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Explore Luxury Restroom Trailers For TV & Movie Sets

For movie and TV production teams, shooting on location often presents numerous challenges, and one common pain point is the absence of proper restroom facilities. Filming in remote areas or outdoor settings where traditional restrooms are unavailable can pose significant logistical issues and discomfort for the crew.

However, the solution comes in portable toilets for TV and movie sets, which offer a convenient and sophisticated alternative. Rent a VIP To Go luxury restroom trailers for your movie shoot providing a luxurious and comfortable restroom experience in even the most remote filming locations.
With VIP To Go as your provider of portable luxury restroom trailers, you can have peace of mind, knowing that the highest maintenance and cleanliness standards are met on your movie set. We prioritize your team’s comfort and well-being by providing clean and hygienic portable toilets for TV and movie sets that you can rely on.

We prioritize mobility and accessibility, ensuring seamless transportation between filming locations and accommodating individuals with disabilities. With VIP To Go, you can trust that our trailers are meticulously maintained, clean, and hygienic throughout your movie shoot.

All Restroom Trailer Stations

Looking to rent a bathroom? Need fancy portable restrooms for an event?
Choose the perfect size bathroom trailer for your needs in three different styles

  • Trailer Size: 7' X 12'
  • VIP 2 Stations

  • For 101-150 Persons
7' x 8'
upto 125 persons
A mini restroom trailer with two separate stations and separate doors for males and females


We put true, indoor luxury accommodations on wheels for limitless event possibilities. Our mobile restrooms offer peace of mind and unparalleled convenience. Just give us the address, let us help with luxury restroom trailer rentals that are sure to impress!

  • Trailer Size: 7' X 14'
  • VIP 3 Stations

  • For 150-250 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8' X 15'
  • VIP 5 Stations

  • For 200-399 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8' X 18'
  • VIP 8 Stations

  • For 400-650 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 7' X 12'
  • VIP 10 Stations

  • For 500-1150 Persons
  • Trailer Size: 8'x18'
  • Sink Trailer

  • Up to 1,000 People
8' X 18'
  • an icon of SinkHot & Cold Water
  • an icon of mirrorMirrors
  • an icon of mirrorPaper Dispensers
  • Trailer Size: 8'x44'
  • Bunk Suite Trailer

  • 12 Suits
  • an icon of mirror10" Mattress
  • an icon of Personal tvPersonal TV
  • an icon of doorPrivate Entry
  • ADA Units
  • ADA Trailers

  • Person Number varies
An outside photo of ADA + 4 Station Trailer
  • an icon of Shower1 ADA
  • an icon of sink5 Sinks
  • an icon of stall4 Stalls
Single ADA
  • an icon of Shower1 ADA
  • an icon of sink1 Sink
  • an icon of stall1 Stall
ADA Single Restroom Shower Combo Trailer

Looking to rent a shower? View our selection of shower trailer rentals.

  • Shower Units
  • Shower Trailers

  • Person Number varies
30' X 8'1000
Outside view of eight station shower unit
  • an icon of Shower8 Showers
  • an icon of sink2 Sinks
  • an icon of stall0 Stall
22' X 8'800
Full image for six shower combo restroom trailer
  • an icon of Shower6 Showers
  • an icon of sink6 Sinks
  • an icon of stall6 Stalls
18' X 8'250
An outside image of the 3 station shower combo trailer
  • an icon of Shower3 Showers
  • an icon of sink3 Sinks
  • an icon of stall3 Stalls
ADA Single Restroom Shower Combo Trailer
  • an icon of Shower Shower
  • an icon of sink2 Sinks
  • an icon of stall2 Stalls
7' X 12'150
outside photo of 2 stations shower combo trailer
  • an icon of Shower2 Showers
  • an icon of sink2 Sinks
  • an icon of stall2 Stalls


Portable toilets for tv and movie sets provide a luxurious and comfortable restroom experience for attendees, ensuring that your filming runs smoothly with the comfort and convenience of your crew as our priority. Review ratings from our many satisfied users:

John M., Film Production Manager.
VIP To Go's luxury restroom trailers were a game-changer for our movie shoot. The spacious and well-equipped facilities kept our cast and crew comfortable throughout the production.
Sarah T., TV Show Producer
VIP To Go exceeded our expectations with their portable luxury restroom trailers. The attention to detail and cleanliness was impeccable, providing a VIP experience for everyone on our TV set.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when renting a luxury restroom trailer for my TV or movie shoot?

When renting a luxury restroom trailer for your TV or movie shoot, consider the following factors:

  • Size and Capacity: Assess the number of crew members, cast, and personnel on your set. VIP To Go offers diverse options ranging from compact units suitable for smaller productions to spacious trailers with multiple stalls for larger crews.
  • Features and Amenities: Experience the luxury of air conditioning and heating systems, running water, well-lit mirrors, high-quality fixtures, separate vanity areas, stereo systems, and exquisite décor.
  • Mobility and Accessibility: Ensure the restroom trailers meet the mobility requirements of your location.
  • Maintenance and Cleanliness: Our trailers are cleaned and sanitized by our workers, allowing you to focus on your production. With VIP To Go, a leading provider of portable luxury restroom trailers, you can trust that your team will have access to clean and convenient restroom facilities, adding a touch of elegance to your shooting experience.

Can VIP To Go provide luxury restroom trailers for outdoor movie shoots?

Yes, VIP To Go is a premium provider of luxury restroom trailers for tv and movie sets, including outdoor shoots. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide ideal restroom trailer sizes and capacities.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulously designed and well-appointed trailers that set the standard for upscale sanitation solutions. At VIP To Go, we ensure that every event or occasion is met with the utmost comfort and convenience, making us a premier provider of portable luxury restroom trailers for your movie shoots.

Are the luxury restroom trailers from VIP To Go easily transportable between different filming locations?

VIP To Go ensures mobility and accessibility by designing their trailers with sturdy wheels and lightweight construction, making transportation between filming locations seamlessly.

Our luxury restroom trailers for tv and movie sets are mobile. However, they’d need to be attached to a vehicle so they could be moved to different location sets. You can either request that we move the trailer (for a fee), otherwise you can submit proof of insurance coverage and we will give you a rider that allows you to move it.

How does VIP To Go maintain cleanliness and hygiene in their luxury restroom trailers?

VIP To Go takes pride in maintaining high standards of maintenance and cleanliness, using cleaning products that are eco-friendly yet effective. Our dedicated staff ensures regular cleaning, restocking of supplies, and thorough sanitation after each use, creating a clean and hygienic restroom environment for your production.