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Opulent Rolls Royce 26′ 10 station restroom trailer 4.25 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

Opulent Rolls Royce 26′ 10 station restroom trailer

The Rolls Royce 26’ 10 station restroom trailer has a men’s room with 2 stalls, 3 urinals & a sink, a women’s room with 5 stalls & 2 sinks. AC, lights & more throughout.

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The sharp unit impresses all who see it with the amount of stations it can pack into a luxurious package. This portable restroom is a 10 station trailer with all the amenities: 5 stalls and 2 sinks in the Women’s room and 3 urinals, 2 stalls and a sink in the Men’s room. The trailer has AC and heat, sound in all rooms, luxury lighting and more. This trailer is recommended for events with up to 2,000 guests. With its luxury wooden look it is recommended for high end fundraisers and weddings, but it also makes a great replacement restroom for businesses whose restrooms are under construction.

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Steve Johns 25.08.14

What an amazing experience we had this weekend at my sisters wedding, the trailer was the talk of the night, thanks to you all.


san 29.08.14

This was the star of our show!


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