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Environmental Responsibility: Restroom Trailers Rental

Line up all the facilities you need with restroom trailers rental.

A restroom trailers rental should feel as clean as your own bathroom – or better. When you step into your own bathroom after just having cleaned it, you probably take a deep breath, proud of the “clean” smell that you have created. Of course, you probably don’t enjoy that clean smell in a typical blue box toilet. But with a Restroom Trailer you can tell it is fresh and feel the difference. Let’s explore the cleanliness and design of these toilets.

The Old Blue Box

A restroom trailers rental beats the old blue box porta potty every day of the week – but why? Well, when you step into a blue box toilet that uses sanitizing chemicals why don’t you have that same sense of filling your lungs with clean air? There are two reasons. First, a blue box toilet uses heavy duty chemicals to neutralize, or more likely cover up, the odor caused by the waste rather than removing the waste to a storage tank where it can’t be seen or smelled. These chemicals produce a smell that is harsh, artificial smelling, and, unfortunately, mixed with the smell of waste. It’s not pleasant. In fact, even a fresh chemical toilet that has yet to be used doesn’t have a very pleasant smell.

In addition, the waste tank of a chemical toilet is ventilated through a tube in the top of the box. The idea is that wind will pass over the tube and “suck” the air from the tank, creating ventilation and removing some odor. However, this only works when the lid to the chemical toilet is down. When the lid is left open, the process is reversed; wind can run down the pipe and actually send the odor from the waste storage tank into the blue box. Yuck! And think about it – when you enter a blue box toilet isn’t the lid almost always up? Why? Because no one wants to touch it to put it either up or down. This leaves the old blue box smelling far less than clean.

The Difference in a Restroom Trailers Rental

With a restroom trailers rental, we do not use chemicals in an effort to mask odor. Instead, waste is removed to a storage tank, not left to sit open under the toilet seat. In addition, at VIP To Go our toilet trailers are all thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, top to bottom, after every rental. We use only standard household cleaners, like you would use in your own home, no harsh chemicals. In fact, we strive to use green, environmentally friendly cleaners when we find ones that work well.

Ensuring Environmental Responsibility

At VIP To Go we design our trailers to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We do this in many ways, from the cleaners we use to how electricity is planned out. But the two biggest things are water use and disposal.


When it comes to water use, our toilets are designed to be low flow, using as little water per flush as possible. This helps us save water, allow the storage tank to go longer without having to be emptied, and create less waste when we empty the tank.


When the time comes to empty our storage tanks, we do not fill them with harsh chemicals. Instead, we dump only water and human waste into an approved sewage treatment facility, making our toilets no more impactful on the environment than any traditionally plumbed toilet hooked to a city sewer system.

For more information about our rental restroom trailers browse our website or call 877 564 6977.

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