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Restroom Trailer Rental in Massachusetts

VIP To Go is a family-owned and operated portable restroom company serving the greater Massachusetts state. We take pride in providing high-quality restroom services for various events, from small backyard weddings to large-scale special occasions with multiple vendors and logistics.

Whether you are organizing an event in Massachusetts or putting together a construction project, we will provide well-maintained, safe, and accessible restroom trailer rentals that ensure every guest or site worker stays as comfortable as possible.

To request a VIP To Go restroom trailer rental in Massachusetts or have any of your questions answered, see below:

VIP To Go: The Leading Restroom Trailer Rental in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to myriads of outdoor venues, parks, construction sites, and much more. As soon as the first signs of spring show each May, Massachusetts residents kick off their much-awaited warm season with series of festivals and events.

The big events are primarily hosted in Boston, but you can also expect special events in other cities and towns like Cape Cod, Pioneer Valley, Berkshires, Amherst, Bedford, North Adams, Lexington, Springfield, and more.

Some of Massachusetts holidays and special events that draw huge crowds and massive celebrations include Independence Day, New Year’s festivals, St. Patrick’s Day parade, Mayfair celebrations, and of course, the epic Boston Marathon, among many others.

During these events and on any of your private occasions, clean and comfortable restrooms guarantee that you get the most out of your outdoor activities. Whether you are attending the annual famous Charles Regatta rowing race in Boston, the Big E. state fair in Springfield or hosting a private birthday party in your backyard at Manchester, MA, you can count on us to deliver new, clean, state of the art restroom facilities for all occasions

VIP To Go Restroom Trailer Rental Options in Massachusetts

Our restroom trailer rentals are the largest option for portable restrooms. They boast a massive capacity for waste storage and offer an ultimate restroom experience that enhances the beauty of any event.

Our restroom trailers are designed to offer the most convenience and handle high-capacity demands in a short period. A single restroom rental trailer can serve as many as 1150 persons, while the smallest unit can serve 50 persons. The VIP To Go restroom trailers are ideal for sporting events, concerts, festivals, big holiday celebrations, massive weddings, and much more.

If you are looking for a portable toilet rental in Massachusetts to cover any of these events, a restroom trailer is the perfect solution for you. Depending on your needs, you can choose basic and small to larger units with various amenities. Some of the popular options include:

  • Two station VIP restroom trailer: the two station restroom rental trailer can serve between 100 to 150 persons. It offers two options that suit your budget and needs: a two-station Rolls Royce and a two-station Vegas option. Each of the options comes with one urinal, two sinks, and two stalls.
  • Three station VIP restroom trailer: the three station restroom trailer can serve 150 to 250 persons. It offers two options depending on your budget and needs: three-station Rolls Royce and three station Vegas options. Each of the options comes with one urinal, three sinks, and three stalls.
  • Five station VIP restroom trailer: the five-station restroom trailer can serve 200 to 399 persons. It offers two options depending on your budget and needs: five-station Rolls Royce and five station Vegas options. A five-station Rolls Royce restroom trailer comes with one urinal, two sinks, and four stalls. The five-station Vegas option comes with two urinals, two sinks, and three stalls.
  • Eight station VIP restroom trailer: the eight-station restroom trailer can serve 400 to 650 persons. It offers two options depending on your budget and needs: eight-station Rolls Royce and eight-station Vegas options. A Rolls Royce option features two urinals, three sinks, and six stalls. The Vegas option has two urinals, three sinks, and six stalls.
  • Ten stations VIP restroom trailer: The ten station restroom trailer can serve 500 to 1150 persons: it offers two options depending on your budget and needs: a ten station Rolls Royce and a ten station Vegas options. The Rolls Royce option features three urinals, four sinks, and seven stalls. The Vegas option has three urinals, four sinks, and seven stalls.

VIP To Go Sink Trailer Rentals in Massachusetts

Our sink rental trailers can serve up to 1000 people. It is a 12 station sink trailer that boasts several stylish and luxurious features. All the stations are equipped with hot and cold water, mirrors and paper dispensers.

Restroom Trailer Rentals Massachusetts

VIP To Go Bunk Suite Trailer Rentals in Massachusetts

Our bunk suite trailers guarantee maximum comfort, luxury, and exceptional experiences. It comes with a 10-inch mattress, personal TV, and private entry.

