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Portable Restrooms With Luxury And Affordability

You can add portable restrooms with luxury wherever you need them.

VIP To Go is the premiere provider of luxury portable restroom trailers. But one of the questions that we often hear at VIP To Go is about whether we have affordable restroom trailers for non-money making events, such as family reunions or executive meetings. The answer is, yes, of course we do.

The Budget Conscious Party

At VIP To Go we strive to meet your needs. Sure, we are ready to rent the top of the line, portable restrooms luxury trailer to the wedding of the century. But we also want to be an important part of your wedding, reunion or other family event. We know that in our families a dollar needs to stretch a long way, and we know the same is true for you as well.

But we also know that clean waste management facilities are important. That is why we offer a simple, but still 5 star, fully loaded portable restrooms luxury trailer with water, lights and air conditioning for reasonable pricing – this is one of our “best sellers”, and sure to make your party more comfortable for everyone. The price is, of course, always subject to change and varies based on your location, duration of rental, and size of your party.

We Work to Build Relationships

At VIP To Go we know that price is part of the value that we bring to you, and that is why we strive to provide affordable options. But we also know that price is not everything; customer service is an important part of getting what you need. And at VIP To Go we offer the best customer service possible with each portable restrooms and luxury trailers.

Our philosophy, and what we teach our entire staff, from phone operators to sales staff, delivery drivers and more, is that we are not in business to complete this one sale that we are working on. Instead, this sale is just a test run to allow us to show you how great VIP To Go is, and to encourage you to come to us the next time, and to refer us to friends. This philosophy helps us ascertain that you always get our best service, every time.

Five Questions to Ask Before You Pick a Restroom Trailer Company

Before you reserve portable restrooms in luxury trailers, feel free to shop around. When you do, ask each company the following questions:


How many restrooms do I need for my event?


Can you set the Restroom Trailer up for me?


Do you charge extra for delivery, set-up, tear-down or pick-up?


Will the trailer require me to do any maintenance?


Does the trailer come stocked with paper products?


How many electrical outlets will I need to have nearby?


How much the trailer cost, and how many days will does that cover?

Once you have the answers above, you will be prepared to make the decision that is right for you and choose your rental company. One thing you may wonder is whether VIP To Go rents small blue box restrooms. The answer is that VIP To Go believes in doing one thing and doing it well – we rent restroom and shower trailers only. However, we do have relationships with other companies and can provide you with a referral if you truly feel that a blue box chemical toilet is best for your event.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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