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Bathroom Rentals For Weddings: Entertainment & Comfort

Bathroom rentals for weddings include luxurious fireplaces and more.

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For many people the most distinguishing factor of bathroom rentals for weddings would probably be the simple comfort that it can offer. In a traditional blue box, chemical toilet you are plagued by the smell, cramped quarters and lack of running water inherent to these old style toilets. But VIP To Go uses modern engineering to provide so much more.

Running Water

The number one feature that most sets bathroom rentals for weddings apart from its unworthy blue box peers is running water. All VIP To Go trailers have flushable toilets with running water. Waste is flushed away, as it is with a traditional toilet, not simply left sitting in a hole for the next person to stare into. In addition, all our trailers offer at least one sink with running water, allowing customers to clean their hands before returning to the outside world. The running water keeps the restroom and its users cleaner, day in and day out.


In a standard blue box toilet, air ventilation is generally limited to a few small vent holes in the plastic. If you have ever been in one of these less than grand chambers, then you know that this is hardly sufficient.

Even with VIP To Go cheap restroom trailers you get ventilation fans that provide an ongoing, refreshing exchange of air. Stale air is continually moved out of the trailer and replaced with fresh air from the great outdoors.

The Air Conditioned Comfort of Bathroom Rentals for Weddings

All VIP To Go bathroom rentals for weddings are equipped with heating and cooling systems. This means that on a hot day your Restroom Trailer can be 20 or 30 degrees cooler than the air outside. On a cold day the trailer’s heating system can keep a comfortable temperature, no matter the weather. Whatever Mother Nature has in store, your VIP To Go restroom trailer will always be clean, dry, and comfortable.


Every VIP To Go restroom trailer has ample lighting, including both natural and electric lights. Our trailers include skylights to take advantage of natural, free lighting. But when that isn’t enough, ever trailer also has electric lights to provide safe, usable illumination throughout the trailer, at any time of day and in any type of weather. No more fumbling in the dark. Plenty of lighting for the ladies to fix their make-up and the men to admire their reflection in the mirror. Let there be light.

Wheelchair Accessibility

VIP To Go offers restroom trailers that are fully ADA compliant. These trailers have extra wide doors and entry ramps to ensure that all your customers or guests can enter the facilities. Talk to your VIP To Go representative about our ADA compliant trailer options.

Set Up and Extras

With VIP To Go bathroom rentals for weddings we leave nothing to chance. We are happy to provide a site walk before your event to ensure that trailer placement can meet your needs. We can provide a generator if you lack electricity, fill the water tank if there is no water, rent you additional trash bins, and even provide an attendant (at a nominal fee of $45-$65 per hour) to ensure that the restroom is stocked and cleaned throughout your event.

The Next Level

If your event demands even more than the simple comforts listed above, VIP To Go can make it happen. Our restroom trailers can provide full red carpet service (literally) and can include music, televisions with DVD players, Wi-Fi, and fireplaces. At VIP To Go we offer all the options you need, from basic to amazing.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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