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Placement, Lighting and Access with Luxury Portable Restrooms

VIP To Go delivers luxury portable restrooms where you need them.

When you get luxury portable restrooms from VIP To Go you get complete service. Aside from price, the most often asked question that we get from people is about trailer placement. People wonder where it can go, where it can’t go and where it should go. Let’s cover that here and tell you how VIP To Go can help you with this concern.

Water and Power

If you read our article about water and electrical power, you know that your trailer is best placed near a standard 110 power outlet and a hose or water spigot. This is desirable for your luxury portable restrooms, but not required. If necessary, we can fill the on-board water tank and provide a gas powered generator to keep the lights, water pumps and air conditioning working in absence of electrical power and water supply.

Environmental Considerations

Another thing to consider when deciding on placement is trees, ground cover, power lines and fences. Ideally, a Restroom Trailer should be placed on relatively level grown. Sure, we can level the unit a bit – little natural ground is totally level – but the place you choose should be at least somewhat level, not on any major inclines or declines. In addition, there should not be large, low-hanging branches, power lines, cable lines or phone lines. Obviously, we cannot lift luxury portable restrooms over fencing, so such obstructions should be considered, as well as other buildings, large rocks, wells and septic fields.

Safety and Access

The safety of all involved in the delivery and use of luxury portable restrooms is our primary concern. Thus, restroom trailer location should be chosen so that all guests can easily see the trailer and get to it easily. There should be no rugged terrain or other impediments to trailer entry, and people should not have to walk too far to access the restroom.

For long term rental, servicing the trailer is also a consideration. The trailer should be situated in a location that a supply truck can get to it with 25 feet of the trailer drain and water tank.

Covering Luxury Portable Restrooms

Some people like to place restroom trailers under a pole tent, especially for weddings or county fairs. This is possible as long as the tent has a center pole that keeps the roof plenty high and allows sufficient ventilation. Some tent styles may cause problems with restroom trailer ventilation and cause unhealthy and unpleasant situations, so if you plan to place the trailer beneath a tent please mention this when you make your reservation. In addition, know that placing the trailer beneath a tent may require approval by a local inspector.

Before and During Placement

At VIP To Go, we are happy to offer a free site inspection to help you decide where the trailer should be located. We can tell you if there are too many obstacles in the way, if access will be impeded or even suggest a better location.

In most situations, it is not necessary for someone to be available to meet the trailer delivery driver. We can work out, over the phone or at a pre-inspection, where the trailer will be placed. However, if exact placement is extremely important to you, then having a representative on hand during delivery is recommended.

Call 877-564-6977 to talk to one of our experienced customer service representatives about luxury portable restrooms placement for your event.

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