more large doors. The trailers are unmarked to ensure discretion and are classically designed.

On the inside, each is modern and attractive, clean and convenient. Most trailers have wood panelling to add warmth and cosiness. Some porta potties luxury include fireplaces or flat panel televisions. Some have sitting areas or baby changing stations. Most of our Restroom Trailer rental units have two doors, one to enter the men’s side and one to enter the women’s side.

Women’s Side

Even with our basic porta potties luxury is standard. A simple trailer port a potty model has two toilets and a sink in the women’s side. When a woman enters the main “women’s” door they will see a sink with an attractive countertop in the corner, a mirror above and a small countertop to set down their purse or personal care items. Then, there will be two stall doors. Each stall has a clean, flushable toilet, locking door, and a place to set or hang their handbag. The trailer porta potty floor has attractive tiles, the walls have clean paint and usually a chair rail molding with paneling below, adding a “classy” feel. These porta potty rental for weddings provide the extra space women need to look their best.

Men’s Side

The VIP luxury restroom door marked “men” leads to a similar, but slightly different, experience. The standard men’s restroom has a sink in the corner, with a small countertop and a mirror. Then, there will be one door that leads to a stall with locking door and flushing toilet. Next to the stall will be a urinal. Similar to the women’s trailer porta potty rental side, the floor has attractive tile, the walls have clean paint and usually a chair rail molding with paneling below, adding a comfortable, masculine feel.

With Porta Potties Luxury Can Be Part of the Package

From there, the luxury just goes up. Our high end restroom models may feature larger stalls (perfect for people with heavy utility belts and uniforms or fancy attire), more mirrors (when additional grooming is desired), and even fireplaces to add an extra touch of finesse.


What is the lifespan of a portable toilet?

When it comes to the lifespan of a portable toilet, there’s quite an assortment of levels and qualities available in the market. However, at VIP, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality toilets. To ensure our units are always modern, clean, and top-of-the-line, we roll over our inventory every 18 to 24 months. This practice allows us to maintain a high standard of sanitation and aesthetics for all our units.

What is a trailer bathroom?

A trailer bathroom is a portable restroom facility that’s built into a trailer, making it more mobile and versatile than traditional brick-and-mortar restrooms. Unlike basic portable toilets, trailer bathrooms often offer more luxurious amenities, such as flushing toilets, sinks with running water, and sometimes even climate control, providing a more comfortable and upscale experience for users.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of long-term porta potty rentals?

Long-term restroom trailer rentals come with their own set of pros and cons. On the upside, renting a long-term restroom trailer provides a stable and often more luxurious restroom solution for extended periods, making them ideal for construction sites, long-term events, or remote facilities. They often come with enhanced features like climate control and more spacious interiors. However, disadvantages may include higher costs over time compared to short-term rentals and the need for regular maintenance. For a more seamless experience, consider our tips for long-term restroom trailer management, which include regular cleaning schedules and placement considerations.

Where do I park the temporary restroom trailer?

Parking your temporary restroom trailer requires some planning. Ideally, the trailer should be parked on a flat, stable surface close enough to the event or site for easy access but far enough away to not cause disturbance. Also, you’ll need to consider utility hook-ups like water and electricity if your long-term restroom trailer requires them. It’s also essential to consult local ordinances or venue policies about where temporary structures can be placed.

At VIP To Go we are always hearing customers gasp in surprise at the luxury and comfort of even our most basic restroom trailers. Accustomed to temporary toilets that are anything but clean, fresh or sanitary, people are pleased to see restrooms that look more like those in their own home. In fact, we are often told that with our porta potties luxury is better than what many people have in their own homes!

When you call VIP To Go you know that you will get service, quality and a luxury bathroom trailer rental experience that will make your workers or customers feel comfortable and valued, all for a low porta potty rental cost. That’s the bottom line.

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