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A Porta Potty Wedding Rental Provides Privacy & Luxury

A porta potty wedding rental adds luxury to any event.

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With VIP To Go we know that when it comes to a porta potty wedding rental comfort, sanitary facilities and privacy are important. At VIP To Go we feel that your guests are our guests and we want to ensure that everyone, both you as the renter, and your guests as the users, are satisfied with the facilities that we provide. This is why we listen to our clients, incorporating their input into our new Restroom Trailer designs.

Privacy is Assured

With VIP To Go, privacy is ensured on your porta potty wedding rental in a variety of ways. First, we ensure the privacy of the restroom trailer user by offering well built, secure restrooms. Each restroom trailer and shower trailer has a separate entrance for male and for female. In the male side, there is the usual toilet stall and sink, but also a urinal. The female side is outfitted with extra counter space and mirrors, to cater to women who want to look their best as they exit the facility.

We also ensure your privacy, as the person running the event. We do this by listening to our clients and providing unmarked, clean white trailers. Let us tell you a true story… some time ago a business consultant suggested that our large trailers were a great place to advertise our porta potty wedding rental business. They suggested we make them roaming billboards, advertising our restroom business as we drove down the road. They convinced us to spend tens of thousands of dollars outfitting a few of our restroom trailers with huge advertising wraps telling exactly what they were and where a person could call to rent one. After the advertising was done, they looked great… or so we thought. That was until we went to our first wedding, proudly displaying our new advertisement. This is when we realized that our business decision had miscalculated one thing – not everyone wants to advertise a giant toilet parked on their lawn. As the bride came running out, calling to us to move that giant toilet out of her wedding, we made a pact right then that every decision we make would have to meet the customer needs, not our own. We immediately removed all the advertising wraps, despite the high cost to us, and now deliver only unmarked trailers. This is but one example of how VIP To Go puts the needs of our customers – your needs – first.

Deciding what You Need in a Porta Potty Wedding Rental

As you make plans for your event, you may be unsure what type of porta potty wedding rental you need, or how many you need. This is where our experienced VIP To Go professionals can come it. We can help you calculate the number of black tie restroom trailers needed based on your guest list and party plans. For example, we know that a black tie fundraiser, serving alcohol to 200 guests for four hours will have different restroom needs than an all-day family festival expecting 200 guests.

Let our experience work for you, just be sure to give us the best, most realistic estimate for the number of guests and the details of your party and we can do the rest.

Choosing VIP To Go Restrooms

When you choose VIP To Go, you know that you have the service you need before you make a porta potty wedding rental reservation, before your trailer is delivered, throughout your event, and all through pick-up. Call 877-564-6977 to consult with a trained restroom trailer professional today.

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