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Restroom Rental Trailers For The Long Haul

Restroom rental trailers for a weekend or a year, with VIP To Go.

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At VIP To Go we our restroom rental trailer can be both long term and short term. A “short term” rental is generally for a weekend, perhaps a week. This is one area where VIP To Go’s value kicks in. When you ask how much a rental costs it is important to know that most companies charge by the day, starting with a minimum of 3 days. At VIP To Go we charge about the same rate, but you get the trailer for longer. Usually, we drop your trailer off the day before an event and pick it up the day after. So, if your event runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, many other companies will charge you extra for that fourth day. Not at VIP To Go; you get your trailer delivered Wednesday, or sooner, and picked up Monday, for the same price that most companies charge you for just the three day weekend. That’s what we call VIP To Go value.

A Restroom Rental Trailer Beyond the Weekend or Week

In short we can provide a bathroom trailer by the week or the month. Generally, a long weekend, a week, or even two or three weeks, is considered a short term rental. But if you need to keep a Restroom Trailer, or shower trailer, a month or more you enter the realm of the long-term rental.

Long-term rentals entitle you to special pricing. If you have a month-long event, or perhaps a construction project that is expected to extend months, even years, then call VIP To Go today to discuss long term rental options and pricing packages.

Maintaining Your Long Term Rental

All of our restroom rental trailer units, when you have a sufficient number of facilities for the amount of users, are designed to run on their own for up to a week without maintenance. Heavy use can change this, of course, but it is true on average. All our trailers have large waste tanks. These tanks hold 350 to 1200 gallons compared to the small 65 gallon tanks of standard, blue box portable toilets.

Thus, if your event is a week or longer you may need to have your restroom rental trailer tank emptied. If your tank is using a generator, rather than being plugged into an electrical outlet, the generator may need fuel more frequently than this. In addition, if your trailer is working with a filled water storage tank rather than being plugged into running water your water reservoir may need to be filled. Of course, you may also need to have trash cans emptied, toilet paper and paper towels refilled, the floor swept and so forth. Some of this you can take care of on your own. Or, all of this maintenance and supplies can be worked into your contract and handled by VIP To Go.

If your event will extend beyond a week, talk to your VIP To Go representative about maintenance on your restroom rental trailer when you call for your quote. We can arrange to take all the worry out of your restroom experience, or we can take charge of only emptying the tank, leaving you to handle the more minor supplies on your own. Whatever you need, VIP To Go is there to make it happen. For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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