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Restroom Trailer Rentals Get The Party Started

Restroom trailer rentals from VIP To Go provide sanitation in style.

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It’s time to party and Restroom Trailer rentals can help. An anniversary. A birthday party. A family reunion. A parade… something to celebrate! Whatever your celebratory event, you will need to ensure that you have ample bathroom facilities for your anticipated crowd and a day of fun.

Planning Your Needs

If you have a party planned, you need to take a good look at the restroom facilities. Perhaps there is no restroom at all where you are having a gathering. Or, maybe the only facilities are hooked to a septic field, which simply can’t handle a huge volume of people all at once. Perhaps you have restrooms in the home, but you’d really rather keep the muddy shoes and wild kids outside, or you are afraid of a plumbing problem with such volume. No matter the reason for needing a restroom, restroom trailer rentals are the way to go. With a VIP To Go trailer you can meet the needs of your guests while keeping your home clean, your own plumbing working and the environment safe.

Choosing Restroom Trailer Rentals

Once you know that you want a restroom trailer, you need to decide what kind to get. There are unisex trailers, as well as trailers with urinals, trailers with more facilities and those with fewer facilities, those with added bells and whistles and some that offer just straightforward comfort and cleanliness.

When you call VIP To Go, our knowledgeable representatives will ask you about your event and help you decide what you need based on the number of guests anticipated, the type of event you are holding, time of the year, location and more.

How Many Facilities You Need

One important point to know – the health department in your area will likely have a recommended amount of restrooms for you to have per person, per event. However, you should know that when you use restroom trailer rentals instead of a standard chemical portable toilet you can actually have fewer toilets. Why? Because when your restroom has running water it stays cleaner longer, even with heavier use. And the waste storage tanks are larger, thus capable of handling higher volume.

When renting a chemical toilet you must plan for enough toilets to allow each to accumulate waste without being cleaned. With a toilet trailer, the waste is removed to a storage tank in a way that keeps odor and germs at bay and allows the toilet to serve more people over a longer stretch of time. This helps to please your guests and to stretch your budget!

Getting through the Event Stress Free

Of course, planning a party requires a lot more than simply reserving restrooms. A lot more. You have to worry about venue, guest list, invitations, food, decorations, music and so much more. Really, do you have time to worry about people using the bathroom? Of course not. That is why you should leave the restroom trailer rentals to VIP To Go. When you choose VIP To Go, we can help you select the right restroom trailer and choose the placement of the trailer. Then, we will deliver it, set it up and ensure that it will be well stocked and fully functional throughout your party, late into the night or all weekend long!

With VIP To Go you may actually get to enjoy your party, once it gets started, without having to give a thought to the comfort and sanitary needs of your guests. .
For more information about our restroom trailer rentals browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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