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A Restroom Trailer Keeps Your Event Or Work Clean

Restroom trailers provide sanitation and luxury.

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A Restroom Trailer may not seem like a glamorous rental, but it is important. We twenty-first century humans have a universal need for clean, convenient restroom systems. And this need goes beyond just digging a hole in the ground. Humans require more than a place to put our waste, we need to keep our living areas clean and sanitary at the same time, without contaminating our water systems and environment. The toilet trailer accomplishes both in a way that is cleaner, healthier and more palatable than a traditional, old school port-a-potty style chemical toilet. A modern-day washroom trailer offers far more than a respectable washroom; it takes the restroom experience to an entirely different level.

Enter: the Restroom Trailer.

The standard, blue-box upright coffin design of the portable chemical toilet has become a thing of the past. No more do your guests, employees or other people need to walk into the dark, dank, smelly confined box and peer into the abyss of other people’s odors. Today, we have affordable toilet trailer options that are clean, odorless and as comfortable as the bathroom in your own home. Perhaps even nicer.

What is a Restroom Trailer?

A toilet trailer is not simply a larger version of a blue, boxy chemical toilet. Rather, a toilet trailer is a large, portable, restroom – a rolling version of a restroom that you might find in a store, hotel or even your own home. While these trailers come with different levels of usefulness and luxury to suit different needs and budgets, every washroom trailer includes the basics: a flushable, water based toilet with fully running sinks to ensure good hygiene and a pleasant restroom experience.

And it’s all up from there.

Budget Trailers

For the budget conscious customer we offer sanitary, pleasant rental facilities at a competitive price. All our bathroom trailer models offer spacious, clean environments away from the elements and include one or more water flush toilet, a cool water sink, AC/heat, and a mirror. These trailers can be used for small or large events: from a wedding to a first communion or bar mitzvah; to offer customers facilities during a restroom remodel; to provide extra facilities for tailgating or concert venues; or to provide sanitation and relief during trying times, such as in the aftermath of hurricanes or other natural disaster. In short, a basic budget washroom trailer can be used anywhere.

Luxury Restroom Suites

When you want to do more than simply meet a need, we offer a full line of luxury bathroom trailers as well. The high-end trailers can actually become a focal point of your event, generating conversation and excitement as guests visit the washroom trailer to enjoy the comforts. Our most luxurious trailers offer multiple facilities and can include a working electric fireplace, piped in music, flat screen televisions playing news or movies, and so much more.

Everything in Between

Of course, your restroom trailer can be basic, luxurious or anything in between. At VIP To Go we offer a variety of bathroom trailers to suit every need, desire and budget. We also offer trailers in a variety of sizes, those suited to both male and female users, full plumbing, electricity, set up, delivery and so much more included in each washroom trailer rental. For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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