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Rental Bathrooms for Weddings & Events: No Maintenance

Rental bathrooms for weddings offer unsurpassed luxury.

One of the biggest reasons to choose rental bathrooms for weddings or any event is because they are clean, comfortable, and even elegant without requiring any work on your part. The flushable toilets, running water and trash cans keep them clean and germ-free. A water source and electrical outlet keeps things running, and even a water tank (without a water supply) and a generator (if no electricity is nearby) are very low maintenance. This is why restroom trailers are such a great choice – they require little in the way of work on your part and yet are clean, people friendly and much preferable to old style chemical toilets. But there are some maintenance options for you to consider, depending on how long you will need the Restroom Trailer.

Maintaining Short Term Rental Bathrooms for Weddings

Because of our large tank sizes (from 350 to 1200 gallons, as opposed to the small 65 gallon tanks of smelly little blue box toilets) our toilets can function independently for a long time. Our toilets are made to be low flow, meaning that little water is needed to flush unsightly waste away. This helps the tanks hold out a long time before they need to be emptied – up to 1,000 people can use a single unit and it can still be going strong!

However, with heavy usage, or simply with messy users, a toilet trailer may need some attention, even if you only have it for a few days. You may find that people have scattered toilet paper or paper towel around and that a quick sweeping is in order. Trash cans may need to be emptied, sinks and mirrors wiped down, toilet paper replaced and other simple maintenance not unlike that which you would perform on your own home restroom during a large party.

Any issues about your rental bathrooms for weddings that concern you, such as filling the water tank or filling a generator, can be handled by VIP To Go. If you wish, we can also provide an attendant or a daily maintenance service to take care of the other things as mentioned above.

Maintaining Long Term Rentals

As we stated in our article about long term rentals, rentals that exceed a few days or a week will begin to need some attention, again depending upon use. The waste storage tank may need to be emptied; something VIP To Go will take care of. Likely, water tanks and generators (in the absence of a water supply and electricity) will need to be refilled. Waste bins will need to be emptied. Toilet paper and paper towel will need to be replaced. Again, the usual tasks inherent to any restroom facility will need to be done. You can discuss maintenance schedules with VIP To Go when you reserve your trailer.

Service above the Rest

At VIP To Go we are dedicated to meeting your rental bathrooms for weddings and other event needs. Generally, our customers take responsibility for the basic maintenance of their restroom and shower trailers. This includes wiping down counters, replacing toilet paper and paper towels, cleaning dirty mirrors, emptying filled trash bins and sweeping. But if you want to enjoy your event free from any such responsibility, VIP To Go can work with you to arrange an attendant who will take all of the restroom duty trailers off your hands. Whatever you need, VIP To Go is there. For more information about rental bathrooms for weddings browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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