Portable Restroom Trailers

Luxury Accommodations on Wheels

Experience unparalleled comfort and style with VIP To Go's premium portable bathroom trailers, designed to elevate your outdoor sanitation experience.

At VIP To Go, we offer luxurious and comfortable portable bathroom trailers of varying sizes and layouts.

Our selection of elegant restroom rentals offers impressive, comfortable, and elegant options for portable restroom rentals. From our condensed eight foot bumper-pull trailers to our spacious fifty-three foot semi units, we provide trailers that suit your specifications and more. Instead of standard stand-up blue box chemical porta-potties, VIP To Go offers you and your guests or workers a fully outfitted restroom on wheels. With sinks, toilets, mirrors, and even showers in some of our special trailers, our portable restrooms are here to serve your basic sanitary needs with luxury. We are dedicated to providing new, clean, and comfortable bathroom solutions for our customers, with an inventory of trailers that is replaced every 1 - 2 years.

With the ability to run off of provided gas generators and on-board water tanks, our fleet of restroom trailer rentals were made for reliability and ease of use. Our waste tanks are optimized for the highest capacity so that you can use our restrooms for many guests without needing frequent service.

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All Restroom Trailer Stations

Looking to rent a bathroom? Choose the perfect size bathroom trailer for your needs in three different styles

  • Trailer Size: 7' X 12'
  • VIP 2 Stations

  • For 101-150 Persons
7' x 8'
upto 125 persons
A mini restroom trailer with two separate stations and separate doors for males and females


We put true, indoor luxury accommodations on wheels for limitless event possibilities. Our mobile restrooms offer peace of mind and unparalleled convenience. Just give us the address, let us help with luxury restroom trailer rentals that are sure to impress!

  • Trailer Size: 7' X 14'
  • VIP 3 Stations

  • For 150-250 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8' X 15'
  • VIP 5 Stations

  • For 200-399 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8' X 18'
  • VIP 8 Stations

  • For 400-650 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 7' X 12'
  • VIP 10 Stations

  • For 500-1150 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8'x18'
  • Sink Trailer

  • Up to 1,000 People
8' X 18'
  • an icon of SinkHot & Cold Water
  • an icon of mirrorMirrors
  • an icon of mirrorPaper Dispensers
  • Trailer Size: 8'x44'
  • Bunk Suite Trailer

  • 12 Suits
  • an icon of mirror10" Mattress
  • an icon of Personal tvPersonal TV
  • an icon of doorPrivate Entry
  • ADA Units
  • ADA Trailers

  • Person Number varies
An outside photo of ADA + 4 Station Trailer
  • an icon of Shower1 ADA
  • an icon of sink5 Sinks
  • an icon of stall4 Stalls
Single ADA
  • an icon of Shower1 ADA
  • an icon of sink1 Sink
  • an icon of stall1 Stall

Looking to rent a shower? View our selection of shower trailer rentals.

  • Shower Units
  • Shower Trailers

  • Person Number varies
30' X 8'1000
Outside view of eight station shower unit
  • an icon of Shower8 Showers
  • an icon of sink2 Sinks
  • an icon of stall0 Stall
22' X 8'800
Full image for six shower combo restroom trailer
  • an icon of Shower6 Showers
  • an icon of sink6 Sinks
  • an icon of stall6 Stalls
18' X 8'250
An outside image of the 3 station shower combo trailer
  • an icon of Shower3 Showers
  • an icon of sink3 Sinks
  • an icon of stall3 Stalls
7' X 12'150
outside photo of 2 stations shower combo trailer
  • an icon of Shower2 Showers
  • an icon of sink2 Sinks
  • an icon of stall2 Stalls

restroom trailer setup for success

VIP To Go has earned its position as leading restroom trailer rental company because of the standards we continually exceed. When it comes to sanitary needs and sterilization, we offer better options than standard chemical toilets. Your VIP trailer will be delivered to you freshly cleaned and sanitized, without heavy chemicals and perfumes. Unlike standard porta-potties, the toilets in our luxurious trailers actually flush away waste to an outside storage tank, instead of allowing it to accumulate in gallons of chemicals.

Minimal Maintenance & Comprehensive Service

Our VIP trailers also require little to no maintenance on the behalf of our customers. While it may be necessary to wipe down the counters or mirrors occasionally, VIP To Go will guarantee that your restroom is delivered completely clean and fully stocked with paper products, so you can focus on the more important things during your event. We will also service your restroom trailer and clean it well once a week — at no extra charge. If you want cleaning more often — be it several times a week, on a daily basis, or even throughout your event — we can do that as well. Our cleaning attendants know how to be discreet and get the job done well, every time.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Our trailers only require one or two standard 110 outlets to run properly, and if necessary, can even be outfitted with a generator provided to you by us. All of our trailers can operate off of a standard hose spigot, or a water storage tank can be filled to ensure your restroom or portable shower trailer operates even in the absence of a running water supply. At VIP To Go, we want to put the “rest” in “restroom”, so that you have nothing to worry about when you need “to go”.

Customer-Focused Approach

At VIP To Go, we stand by our products and are dedicated to offering our customers the top solutions to their portable bathroom needs. Making the process streamlined and easy, providing the most for the lowest prices, and ensuring 24/7 customer service, clearly VIP To Go is the company for you. With simple delivery, free inspections, and guaranteed satisfaction, we are here to serve every need and solve any problem that may occur. Comfortable and sanitary restrooms are an essential part of modern living.

Contact VIP To Go

To enjoy restroom trailer benefits for events and learn about how our luxurious restroom trailers can enhance the comfort and convenience of your next event, please reach out to us for assistance.

Restroom Trailers FAQs

All our trailers are set to run on one or two standard 110 outlets. However, if you do not have an outlet nearby, or if having cords running to the restroom trailer presents a problem, VIP To Go can provide a gas powered generator to operate the lights and pumps in your restroom trailer, allowing true versatility as we can place your trailer wherever you need it.

All VIP To Go trailers can be easily run off a standard hose spigot. However, if you do not have a water supply nearby or if having a hose leading to the restroom trailer is inconvenient no worries – all our restroom and shower trailers also come with large fresh water storage tanks. We can fill the tank ensuring that your trailer can be used even in the absence of a water supply.

For most rentals no maintenance will be required on your part, really. You may have to wipe down a counter or sweep the floor if things get messy, but that’s it. VIP To Go will ensure your trailer is delivered clean, sanitized and full of paper products so you can worry about more important things.

The simple answer is “no.” Your restroom trailer will be delivered to you smelling clean and sanitized, without heavy perfumes. Furthermore, VIP To Go restroom toilets actually flush the waste away to an outside storage tank; we don’t simple allow the waste to accumulate in chemicals like a blue-box porta-potty does. So, while the occasional user may create a temporary smell in the trailer right after use, waste odor does not accumulate in our trailers.

VIP To Go will deliver your trailer stocked with sufficient paper products to meet the anticipated attendance that you give us and then some. If your event is over attended or goes over hours you may find that you run out of paper products and have to go get more on your own, but this rarely happens.