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Low Odor, Fresh and Always New Nice Porta Potties for Weddings

Nice porta potties for weddings are spacious and beautiful.

When it comes to nice portable toilets for weddings, looking and feeling clean matters most. They say that cleanliness is next to godliness. Well, certainly we know that washing our hands and being clean about taking care of human “business” is an important part of staying germ-free. This is one reason that restroom trailers with running water for sinks are so valuable, they allow users to wash those restroom germs away. But we ensure that our nice porta potties for weddings or backyard parties are healthy and clean in other ways as well, delivering a clean, sanitized unit every time.

As a portable restroom company with loads of experience and an excellent reputation, portable restroom trailers and luxury porta potty rental options have been the primary focus of our business for many years. We know how nice portable toilets (or the lack thereof) can make or break your event. And with the choices we have available, these nice restroom rentals will actually add to your wedding party with their luxury appearance. Our goal is to service  your wedding venue needs with nice porta potty rental options that offer comfort and class, backed by our excellent service.

Wherever in the United States you are located, our restroom trailer rentals are ready to roll- from New York on the East Coast past Los Angeles, California. Restroom facilities are equipped with up to date features and finishing, including light fixtures with LED lighting, modern hand washing stations, and air conditioning for comfort in every climate. Our goal is to ensure that each and every nice porta potty rental you receive from VIP To Go will meet and even exceed your expectations.

Your Deluxe Portable Toilet is Built to be Clean

One way that we ensure our restroom trailers are clean is through their design. Our flushable toilets take waste away from the bowl to a storage tank where it cannot be seen or smelled. Think about it, what is smell but little bits of something floating in the air? Sounds germy, doesn’t it? With VIP To Go we keep the odors, and the germs, out of sight and out of mind, so it remains a nice porta potty rental experience throughout the entire duration of the wedding or event.

Our nice porta potties for weddings also help people stay clean by providing sinks that have running water and soap. Users can properly clean their hands after use, washing germs down the drain and into the storage tank. Trash bins to collect used paper towels or hand dryers add to the germ-free effort.

An added feature we offer to help maintain the feel of a nice porta potty rental throughout the duration of the wedding or event is an attendant that remains in the trailer for a specified number of hours to upkeep the clean and sanitized condition of the trailer even as it gets traffic or heavy usage.

Your Restroom Trailer will arrive Clean and Ready for Action

Another way we help to keep germs at bay is to thoroughly clean every Restroom Trailer in between rentals. This means that when you receive a restroom trailer, you can be sure that it’s clean, sanitary and ready for use. In fact, the following two things are important to know about our nice porta potties.


We replace each one of our restroom trailers every 12-18 months. This way you always have a trailer that is relatively new and in good repair. You never have to worry that you will receive an old, stained, dilapidated restroom trailer that can’t meet your needs. With VIP To Go every trailer looks new and fresh every time, giving users a nice porta potty experience.


We clean our restroom trailers thoroughly between each rental. The toilets are cleaned, the waste reservoir emptied and flushed out, the floors mopped, and the porta potty walls wiped down, counters and sinks cleaned. Each one of our trailers goes through a five point disinfection process, from floor to ceiling, before you receive it, ensuring that besides for looking like a nice porta potty rental, it is in fact truly healthy for you at all times. When you receive a VIP To Go restroom trailer you can expect it to be even cleaner than your own bathroom at home.

Nice Porta Potties for Weddings Keep Odors at Bay

Regular cleaning keeps our nice porta potties for weddings looking and smelling like new. You should also know that we use only regular, household cleaners, probably many of the same brands that you have in your own cupboard at home. We use products designed to remove visible dirt, kill germs and neutralize odor, so you have a nice porta potty rental that is appealing to guests. Of course, a restroom is a restroom, and when it is in use some odor may develop. This is natural. So we also equip our restrooms with sanitizing air spray to help keep it fresh even during heavy use. For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call us at 877 564 6977. Our Customer Service Team will respond to your every request. We’re confident we can deliver nice porta potty options you’ll be satisfied with!

To hear from other happy customers who’ve used our portable restroom facilities at their special events, read our many nice porta potty reviews.

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