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Bathroom Rentals for Weddings: Planning is a Breeze

Bathroom rentals for weddings make your wedding even more memorable.

When you dream of your magic day, bathroom rentals for weddings probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind. For most people, the ultimate party is a cut above the rest – the wedding. But whether you are having an intimate get together or planning the wedding of the century, a Restroom Trailer will help elevate your wedding to a new level of professionalism and luxury. Yes, there are nice porta potties for weddings.

“My dress got stuck in the port-a-potty sink which I think someone before me mistook as a urinal or bidet. Gross!”

“I’m afraid we have to leave early. Bettie’s stomach is unsure how it felt about the shrimp and she just isn’t comfortable with the chemical toilet.”

These are not comments that you want floating around at your wedding and certainly not how you want your wedding to be remembered. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Following are four ways that bathroom rentals for weddings can help to make your wedding more memorable, in a positive way.

1. Be Confident in Advance

VIP To Go is the only company that we know of which offers a site visit for porta potty trailer rental before trailer delivery. Our free site evaluation will give you the confidence to know where your trailer can be placed, that no obstacles are in the way, and that delivery of your bathroom rentals for weddings will be painless and smooth. Depending on your schedule, we often deliver trailers the day –or days-before the event so that you can rest easy in advance knowing that your trailer is set up and awaiting the arrival of your guests. In addition, VIP To Go has provided bathroom rentals for weddings for such a wide variety of events that our staff is equipped to answer any question that you have and to help you rest assured, confident that your restroom needs will be met easily.

2. Cut the Cramped Quarters

With a VIP To Go restroom trailer, there is no need to stuff your beloved guests into a cramped, smelly box to do what they need to do. When it comes to porta potties luxury requires a trailer. Instead, your guests can relax in a comfortable, roomy, environment where they can easily adjust their dress clothes, change into some after dinner duds, and so forth. Our bathroom rentals for weddings offer full amenities in a luxurious and upscale setting that will leave your guests feeling relaxed and comfortable.

3. Get the Restrooms You Need

Our experience with bathroom rentals for weddings allows us to help you plan so that you rent sufficient trailers without spending more than necessary. We can help you calculate your fancy porta potty needs based on your wedding guest list. To help you do some preliminary planning now, here are a few recommendations from the Portable Sanitation Association International: a five hour event with 250 people will require about 4 units (maybe less with a restroom trailer), while a five hour event with 2,000 people will need 14 units (maybe half that amount with a restroom trailer).

One important note is that you can cut the number of stalls you need in half when you use our fully-plumbed trailers rather than a cramped chemical toilet! In this way, we help you provide your guests with luxury bathroom rentals for weddings while also giving you good value.

4. Make an Impression with Bathroom Rentals for Weddings

When we talk about weddings we often talk about “the big day”, but really a wedding is a single day that is meant to create memories that last a lifetime. One way to make your wedding memorable is to surround your guests with luxury, even when they use the restroom. Imagine being the talk of the town as your guests powder their noses in a restroom trailer more opulent than a hotel’s! Fireplace, DVD and Wi-Fi, oh my. Make your wedding an event that no one will soon forget with bathroom rentals for weddings by VIP To Go. Forget porta potties – your wedding needs better, and our bathroom rentals for weddings will check every box!

For more information about a porta potty wedding rental browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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