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A Portable Restroom Shower Trailer Helps City Planning

VIP To Go has ADA accessible portable restroom shower trailers.

If you are a city planner you need to consider adding a portable restroom shower trailer to your plan. For the most part, we Americans are fortunate to live a relatively charmed life, from a global perspective. At least it seems that way until sudden disaster strikes. From 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes to floods, Mother Nature to crazy people, you never know when disaster will strike. But when the unthinkable becomes a reality and entire towns are devastated, the first emergency responders are charged with ensuring that the survivors have sufficient water and adequate sanitary facilities. This is when VIP To Go can step into action as part of your emergency city planning.

Portable Sanitation as an Industry

As part of the portable sanitation industry, VIP To Go is committed to human health and welfare. Portable sanitation efforts save millions of gallons of freshwater around the globe every day and help prevent the spread of communicable diseases and the contamination of fresh water. When it comes to natural disaster, portable sanitation is an important part of disaster relief, helping to keep people healthy as they recover and rebuild. That’s why VIP To Go offers portable restroom trailers and portable restroom shower trailer combos.

FEMA, Disaster Management and the Portable Restroom Shower Trailer

VIP To Go is proud to have worked with FEMA to provide shower trailers as part of their disaster relief effort during a variety of hurricanes and disasters, including Hurricane Sandy in 2012. VIP To Go worked with FEMA for a year after Sandy, ensuring that there were clean, reachable restrooms in the areas that needed them most. VIP To Go has a contract with FEMA to provide emergency restroom and shower trailers, given this contract because FEMA knows that VIP To Go has both the resources and the experience to meet their needs, quickly, time and again.

While we at VIP To Go offer a 5-10% discount for non-profit events as one way that we give back to our community, our ability to effectively assist FEMA isn’t about the cost, it is about our responsiveness and service. At VIP To Go we are there when you need us, which is why we enjoy a 98% return customer base. After you use VIP To Go one time, you will see the value in our service and we are confident that you will return to us for your restroom needs. Call 877-564-6977 to discuss how a VIP To Go portable restroom shower trailer can become part of your disaster management plan.

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