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Reliable Executive Portable Toilets

Executive portable toilets are convenient and luxurious.

We have the executive portable toilets that you need, and the basic family models as well. If you are managing an event or planning a party for an elite group that will include a variety of different types of people including many families, children of various ages, elderly people or people with disabilities you might wonder about safety, reliability and other available options. So let’s go over some of these items here, showing you how VIP To Go trailers can cater to any of your needs, for any group of people.

The Safety and Reliability of VIP To Go Restroom Trailers

When it comes to safety and reliability, nothing beats VIP To Go. We actually design our portable toilets and work with the engineers who create them. Our trailers are built as strong as the RV chassis that they start life as, ready to stand up to whatever use you throw their way. These trailers weigh far more than a standard RV, meaning they can stand on their own against most wind, rain, sleet and snow. They can certainly handle your event, whether it is full of families, crafters, food lovers or football players!

Our executive portable toilets and standard models are also built to perform on their own, with little maintenance. The water and electrical systems are top of the line, able to perform use after use, week after week, month after month without fail. With only minor maintenance, such as refilling paper products or at most, filling a water storage tank, you will be guaranteed day after day of functionality.

Providing Executive Portable Toilets and Catering to Families

We’ve also been careful to ensure that our VIP To Go restroom trailers are not only hardy, but also user friendly, containing exactly what you need to get the job done. All of our trailers feature extra large restrooms that provide ample room for doing your business, even if you are in a wedding dress or other fancy attire. There is room for a mother to manage with her small child, and to wash your hands without bumping into everyone who enters. In addition, some of our trailers are equipped with changing tables, showers, and even fireplaces and DVDs, a great way to settle down an upset child or take a break while breastfeeding.

Americans with Disabilities

VIP To Go also offers restroom and shower trailers that meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In fact, to our knowledge, we are the only company to provide ADA compliant shower trailers. All our ADA trailers have ramps for entry, wider doors and support handles to help people with varying levels of disability, or even those who just need a little extra handhold to do their business.

Something for Everyone

At VIP To Go we have executive portable toilets and something for everyone. From showers to toilets, changing tables to support bars, fireplaces to flat screen TVs with DVD players, we have the trailer to meet the needs of your gathering, large or small, short term or long, basic or elite. For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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