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Portable Toilet Trailers: 7 Questions To Ask

Portable toilet trailers allow you to rent fewer units.

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When people call us for a quote on portable toilet trailers one of their first questions is usually about how many trailers they will need for their event. Using a combination of health organization guidelines, your answers to some questions, and our extensive experience, VIP To Go can help you decide how many restroom units you will need to keep your event running smoothly.

Some Questions to Consider

Once you know that you need portable toilet trailers, the next thing to do is decide how many units you need. Basically, you want to know how many toilets you must provide for all the guests, throughout your entire event. Then, you can go about choosing the specific Restroom Trailer or trailers that best suits your needs, goals and budget.

At VIP To Go we can help you decide which portable toilet trailers or shower trailer facilities will be the best for your event and how many you will need. Following are a list of questions that you have to answer when working with your VIP To Go representative to help us help you make the decision:


How long is your event?


How many people are expected to attend the event?


What percentage of attendees do you anticipate will be female?


What type of weather do you anticipate for your event?


Will you serve alcohol at the event?


What level of physical activity will the people attending be likely to participate in?


What do you consider an acceptable “wait in line” time?

The Answers Determine the Number of Portable Toilet Trailers

Obviously, the longer your event lasts the more likely it is that people will need to use the restroom. In addition, when alcohol is served people are more likely to have increased visits to the restroom. Women tend to need more restroom facilities than men do, as women usually require more time to use the restroom and are more likely to spend time grooming themselves inside the trailer. Of course, if there is to be any physical activity, such as dancing or a sporting contest, the restrooms may also be used for cleaning up or cooling down, so you may need more. On the other hand, if the weather is cold people will be likely to use the restrooms to heat up.

Now, you see how the answers to the above questions have a lot to do with how many portable toilet trailers you will need. And, this is why deciding the number of trailers to rent varies greatly depending upon your specific event plans.

Some General Guidelines

Your VIP To Go customer service representative can provide information to you about how many restrooms you need for your guests. But to give you an idea now, you should know the following:

A four-hour event with about 250 people, without alcohol, would require about 3 restroom stalls, which can be done with a single trailer. The same event with alcohol being served would need 4 restroom stalls, which can still be done in a single trailer. An eight-hour event where you expect about 1,000 people would need about 8 restroom stalls; more if alcohol is to be served.

Choosing restroom trailers to serve in the workplace, say because your usual restrooms are under construction, requires somewhat different calculations, so talk to a VIP To Go representative today to decide exactly how many facilities you need.

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