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The Rental Bathroom Trailer On The Job

A VIP To Go rental bathroom trailer provides on the job comfort.

When it comes to the rental bathroom trailer, we often think of parties, but there are more reasons to get a rental restroom. Of course, we all want to party every day of our lives, but sometimes work has to step in. In fact, construction sites and other work zones are one of the areas where VIP To Go delivers many of our restroom trailers.

In the United States we have the luxury of having at least somewhat adequate restrooms available almost wherever we go. This is a legal requirement and an expectation on construction sites as well. It is important that you ensure that your construction crew, staff and customers always have a clean, comfortable place to answer the call of nature.

With a VIP To Go Restroom Trailer you can move beyond the traditional blue box chemical toilet. With a construction restroom trailer we offer comfort, but also affordability. Our restroom trailers are reasonably priced, and your quote always includes delivery, set-up and pick-up. But there are two more benefits to choosing a restroom trailer over the old fashioned blue box of smelly doom.

1. The first advantage of a rental bathroom trailer is in satisfaction.

A happy crew is a more productive crew, and your crew will have a much more pleasant day when they are able to take their rental bathroom trailer breaks in the fresh smelling comfort of a VIP To Go restroom trailer.

2. The second advantage of a restroom trailer is the cost and space.

That is, when you choose a rental bathroom trailer you can actually have fewer toilets than would be required if you chose the old chemical style toilet. Why? Because when you have running water and a system that moves waste to a storage unit, the units stay clean and functional longer while serving more people. It’s a win-win scenario when you go with a VIP To Go restroom trailer.

Replacement Facilities during Construction of Public Restrooms

Of course, you don’t need a fireplace or other fancy amenities if you are renting a trailer simply to provide a safe and clean restroom for construction workers and contractors. But you might want a bit of luxury if you are renting a restroom trailer to cater to your customers while your building restrooms are under construction.

Think about it: any customer who might be briefly uncertain at ascending a set of stairs to enter a restroom trailer would be immediately put at ease when they hear soft music playing and the warm glow of a fireplace to greet them. In fact, they may leave that restroom feeling more impressed with your business than they would have upon leaving your previous store restroom. A nice restroom can make an impression that extends itself to the rest of your business or event. It can create a memory of comfort and luxury, and make a person feel valued by your company.

Catering to Every Customer

At VIP To Go we cater to all levels of customers, both those who arrange the rental bathroom trailer and those who use them. We ensure that every restroom trailer that we deliver is clean, well maintained and well appointed, easy to use and comfortable. We also ensure that setting up and running the trailer is easy enough that any of your employees can operate it, hooking up the water or filling the water tank, plugging in the electricity and so forth. Our techs can also set the trailer up for you in full, leaving you with time to worry about things other than running water and flushable toilets.

For more information about our rental bathroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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