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VIP To Go is there with bathroom rental trailers even if you don’t have a plan

Bathroom rental trailers are a mandatory part of emergency management.

Your emergency plan needs bathroom rental trailers. They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means that planning in advance and being prepared is important. But what do you do when disaster hits and you weren’t prepared? Well, when it comes to needing sanitary restroom facilities, you can call VIP To Go.

The Value of a Prepared Plan

Having an emergency plan is the best way to ensure that when disaster does strike you will be ready. Your company or government should have a solid plan of what they will do when certain potential disasters hit, and this includes what contractors you will work with to get life back on track. You may have contracts with energy companies and water suppliers, repair services and construction companies. And you should have a contract with VIP To Go, to ensure that we can respond quickly and efficiently, to get you the restroom trailers and/or shower trailers that you need when the time arrives.

Emergency Response on the Fly

Of course, while having an emergency plan is important, we are not always as prepared as we probably should be. Sometimes, disaster strikes and you do not have a plan. So, what do you do?

You call VIP To Go for bathroom rental trailers.

Whether you have contracted in advance or not, VIP To Go will always be here for your bathroom rental trailers. We will do our utmost to get the clean restroom facilities where you need them, as quickly as possible. Can we mobilize more quickly when we have an advance contract? Probably. For example, if you are creating a disaster plan for a hurricane area we can begin to organize and mobilize trailers when the hurricane is approaching, ready to spring into action the moment it has passed and we are needed. However, even without this planning, give VIP To Go a call and we will always strive to get what you need, where you need it, in any quantity and anywhere in the country, fast.

While we would like to begin a relationship with you now, in the planning phase, we can also become fast friends, there when you need us, if disaster does strike.

Three Ways that VIP To Go Can Help You with Bathroom Rental Trailers

VIP To Go can be there to help you in myriad ways. Following are three of the big ones:


VIP To Go can be your planning partner, helping you estimate your potential restroom and shower trailer needs, contributing to your disaster planning, and helping you to have peace of mind that should the unthinkable happen you will be ready.


VIP To Go can leap into action fast when disaster does strike. With our national company you can be confident that the restroom and shower trailers you need will be delivered anytime, anywhere, and the pricing will always be the same, around the country


VIP To Go can provide disaster relief even if you have not pre-arranged with us. Yes, preplanning is better, as it lets us be ready and eases your own worries. But even if you didn’t plan ahead give us a call. At VIP To Go we have the volume of trailers and the experience to help you weather any storm.

Call VIP To Go today to start your disaster planning with bathroom rental trailers.

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