VIP To Go ADA Restroom Trailer Rentals in Massachusetts

We understand some of your guests are physically challenged and may not access the standard trailer restrooms. We provide ADA Compliant Portable Restroom trailers with larger interiors, wider doors, and handrails for safety. Our ADA restroom trailers can serve up to 400 persons. The Vegas option has 1 ADA, five sinks, and four stalls. You can also choose another option with 1 ADA, three sinks, and two stalls.

VIP To Go Shower Trailer Rentals In Massachusetts Shower Trailers

Our shower trailers are equipped with several shower units that accommodate a range of persons. You can choose from available options, including a three-station restroom shower combo, two station restroom shower combo, eight-station shower unit Vegas and a six-station restroom shower combo. Each station features an appropriate number of sinks, stalls, and showers.

Portable shower trailer rental Massachusetts

VIP To Go Restroom Trailers: Providing the Best Services at Affordable Rates

When you are looking to rent a restroom trailer in Massachusetts, VIP To Go has your back. Our team’s unrivaled experience in service and equipment guarantees the buying experiences for all our clients. Some of the things that make us stand out from the rest include:

  • Exceptional support: we provide outstanding services that ensure our clients rely on us every step of the way. At VIP To Go, we work with a highly trained team of professionals who answer your questions satisfactorily, plan for an ideal location for your restroom trailer and deliver the unit well stocked and maintained for the entire duration of your occasion or activity.
  • Comprehensive solutions: we boast over 12 dozen luxury restroom trailers of all shapes, sizes, and luxury levels. Our restroom trailer rentals are highly customized to suit your needs and budgets. Our product lines come with trailers specifically designed to fit both tight spaces and large-scale events.
  • Seamless process: when you need a VIP To Go restroom rental trailer near me, you can expect fast and efficient services from our professional team. We are always on call and ready to honor even a last-minute request made through our online interactive platform.
  • Experienced professionals: have a question regarding our restroom trailer rental in Massachusetts? When you reach out to VIP To Go, you will immediately interact with a live human. Our experienced team is highly accessible, easy to talk to, and eager to help you throughout the process of reserving our rentals. We view each client we serve as a test, where our goal is to provide the best service and product possible that guarantees your event’s success. This is why most of our business comes from repeat clients and enthusiastic referrals.
  • Competitive rates: at VIP To Go, we don’t only take pride in exceptional service. Our rates are also competitive. All our rental services are designed to match your budget and bottom line. Our clean, polished, and sanitized units ensure you don’t sacrifice quality for a better price.
  • Luxury guaranteed: our highly trained staff work diligently around the clock to ensure you get value for money. Our restroom trailer boasts luxurious units that smell, look and feel fresh all day, all night throughout the rental period.

Restroom trailer sink

FAQs- Restroom Trailer Rental in Massachusetts

How do you dispose of wastes from restrooms trailers rental?

It is crucial to sanitize restrooms trailer rentals to reduce exposure to viruses and bacteria. At VIP To Go, we do all the complex tasks on your behalf so that you focus on your event. Our experts attach a vacuum to the unit that sucks out all the waste and pumps it directly into sealed containers. We will ensure the waste is disposed of in the most sanitary way.

How can you keep the restrooms from smelling?

Our highly trained staff takes several measures to ensure your restroom trailer rentals smell as fresh at all times. First, we use high-quality cleaning tablets and air fresheners to keep the space smelling extra fresh and clean. We also ensure the unit’s doors are kept open regularly to let fresh air in and prevent foul odors from being trapped inside.

What cities in Massachusetts do you service?

If you need restroom rental trailers in Massachusetts, you can rely on us. VIP To Go Proudly services most of the 39 cities and 312 towns in the state. Specifically, we have a presence in Boston, Plymouth, Lowell, Worcester, Cambridge, Brockton, New Bedford, Fall River, Lynn, Quincy, Manchester, North Reading, and more.

How much is a luxury restroom trailer?

The overall cost of a luxury restroom trailer depends on factors such as the size, your location, and the number of stalls it has. Rest assured that VIP restroom trailers are competitively priced to give you a good deal on all your restroom trailer rentals. If you have any specific questions regarding pricing or availability, please reach out to our customer service team by email, phone, or 24/7 chat with our live agents.

How many bathrooms do you need for 100 guests?

The general rule is to have at least one restroom available for every 100 guests.

Aim at getting one portable restroom for every 50 guests to get more restrooms for women than for men

Contact VIP To Go for Massachusetts Restroom Trailer Rental Near Me

At VIP To Go, customer satisfaction is our priority. We always go the extra mile to provide the best experience for our customers. When you need restroom trailers rentals for any event or occasion in Massachusetts, we are your top choice. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our exceptional products and services.

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