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Restroom Trailer Rentals for Weddings: No Electricity

VIP To Go has a huge selection of restroom trailer rentals for weddings.

Before you order Restroom Trailer rentals for weddings or any other event you’ll want to know what you have to supply to get them working their best. As you have probably read in our restroom trailer guide or on our VIP To Go website, every VIP To Go restroom trailer has flushable toilets with running water, electric lights and air conditioning. This leads customers to ask a variety of questions, which you may enjoy the answers to. Read on.

What Type of Electrical Outlet am I Required to Supply?

The short answer is that for your restroom trailer rentals for weddings you need to supply at least a single, 110 volt outlet to run a trailer. To go into more detail, let’s start by saying that most other restroom trailer providers will probably need you to provide 3, 4 or even 5 outlets. How can VIP To Go do it with less (the most we require is 2 outlets per trailer)? Because we have worked directly with our engineers to get the electrical requirements of our restroom trailers down. Our trailers can now run on a single 20 amp circuit, the size of a common circuit in most homes and businesses. This single circuit can supply the lights, sound, water pump and all.

However, if you absolutely do not have electricity in the area where you need the restroom trailer rentals for weddings or other event, fear not. All our trailers can also be run off of a generator. And, of course, we rent generators and can show you how to run and fuel them.

What Type of Water Hookup do I need to Supply?

It stands to reason that to have flushing toilets and running water in the sinks, we must have a water supply. Every one of our restroom trailers is designed to allow it to operate in one of two ways. First, you can hook the trailer up to a standard hose or water spigot. This provides water to the flushing toilets and the running sinks. The hose must have at least a minimum of 40 psi and a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, pretty standard hose stuff. Second, in the absence of a water supply, each trailer has a large freshwater tank that can be filled in advance, allowing the toilets to flush and sinks to operate for hundreds of uses. Of course, these tanks may need to be refilled during your event, depending on how heavy the usage is. If you are looking for a bathroom trailer shower it is the same requirements.

Must I Supply Paper Products for My Restroom Trailer Rentals for Weddings?

All of our toilet trailers are delivered to you completely stocked with enough toilet paper and paper towels to, we believe, meet the needs of your event. Sometimes, with heavy usage, you may need to replenish the supplies in your restroom trailer rentals for weddings or event.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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