Portable Shower Trailer Rental: Affordability and Convenience

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Portable Shower Trailer Rental: Affordability and Convenience

Who doesn’t love a hot shower first thing in the morning, after a hard day on the job, or rinse off after or escape from unexpected weather? Your location or circumstances, however, just might prohibit that from happening. That’s unless someone had the foresight to rent a portable shower trailer.  A portable shower trailer is a welcome sight to anyone who has participated in an activity where dirt, grime, bad weather, and sweat were the order of the day. That’s why you will typically find portable showers at large athletic events, multi-day festivals and concerts, construction and drilling sites, and even survival adventures. You spot portable showers and toilet units on-site during power outages and natural disasters around the country. Emergency response personnel have made it a top priority to provide these shower trailer units for displaced families in crisis times.  When there is a need for modern, clean portable restrooms and showers, you have the option to rent portable indoor shower units that will address the needs of the situation.

Portable Shower Rentals: The Perfect Solution for Any Occasion    

Races and Tours

: From marathons to long-distance hiking and biking events, a shower trailer at the finish line is required. A friend who is a bicycle fanatic and has ridden on organized week-long events across the country says the most welcome sight upon pulling into the camping area was the shower trailer. “That mobile shower trailer is on my mind a lot during a 75-mile day in the saddle in the heat or rain. All I want when it’s over is a warm shower.” 

Large Sporting Events:

District, regional, and statewide school sporting events need portable showers where the standard locker room facilities of the host school are inadequate to handle large numbers. VIP To Go portable showers have become standard equipment for track and cross country meets, baseball and softball tournaments, and any other sport requiring a welcome trip to the shower trailer.

Concerts and Entertainment Events:

A post-performance ritual for many entertainers and musicians is a hot shower. Concert promoters often find a demand for a luxury portable restroom and shower trailers on a band’s contract rider.

Social/Family Events

: portable shower and bathroom trailers for weddings and social events such as family reunions are becoming more and more popular. Your guest will truly appreciate your consideration in providing a clean, luxurious bathroom and shower combination.

Decontamination Showers:

Schools with a science lab are most often required to have a decontamination shower close by. With purchasing a decontamination shower trailer out of the budget for most, renting a trailer is the most economical method for educational institutions to remain in compliance with local and state requirements.

Job Locations:

Business owners have discovered the advantages of providing an on-site rent a shower unit to their employees who work in locations or far from their homes: oil fields, remote construction sites, mining, etc.  Additionally, owners have found that a shower rental goes a long way in building worker morale.

Disaster Relief:

From 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes to floods, you never know when disaster will strike. But when the unthinkable becomes a reality, and entire towns are devastated, the first emergency responders are charged with ensuring that the survivors have sufficient water and adequate sanitary facilities, usually in the form of a portable bathroom and shower rental.

Portable Outdoor Facilities Aren’t What They Used to Be

When you hear the phrase ‘portable outdoor facilities’, you may quickly picture a drab, smelly, unclean porta-potty you experienced at your last rock concert at the fairgrounds. Well, let’s erase that vision immediately. VIP To Go, providing portable shower and bathroom trailers across the United States, offers shower trailer options out there that can only be described as ‘luxury’. These shower rental units include features and amenities you would expect in the better sports clubs, such as:

  • Electric lights
  • Ventilation
  • GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) -rated outlets
  • Attractive interior decorating schemes
  • Non-intrusive exterior design
  • Ample hot and cold running water with no fluctuation in water temperature
  • Strong, consistent water pressure 
  • Individual temperature controls
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Touchless sinks
  • Marble flooring
  • Mirrors
  • Hooks and countertops for personal items

Buy or Rent a Portable Shower Trailer

Portable Shower Trailer: Buy or Rent?

If you regularly manage large events or work sites, you may have actually considered buying a portable shower unit. So, let’s talk about purchase cost first. You will find a $300 unit that provides a cold shower from a hose. How about an inflatable stall model with no heater for a starting price of $8,000. If your budget is pretty hefty, you can buy your own lighted, private shower trailer that can set you back upwards of $60,000.

