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3 Reasons Luxury Toilet Rentals By VIP To Go Are Great

Luxury toilet rentals for weddings, showers and events.

With luxury toilet rentals you want great customer service. That’s why at VIP To Go we truly believe that when we do good business we do more business. That is why our focus, on every phone call and with every job, is not on the profit that we can make from that specific job, but with an eye towards the future.

Sure, like every company we need to stay profitable to stay in business and continue to serve you. But we do this by providing exceptional customer service, value and the best facilities. And we do that by treating each customer like a test customer, striving to serve you best and make a great impression so that you will return to us for your Restroom Trailer needs in the future and refer your friends, whether you need restrooms in the workplace or portable restrooms for weddings.

There are 3 big reasons that you will return to VIP To Go for your luxury toilet rentals every time:


The biggest reason that we are confident that you will return to VIP To Go after your first luxury toilet rentals with us is our customer service. You will quickly see that a knowledgeable, caring representative will work with you at all times, ensuring that we understand your needs, meet them promptly, and take restroom worries off your mind.


You will also see that VIP To Go works fast. In an emergency situation we have the national contacts, man-power and units to get you the restroom and shower trailers that you need, where you need them, fast.


Our national pricing structure will also keep you coming back for more. With other companies you have to negotiate a price based on where you need the trailer, and often breaking the price down to specific days. At VIP To Go we rent our trailers by the week or month. And what’s more, if you are a national organization we can work with you to create a national pricing plan to give you the same price, wherever you need the trailer, weather you need it to help recovery from a fire in New York, an earthquake in California, a Hurricane in Florida and beyond.

What if VIP To Go doesn’t have what you need?

You’ve read our website and you know that VIP To Go is equipped for even your biggest luxury toilet rentals. Yet, you can’t help but wonder what would happen if you needed something that VIP To Go simply couldn’t provide. Let us say that this rarely happens. With one of the largest restroom and shower trailer fleets in the nation, ranging from basic to luxury, we can usually meet your restroom and shower trailer needs. But sometimes you might ask us for something we cannot provide.

That’s when we really get to demonstrate our strong customer service skills.

In those rare situations when VIP To Go doesn’t have what you require, our customer service representatives will spring into action to help you get the luxury toilet rentals you need. For example, one company contacted us once to see if we had eye wash stations for rent; we didn’t. We worked with them, making dozens of phone calls, to learn that no company we could find had eye wash stations for rent. However, we did find a company that sold eye wash stations and helped put the two together so the client could have their needs met.

At VIP To Go we have the connections and knowledge to help you get what you must have, and we will make every phone call possible to help you meet those needs. If we can’t do it we will lead you to the company who can.

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