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Rental Restroom Trailer: Consider Your Needs

VIP To Go can help with placement of your rental restroom trailer.

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If you have read the entire VIP To Go book about your rental Restroom Trailer, or spent much time on our website, then you should know all you need to choose and rent a restroom trailer. But you may still have a few lingering questions. So here we will recap some of the most frequently asked questions and most pertinent information to help you get the restroom trailer that you need.

What features does a standard restroom trailer include?

All our restroom trailers include electric lights, flushable toilets, running sinks and air conditioning. High end trailers can include music, televisions, fireplaces, Wi-Fi and more.

Do I need to have electricity and water available?

Our trailers require at least a single 110 outlet and a hose spigot located near the trailer. However, if this is not available, then we can run them with a filled water storage tank and a gas powered generator, which we can supply.

Do delivery and pick-up cost extra?

With VIP To Go, your initial quote covers a site inspection before delivery, if you desire, delivery, set-up and pick-up. There are no extra costs unless you choose extras, such as additional trash cans, maintenance and such.

What requirements do you consider when choosing placement?

The rental restroom trailer must be placed in an area that is relatively flat and dry. This means that the land must appear visually flat and require only minimal leveling. And the ground must be relatively dry when we deliver and not anticipated to fill with water during the duration of your rental. We must also choose a place free from obstructions such as low lying branches, fences, buildings, wells and septic tanks or fields.

Do you offer handicap accessible restroom trailers?

Yes, we offer an ADA compliant rental bathroom trailer and shower trailers. These have access ramps, wider entries, more spacious interiors, and various handrails and handles.

Where do you deliver restroom trailers?

We deliver restroom trailers around the country, throughout the year, for all types of events. Organizers of political rallies and campaigns, family and high-school reunions, traditional weddings, weddings in non-traditional settings, outdoor birthday parties and anniversaries, parades, and many other events know the importance of having clean and comfortable facilities available for their event participants.

How far in advance should I call to reserve my trailer?

While we have a large supply of rental restroom trailer and shower trailers, to get the trailer that best suits your needs and budget you should call us as soon as you know the dates of your event. The sooner you book your trailer, the more likely it is that we will be to meet your needs.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

Reserve Your VIP To Go Restroom Trailer Today!

Now you know what a VIP To Go restroom trailer can do for your event! Cleanliness. Comfort. Even luxury. Whatever you want, with VIP To Go you get it, and so much more. We offer affordable prices and options, the best customer service, and our promise that when you choose VIP To Go you will not have to think about restroom services throughout your event. At VIP To Go, we have your restroom needs covered.

We also have a limited amount of units available, so you are best to reserve your restroom trailer as soon as you know when your event will be. Visit us at www.viptogo.com to learn more about how our restroom trailers can provide comfort, sanitation and luxury at your next event. Or, simply call 877-564-6977 to reserve a restroom trailer for your event, anywhere around the United States. Or, you can write to us at info@viptogo.com to get a quote for your next event. When it comes to restroom trailers for weddings, parties, festivals and more, VIP To Go is the only way to go.

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