Rental units are starting to sound pretty good, right? Keep in mind that not all portable toilet rental companies offer portable outdoor shower rental.  A  limited number have a wide selection of shower trailers that won’t break your budget: shower and toilet combo units, multi-shower units, and more, all with electric lights, heated water and large water holding tanks. So to go ahead and rent portable indoor shower units is a simplified way of providing high-quality service for the short term, at a cost that is not prohibitive.

Be Sure You Know What Your Rental Price Includes

You will definitely want all-inclusive pricing that includes everything from delivery and set-up to pickup. VIP To Go helps you select the best location for your portable shower toilet rental by doing a free site walk. This will ensure you get a fully customized quote on the exact unit or units you will require. Because we replace our trailers with brand new models every 12-18 months, you are ensured that you always get the latest, best trailer available.

Choosing the Perfect Shower Trailer for Your Needs

The bigger the crowd, the more shower capacity. Makes sense, right? You need to begin by selecting the shower unit configuration and the number of units that will easily handle the estimated number of users. With VIP To Go you can rent portable indoor shower units in the following sizes:

Talk to a VIP To Go customer service professional and discuss your event. They will be able to help you choose the right portable shower trailer and give you a price quote. Or, if you go to  https://www.viptogo.com/ you will be able to view our trailer options.

Okay, But Isn’t Hooking Up a Shower Trailer Difficult? 

Not at all. When you’re looking to rent portable indoor shower units, the rental price will include the company delivering and hooking up the portable unit. All you need to do is provide a basic 110 volt, adequately grounded outlet and a garden hose for your shower trailer, and you’re in business. No water source? No problem. A reliable, full-service portable shower rental company like VIP To Go can provide trailers with large water tanks on board. Same with electricity. A customer-centered company will also supply you with a generator that will do the job nicely. If you are in charge of an event, the last thing you need to worry about is your portable bathroom with shower rental. Rent your shower trailer from a pro and focus on making that event a fantastic success.

ADA Compliance for Your Shower Trailer

Many event sites require that ADA-compliant shower trailers be available to allow easy access and egress for those who cannot deal with stairs.  VIP To Go offers portable shower trailers that are in total compliance with Americans with Disabilities Accessibility Standards:  These portable heated shower rental units are equipped with lower sinks, access ramps, handrails, spacious interiors, and wider doors, giving handicapped people the required shower trailer access.

Shower Trailers for Rent in Urban Locations

Portable Shower Rentals: Affordability and Convenience

Providing portable shower/restroom trailers in an urban setting offers a variety of obstacles. You just can’t hook up a garden hose and plug it into a convenient outlet. Small cities are one thing but take a megalopolis like New York City, and you have yourself one hurdle after another to overcome like permissible locations, restrictions, and finding access to power and water. If you have an event in the Big Apple, you better work with a portable shower and restroom rental company with the experience to make sure you don’t experience any glitches when renting your shower and restroom trailer. Just as we do for many cities across America, large and small alike, VIP To Go knows the locations, restrictions, and permitting processes of NYC so that your shower trailer rental will be smooth and seamless.

This is pretty important if you don’t want any unwelcome surprises like a hefty fine for a late pickup or other trailer unit infraction. We’ve serviced New York City Fashion Show, government agencies, disaster relief sites for events of all sizes. We know what needs to be done in order for you to have a stress-free shower rental experience.

If you need a portable shower stall rental for your next event in NYC or another American urban environment, we will provide you with support and all information relevant to your shower trailer.

When making the decision on a portable indoor shower rental, make sure you work with a company that provides not only the highest quality luxury units but backs it up with a level of customer service that lasts from the first inquiry to post-event trailer pickup. VIP To Go is prepared to meet your short and long-term needs. We’ve long been America’s choice for the best selection, all-in-one pricing, free site inspections, luxury restroom trailers, and the best customer service possible. Our goal is to take portable shower stall planning off your plate and leave you time for other important planning issues. Plan ahead for your event. Portable shower rental prices are very affordable. For a portable shower trailer rental near me contact us today. You’re guaranteed a positive hassle-free experience!