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Five Reasons A Restroom Trailer Is Your Answer

VIP To Go offers a huge restroom trailer selection.

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VIP To Go is the premier Restroom Trailer supplier. At VIP To Go we know that when it comes to meeting the needs of your customers, family or friends, a toilet trailer is the only way to go. There is no need to subject your guests to the old chemical, odor filled boxes of yore – instead, wow them with the luxury of a spacious toilet trailer in a fancy style that suits your needs.

However, there is more.

Not only are we confident that toilet trailers are the best way for you to go, but we also know that VIP To Go is the right company to meet your toilet trailer needs. Why? Following are the five reasons to choose VIP To Go.

1. VIP To Go Offers a Wide Selection of RestroomTrailers

At VIP To Go we have a trailer to meet every need. From a basic one-station restroom trailer with sink, to a fancy multi-station restroom with urinals, fireplace, wireless internet, and air conditioning, we offer endless options with something new all the time.

2. VIP To Go Offers Updated Models every Year

Some of our customers want a clean restroom at a value price, and we offer that. But we know that some of our other customers like to impress people with luxurious, updated facilities, so we meet that need too! In order to ensure that our restrooms are always modern, clean, and something to talk about we add updated trailer models every year. In fact, we only keep each trailer 12-18 months before we update it with the latest model! We then sell these older trailers to our competition, ensuring that we are always a cut above the rest.

3. VIP To Go Listens to Our Customers

At VIP To Go we design our own restroom trailers to meet the needs of our customers.
Our customers told us that they do not always want a garden hose snaking across the property towards the trailer, which is why every trailer we rent has a large freshwater tank, allowing the toilets and sinks to work independent of a water supply. Our clients also told us that providing more than two electrical outlets to hook the trailer to can be a challenge, so while our competitions’ trailers sometimes have 3, 4 or even 5 plugs, every VIP To Go trailer can be hooked up with full electricity using just 1 or 2 outlets.

4. VIP To Go has Competitive Prices on a National Level

VIP To Go is one of the largest providers of luxury restroom trailers in the country. While we are based out of New York, we deliver trailers around the country, year-round. But don’t let our national delivery concern you – we time our deliveries to ensure that we are efficient in taking the right trailers to the right places and booking those trailers up wherever we are. That means that we can offer a trailer at a competitive price in California or Florida as easily as we can in New York or New Jersey.

5. VIP To Go Offers Restroom Trailer Service that is Beyond Compare

Our trailers are top of the line, but it is our customer service that makes us who we are. We are a company large enough to supply restroom trailers to events and organizations such as the Victoria Secret Fashion Walk- the largest Pride Event in New York, the American Cancer Society, FEMA and more! Yet, our company is small enough to provide trailers to small weddings and single-day events, and small enough that our small group of close-knit staff takes care of all planning and overseeing ourselves. In addition, we provide you with multiple contact numbers so that you can always feel confident that you can get reach someone to answer any question or offer whatever assistance you may need.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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