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Get clean with shower trailers for rent, anywhere in the U.S.A.

With shower trailers for rent 9 features come standard.

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VIP To Go shower trailers for rent come in many varieties that we can deliver right away to meet your needs. Whether you are having an outdoor event where people are likely to get dirty or need to provide for decontamination after a long day of work, VIP To Go has you covered.

The High Costs of Buying Your Own Shower Unit

Depending on your needs you may have considered actually buying a shower unit. Well, we’ve looked into that for you. Yes, there are certainly many options, from a simply shower that attaches to your hose and sprays you with cold water for $300 to an inflatable stall unit with transparent plastic and no heater which sells for over $8,000 and on up. Of course, buying your own lighted, private shower trailer can cost you upwards of $60,000. There certainly are options.

So, if money is no object, perhaps your own trailer is the way to go. But if you have a budget and want something more than a romp through a garden hose, then a shower trailer rental from VIP To Go is probably a good option to pursue.

Shower Trailers for Rent Options to Suit You

VIP To Go carries a wide selection of shower trailers for rent. In fact, while most restroom rental companies do not even carry shower trailers, we have shower and toilet combo units, multi-shower units and more, all with electric lights, heated water and large water holding tanks.

From wedding camp-outs to decon, scout outings to oil rigs, we have the shower that you need. With a shower trailer you can provide facilities for your guests or workers to clean up after a grueling event, rinse off after or escape from unexpected weather, and in short continue to enjoy your event clean and relaxed after a nice warm shower.

At VIP To Go all of shower trailers for rent include the following:


Electric lights




Attractive interior decorating schemes


Non-intrusive exterior design


Ample hot and cold running water with no fluctuation in water temperature


Strong, consistent water pressure


Individual temperature controls


Air conditioning and heating


Hooks and countertops for personal items

Setting Up Your Shower Trailer

At VIP To Go our trailer showers prices include everything, from preparation to delivery, set-up to pick-up. All you have to provide is a space to place the trailer, and we will even help with that, doing a free site walk through in advance to help you choose the perfect location for your portable shower trailer. If you have a basic 110 volt, properly grounded outlet and a garden hose, then you have all that we need to hook up your hot and cold running water. If not, then we can provide a generator and filled water tanks to keep your shower running.

Call VIP To Go today and one of our experienced customer service representatives will ask you about your needs and then send you a customized quote, complete with images of our shower trailers, and help you solidify your plans fast.

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