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A Bathroom Trailer Offers Safe Harbor After Any Storm

Bathroom trailers can be ADA compliant.

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A bathroom trailer may not be the first thing to come to your mind in emergency planning, but it should make the short list. We all live life every day hoping that disaster will never strike. Unfortunately, it eventually does strike, and sometimes with a vengeance. Sometimes, the best that we can do is be prepared, with a plan, to respond as quickly as possible. When disaster, such as flooding, terrorist attack, fire and so forth, does strike, the most important thing is to get people somewhere safe as quickly as possible. But then comes the sheltering, and hopefully the rebuilding. These are areas where VIP To Go comes in. At VIP To Go we can ensure that everyone in the affected area has access to safe, clean restrooms immediately after a crisis. We work fast and we work hard.

Shelter from the Shambles

At VIP To Go we can provide a bathroom trailer to help meet the basic sanitary needs of your community or organization after any disaster. Human biological functions do not cease simply because the water supply is gone or emergency systems go into effect. In fact, in these cases keeping the area sanitary by providing restrooms is paramount.

VIP To Go has restroom trailers of all sizes, able to accommodate vast numbers of people, if necessary. With our generators and water storage tanks we can provide sanitary, comfortable, life altering facilities wherever you need them, even when electrical and other municipal systems are not yet restored.

Our bathroom trailer not only provides a place to answer the call of nature, but they can also provide reprieve from rain and storm conditions, air conditioning in the heat, heating in the cold, and basically a place to relax and escape for a few moments. In addition, we have shower trailers that can aid in decontamination or simple, but necessary, personal hygiene.

Cleanliness During Recovery and Rebuilding

Once the initial disaster is over, it is time for recovery to begin. Sometimes, that recovery can take weeks, months or even years.

When the need strikes, VIP To Go will be with you until the end, as we were for FEMA in Hurricane Sandy. We can provide short term restroom and shower trailers for limited emergencies and long term rentals for full recovery. We can even move the trailers around as you need them, when one area recovers and you move on to rebuilding a new area.

Make VIP To Go part of your disaster management plan today!

Meeting Difficult Needs with an ADA Bathroom Trailer

When disaster strikes the sheer quantity of bathroom trailer facilities that you need may seem impossible, but VIP To Go can meet your needs. We stock more than 13 dozen trailers, each with multiple toilets and sinks, allowing you to meet the needs of thousands of people, day in and day out, until the rebuilding is done.

We also have ADA compliant restroom trailers and shower trailers, something that not all portable toilet companies offer.

Here at VIP To Go we know that when disaster strikes you are busy trying to save and rebuild lives. That is why we offer portable toilet rental from Maine to Miami, New York City to LA. So let us take the worry of sanitary facilities off your mind; we can deliver, set up, and maintain all your restroom and shower trailers until the lives of those you are serving are back on track.

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