Restroom Trailer Rental Cost: Get Value In Portable Toilets

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5 Station luxury restroom trailer rental at wedding

Restroom Trailer Rental Cost: Get Value In Portable Toilets

Are you planning an event outdoors? Or are you planning a large event, such as a wedding, in a unique location such as a barn? Or does the location you are holding an event not have enough restroom facilities for the number of attendees?

Then you are going to need to rent a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers are a much better option than regular porta-potties. Your guest will appreciate nicer portable restrooms.

Wondering what restroom trailer rental costs are in your area? There are a lot of factors to consider when you are budgeting for your event.

Keep reading to determine what the best portable restroom trailers are for your event, and how much porta potty trailers typically cost for different types of events.

What Is a Bathroom Trailer?

No, we aren’t talking about porta-potties often seen on construction sites. Restroom trailers are in a completely different league.

Our restroom trailers include full, modern bathrooms. Each bathroom has fully functioning flushing toilets, handwashing sinks, mirrors, trashcans, electricity, heating or air conditioning, and secure, locking doors.

When you step into our restroom trailers, you won’t feel like you are in a temporary bathroom. You’ll feel like you are in a luxurious hotel or spa.

Bathroom trailers are comfortable, up-to-date, and perfectly maintained. They will impress your guests and make using the restroom on the go comfortable rather than scary.

Restroom trailers can be delivered to virtually any location, so long as there is a flat, level location. Delivery trucks need to be able to access the location as well.

Urinal and sink in restroom trailer rental

Factors to Consider Regarding Restroom Trailers for Rent

So you understand how important it is to have a restroom trailer rather than a standard porta potty, right? The first step in determining how much it’s going to cost is by clarifying your needs regarding your event.

How Many People Will Be Attending?

The number of people attending your event will be the biggest factor when determining your restroom trailer rental cost. If you plan to host 150 people or less, you can manage by renting a two-station trailer.

These contain a men’s station, featuring both a urinal and a stall, and a women’s station with a stall. Both stations have functional sinks and mirrors.

If you plan to have between 151 and 250 people at your event, a three-station trailer would work well. In the three-station trailers, each room has a stall, sink, and mirror. One room will also include a urinal.

Planning an event for 200-400 people? You’d be better off with a five-station trailer. In this trailer, there are two large restrooms. The men’s room has a private stall and two private urinals.

The women’s room has two private stalls. Each room has one sink. This trailer allows for five people to use the restroom at once between the two rooms.

An event hosting between 400 and 650 people can utilize an eight-station trailer. The eight stations are divided up into two large rooms, one for men and one for women.

And if the event will serve upwards of 1,150 people, a 10-station trailer will work well. Again, these stations are split between a men’s and women’s room.

Choose Your Trailer Type

Other than size, we have a few different trailer design options. You can choose between Vegas, Rolls Royce, and Stylish.

The layouts of each will be the same, but you may prefer a different aesthetic depending on the type of event you are hosting.

There are also other trailer types available for specific needs. You can rent an ADA-compliant trailer that drops down to rest directly on the ground. A very small ramp allows wheelchairs to easily access the spacious ADA station.

You can also rent a separate hand washing trailer. Our sink trailers feature 12 fully functional sinks with soap dispensers and mirrors. These are great for events serving food, such as a fair, popup market, or cook-off.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Are you looking to impress your guests? We also offer luxury restroom trailers. These are perfect for weddings, fundraisers, birthday parties, and other occasions when you simply want the best.

Our luxury restrooms trailers include an electric fireplace, music speakers, a flatscreen TV able to play and movie, TV show, or custom videos, and more. Your luxury bathroom could become a highpoint of your gathering.

Location of Your Event

The location of your event will also affect the price of your bathroom trailer rentals. We have the largest restroom trailer fleet in the country and we operate nationwide.

Wherever you are, we can help you. But depending on your exact location, the price may vary.

Electricity and Water

All of our trailers function using a standard garden hose with a minimum water pressure of 40 PSI. If the location does not have a hose, the trailers will work using the large onboard water tanks.

They also require one or two independent and dedicated 20 amp power circuits to power them. These circuits cannot have anything else drawing power from them.

If this is unavailable, then a gas-powered generator would be required. If the client or location does not have this, we may be able to provide them, which can affect the cost.


If your event is running all day, multiple days, or simply has a lot of attendees, increased servicing may be necessary. Trailers need to be serviced to ensured waste tanks get emptied, water tanks are full, and restrooms are clean and stocked.

Trailers may need to be serviced daily or consistently throughout the day. When you speak with one of our VIP To Go representatives during your free walkthrough, they can discuss the details of this process and make recommendations.

Length of Event or Job

How long your event will be is another large factor when you rent bathroom trailer. Currently, we offer rentals around the country for events and jobs running six weeks or longer.

We are only able to provide rentals for events shorter than six weeks in the following states; Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.

Longer events will generally enjoy a lower per-day cost than shorter events. There are no added delivery fees.

Interior of restroom trailer rental

Restroom Trailer Rental Cost

So how much does it cost to rent a restroom trailer? Because there are so many factors, the best way to determine pricing is using our instant quote tool.

Simply add the event address and date(s) to see your all-in-one pricing for each one of our trailers.

For events that run six weeks or longer, our long-term rates goes into effect for discounted pricing.

How much do luxury portable toilets cost to rent? Contact us today for pricing info regarding our luxury trailers.

Interested in an event shorter than six weeks, outside of one of the states listed above? Call or email us today and we’ll see if we can provide a custom quote for your event.

Restroom Trailer Rental Near Me With VIP To Go

Whatever your needs and wherever you are located, VIP To Go is the standard when it comes to portable restroom trailers. We have been providing portable restrooms around the country for decades.

When you work with us, you’ll enjoy our all-in-one pricing. What you see is what you pay, no surprises or hidden fees. There are no additional delivery, setup, cleaning, or tear-down fees.

We can also provide you with a free site walk-through where one of our representatives will determine the best trailers, best location, and additional considerations for your event or job.

On top of that, you can reach us anytime. Our support team is available 24/7 so if you ever experience an emergency and need a trailer, we can help. We pride ourselves on making your rental experience as smooth and easy as possible.

Reasons to Rent a Restroom Trailer

There are a hundred and one reasons to rent portable restroom trailers. One or two-day events usually include destination weddings, such as in the woods, on a farm, or at the beach.

They can also include birthday parties, corporate gatherings, fundraising events, volunteer events, and much more.

Events that usually last a few days can include popup markets, music or cultural festivals, races, retreats, and almost anything else you can think of. This often includes TV and movie sets when location-based shoots are required.

We also provide long-term rentals. This is often used for construction. Many times an existing facility is being remodeled and temporary restrooms are needed.

And if your business has an emergency where water or electricity is unavailable, or if your building has sustained damage, we can provide temporary facilities almost immediately.

Plan Your Event With Confidence

At VIP To Go, we provide restroom trailers of every different style and size that can suit any budget. Whether your event is planned to last six hours, six weeks, or six months, we have a solution for you.

To see your restroom trailer rental prices, you can get your instant quote here. We look forward to servicing your portable restroom trailer needs!

Contact Us if you have any other questions about your mobile restroom trailer rental.