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Shower Trailer Rental / Rentals ADA Meet Your Needs

VIP To Go has Shower Trailer Rental / Rentals ADA

Hosting an event? Find out more about the importance of a handicapped bathroom rental. Looking to rent a shower? Find out all you need to know about shower trailer rentals for the disabled.

Your event needs shower trailer rental / rentals ADA for public restroom needs. People come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. This is why VIP To Go offers such a variety of trailers, ensuring that we can meet all of your restroom and shower needs, even for those who require wheelchair accessibility. As we have touched on throughout our online guide and on our VIP To Go website, VIP To Go offers a variety of restroom and shower trailers, many of which are ADA compliant. We’ve done the research and the groundwork so that when you need to rent a shower that is ADA-compliant, you can feel confident that all details have been considered. Now, to be clear, not all of our trailers are ADA compliant, so if an ADA compliant trailer is something that you need for your shower trailer rental, be sure to specify that to your customer service representative when you make your shower trailer rental / rentals ADA reservation.

Our Shower Trailer Rental / Rentals ADA include the following handicap accessibility features:


Easy access ramp. Most of our restroom trailers come standard with a short set of stairs that lead to the restroom door. Our ADA compliant trailers include an easy access ramp that will allow wheelchairs to access the restroom facilities. These ramps are also good for those who walk with a cane or walker, or even simply those with knee or foot problems, or anyone else who disdains the use of stairs. The easy access ramps are part of both our ADA compliant restroom trailers and ADA compliant shower trailers.


Wider doors. Our shower trailer rental compliant restroom and shower trailers include wider doors to make it easier for those with mobility issues to enter. The doors to the trailer itself and to each restroom or shower stall are all ADA compliant, allowing those with a wheelchair, scooter or walker to enter the unit and go into the individual stall area.


ADA compliant sinks. Our restroom trailers, those that are ADA compliant, include at least one ADA compliant sink. This may mean that the sink is lower than sinks in the traditional restroom trailers, which could make it more user friendly not just for those with disability issues, but also for families with small children.


Spacious interior. Our ADA compliant restroom and shower trailers offer a more spacious interior, providing those with mobility issues or who use mobility assistive devices to have more room to move around easily. There is also room for a companion to assist them, if necessary.


Hand rails. All our ADA compliant restroom and shower trailers meet the requirements set forth by the ADA for handrails and other support structures.

For more information about our shower trailer rental / rentals ADA, browse our website or call 877 564 6977. Scroll through our website to browse our full collection of shower trailer rental options. Our knowledgeable representatives can provide you with more details, including floor plans, about how our restroom trailers can meet the needs of those who will attend your event. Our goal is to accommodate your every need and make it easy for you to rent a shower that addresses the needs of the disabled.

A portable handicap shower rental provides a flexible solution for temporary events or venues that cannot accommodate permanent installations. Whether it’s an outdoor music festival, a sporting event, or a temporary housing situation, offering an ADA compliant shower stall ensures that accessibility is never compromised.

ADA Shower Stall Features

If you’re particularly interested in shower facilities that cater to the disabled, it’s essential to highlight the features of an ADA shower stall. These shower stalls are meticulously designed to meet the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. An ADA compliant shower stall will be designed with a built-in seat, strategically placed handrails, and a low threshold for easy wheelchair access. The showerhead would also be adjustable to accommodate different heights, and there would be sufficient room to maneuver a wheelchair comfortably throughout the handicapped bathroom rental trailer. These features ensure that the showering experience is not just compliant with ADA shower stall regulations but that it’s genuinely convenient and comfortable for those who need these specialized facilities.

For more information on reserving an ADA compliant shower stall or portable handicap shower rental, do not hesitate to reach out to us at 877-564-6977. Browse through our website for more detailed specifications about handicapped bathroom rental and ADA shower stall floor plans. We’re committed to making your event as inclusive and hassle-free as possible.

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