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VIP To Go offers all-inclusive trailer porta potty pricing, around the country, for disasters

Trailer porta potty anywhere you need it.

A VIP To GO trailer porta potty can help you more than you realize. Whether you are a small company preparing for the day your restrooms break down or need remodeling or a large municipality planning for a tragedy that you hope never occurs, price is always a consideration. In a small organization or plan the cost of a Restroom Trailer might be major, but even in a big plan every dollar still counts and price matters. That is why VIP To Go has designed a pricing structure to meet your needs, big or small.

Here are 4 Reasons that VIP To Go Trailer Porta Potty Prices will Fit any Budget:

1. What We Quote is What You Pay

With VIP To Go there are never any hidden fees or charges. Forget the days of a drop-off fee, pick-up fee, cleaning fee, set-up fee and every other fee under the sun. After listening to your needs we will quote you a price which will include a pre-site inspection, delivery, set-up, pick-up, any pre-arranged maintenance and everything else. That’s it. The only thing added to that price will be the sales tax, which is of course required by law unless you are a tax exempt organization. No other company that we know of offers this all-for-one pricing structure.

2. Charging According to Your trailer Porta Potty Needs

That initial quote is always built upon your specific trailer porta potty needs, and we always work around you. For example, if your trailer is to be located near a city sewer system we can connect your trailer to a sewer drain and reduce your rate by reducing the need for pump-outs. We can also price your trailer based on us providing pump-outs at a schedule that you suggest, or one that we recommend. The point is that this is all built into a single initial quote, with no surprises later.

3. Flexibility when You Need it

Of course, while an initial quote that remains unchanged on our end is a great thing, especially when you have to stick to a budget, sometimes your needs change. That is why VIP To Go is happy to be flexible in our contracts, adjusting your maintenance, for example, to suit your needs. Say you think you need a pump-out every week, but it turns out that you only need it every two weeks –that’s fine. We can change the schedule and adjust your price. It’s that easy.

4. At VIP To Go Our Reputation Speaks Volumes

VIP To Go trailer porta potty has worked with FEMA, the U.S. Navy, the Office of Emergency Services, various border patrols and more. Why? Because these reputable organizations know that we are a company who stands by our word, offering high quality restroom trailers and reasonable, all inclusive prices.

When you choose VIP To Go while developing your emergency planning budget, you can feel confident that the price that we quote you is the price that you’ll pay when the time comes, no extras added in when you are in the middle of a disaster.

Call VIP To Go today to start your relationship with an easy to work with, ethical company that wants to make your emergency planning easier.

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