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Trailer Porta Potties Make Public Events Easy

Trailer porta potties are great for outdoor events.

At VIP To Go we offer trailer porta potties that strive to meet the needs of all our varied customers. Whether you want a simple trailer to meet the needs of your construction crew, a shower trailer for a city emergency, or the most elaborate and luxury restroom for the wedding of the year, we have you covered. But you may wonder, if you are hosting a public event like a flea market, craft fair or sporting event, what restroom trailers can do for you. The answer is that a VIP To Go Restroom Trailer can make your event a memorable event and keep the customers happier for longer. Read on for a few examples.

Trailer Porta Potties Ease a Hot Day at the Farmer’s Market

Imagine that you have been put in charge of organizing a Farmer’s Market and Craft Fair in a small town. The event is held just past the small downtown, beyond the restaurants and quaint shops. Your challenge is to help the craft fair earn more money than ever before, as the city gets a cut of profits and it wants to encourage vendors to return the following year. How do you accomplish this when the weather is hot and sticky, and people will not want to be in the heat for long? One way is to provide them a place for respite, a place to cool down and chill out.

You can do this by providing large, air conditioned trailer porta potties. Choose a trailer that offers extra space inside, with large mirrors and some room to sit out of the heat. Then, outside the trailer place tables and chairs and a sign mentioning the free Wi-Fi within 20 feet all around the trailer.

Now, instead of a hot, uncomfortable crowd who decides to walk the quarter mile to a local restaurant – and not come back – your market customers can take a break in cool trailer porta potties to powder their collective noses and also have a seat outside the trailer, using the Wi-Fi to check their emails from their smart phones and get away from the crowd for a few minutes. The restroom trailer becomes a gathering place and it helps keep people at the event longer, where they are more likely to spend more money.

A Cold Day of Tailgating

Now, imagine you are in charge of managing the crowd who inevitably shows up to tailgate outside the professional sports arena that you work for. Hours before the stadium opens the cars start coming, setting up their grills and tents, men running amok with beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other. Your job is to keep things under control and relatively clean.

One way to meet your goal is to offer ample restroom trailers. A sufficient numbers of trailers, large and noticeable amongst the smaller vehicles, will ensure that the inebriated tailgaters are not tempted to relieve themselves at will but rather make the brief trip to the restroom trailer where they can warm up, wash their hands and get back to their parking lot party. Clean and comfortable, your tailgaters will be happier, safer and less likely to make messes or cause a ruckus.

Trailer Porta Potties for Any Event, Any Time

Whether you are hosting a large flea market in the rain or a small parking lot carnival in the heat, with VIP To Go you can meet the needs of your customers and keep them at your event longer. Our trailers can provide shelter from the rain, relief from the heat, a place to get out of the cold, a spot to clean up before eating and so much more, all for affordable prices. We also provide a loyalty discount for event planners. With VIP To Go trailer porta potties, your customers are cleaner, more comfortable, and more likely to stay at your event longer. Call 877-564-6977 to reserve a restroom trailer for your special event today.

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