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Restroom Trailer Manufacturers

Restroom trailers have surely made life easy for us, especially for those who plan and host a lot of outdoor events such as parties, sports events, political campaigns, and so on.

Even businesses that are into event planning need to buy portable restroom trailers or rent them often to successfully organize outdoor events.

VIP To Go’s Trailer Rental Company

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VIP TO GO, one of the leading portable restroom trailer manufacturers and shower trailer manufacturers, offers a wide range of luxury restroom trailers and washroom trailers that you can rent for outdoor parties, weddings, cross-country biking trips, community events, and a host of other purposes.

Although portable restroom trailer manufacturers and shower trailer manufacturers saw a fall in demand in 2020 due to the construction industry and outdoor events being hit, VIP was busier than ever, responding to an increased clamor for shower trailers, restroom trailers, hand sanitizers, and sink stations for outdoor weddings and other socially-distanced events.

So whether you need a 2-stall portable restroom trailer with cozy interiors and stylish sinks or a 3-station luxury bathroom trailer with 3 private rooms, hot and cold running water, AC, heater, lighting, and other amenities, check out VIP TO GO’s website for all your luxury restroom trailer rental needs.

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Besides the trailers mentioned above, you can also get 5-station, 8-station, 10-station, and 12-station luxury restroom trailer, various ADA handicap-accessible trailers and the best-quality used shower trailers for sale, among others.

VIP TO GO is committed to quality and detail. We work closely with select portable restroom trailer manufacturers and will do whatever it takes to meet all your needs when it comes to hiring restroom trailers for your next outdoor event. The same goes for shower trailer manufacturers – we can offer you the perfect washroom trailer that meets your needs for weddings, parties, and camps.

If you’ve been spending hours online looking for “portable restroom trailer rentals near me” or “luxury restroom trailer rental near me”, VIP TO GO is where your search ends.

VIP’s hallmark is customer service, where a dedicated team stands behind each and every portable trailer rental to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. From our updated inventory of trailers (we retire every trailer after 18-24 months of use) down to the details (stock of toilet paper, soap, etc) we take it all into consideration.


How Much Does a Portable Toilet Cost?

A portable shower trailer for sale usually costs $19,000 to $50,000, depending on whether you go for a standard one or a luxury one. VIP To Go offers affordable rates for renting a luxury toilet trailer so that you don’t have to deal with the outlay and hassle of owning a trailer long-term.

How Much Do Portable Shower Trailer Rentals Cost?

Portable restroom trailer rental prices vary widely, depending on the vendor and style washroom trailer you choose, as well as the duration of time you need the trailer for. At VIP To Go, we work with portable restroom manufacturers to offer you shower trailers at affordable rates. To find out how much renting bathroom trailers costs, contact us for a quick quote.

Do Portable Toilets Need Water?

Our luxury restroom trailers can work well with a standard garden hose. In order to power the washroom trailer with running water, we need to supply it with a source of water. You can even do so by connecting the luxury restroom trailers to a standard garden hose! But if you don’t have one, we can provide you with 150 to 250 gallons of water from a fresh water system for the luxury mobile restroom trailer.

portable restroom trailer with ADA handicap-accessible unit

If you’re interested in knowing about the origins of restroom trailers and shower trailers and how portable restroom trailer manufacturers and shower trailer manufacturers build them, we’ll tell you all there is to know.

Let’s begin.

History of Trailer Manufacturing

Let us take a brief look at the history of trailers and how they have evolved with time.

Covered Wagons

In the 1800s, showmen who were part of traveling circuses would travel around Europe in covered wagons. These wagons were made of wood and were driven by horses. They are believed to be the early, primitive version of the motorized trailers that were built around a century later.

The covered wagons were later on adopted by gypsies for traveling and became known as “vardos.”

Early Trailers

The first prototype of the modern trailer was introduced in 1904 and set a precedent for today’s recreational vehicles (RVs) and other kinds of trailers. This version was built by hand onto an automobile. It was used mainly for camping and traveling and was a home away from home.

It included bunk beds for 4 people, lights, a radio, and an icebox. But that was it. You could not cook or relieve yourself in these early trailers.

The Gypsy Van

Around 1910, changes were made to the prototype, and one could now sleep, eat, and cook in the new, improved trailers. They were equipped with fold-out beds or bunk beds, toilets, sinks, cupboards, a small dining area, and basic cooking amenities.

A family of 4 could easily travel around the country in such trailers. But these trailers were small and boxy compared to today’s more stylish, larger trailers.

The Gypsy Van, launched in 1915 by Roland and Mary Conklin was a more spacious, comfortable motorhome. The 25-foot, eight-ton trailer was custom-made by Roland’s Gas-Electric Motor Bus Company. It was equipped with a host of amenities such as an electrical generator, appliances, Pullman-style berths for sleeping, a kitchen, a folding table and desk, a phonograph, bookcase, convertible sofas, throw pillows, and a roof garden.

This pioneering trailer was compared by The New York Times to a country house, albeit with “mobility and independence of schedule”.

Recent Developments in Trailer Manufacturing

As time passed, specialized trailers for different purposes emerged.

Temperature-controlled trailers, vending trailers, medical trailers, trailers for transporting hazardous materials, and other such high-end trailers came into use. So did portable toilets that were specifically built for relieving oneself. They appeared during World War II and were made from wood and metal.

Portable toilets made of fiberglass were introduced in the 1970s. They were lightweight and therefore easier to transport and clean.

In the mid-1970s, George Harding popularized his patented porta potties made of sturdy plastic. They were followed by polyurethane porta potties that came out in the 1980s. These polyurethane ones inspired the modern luxury mobile restroom trailer.

Nowadays, you can easily find mobile shower trailers and luxury bathroom trailers that come with restrooms, showers, air conditioners, heaters, a fireplace, and other amenities.

These modern luxury mobile restroom trailers are also spacious and stylish. They make the process of relieving yourself easier and more comfortable and are a far cry from the early, rudimentary portable restrooms.

Mobile shower trailer manufacturers offer different sizes and shapes of trailers that are perfect for every occasion and location.

Today, with access to many portable restroom manufacturers, you can choose from a wide range of options to find the perfect washroom trailer that meets your specific needs.

portable restroom trailers

Restroom Trailer Manufacturing Process

The introduction of polyurethane plastic in the manufacturing of restroom trailers made life really easy for portable restroom trailer manufacturers and all of us.

Mobile toilets made of this material are easy to manufacture and clean. They do not absorb odor unlike portable toilets made of other materials.

As restroom trailers and porta potties became more common at construction sites and for other outdoor purposes, greater innovation was seen in this field.

Let us delve into how portable toilets and trailers are made:

  • Polyurethane plastic pellets are exposed to high heat and melted down.
  • Additives like colorants and UV protectants are mixed into the plastic.
  • The mixture is then sent through rollers and pressed into sheets of a particular width.
  • Next, the sheets are cut to a specific length.
  • To build the panels of the portable toilet unit, a plastic sheet is reheated and put in a mold, and then vacuum pressed.
  • Other parts of the unit or trailer are manufactured with the help of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines or injection molding.
  • Durable steel frames, axles, fresh water tanks, polypropylene waste tanks, and AC units with heat strips are fitted into restroom trailers.
  • After the panels and other parts of the trailer are manufactured, holes are drilled, and the trailer is assembled as per specifications.
  • The trailer is then inspected, tested, and sanitized.

This is the standard process of building a restroom trailer or portable toilet. But the manufacturing process differs depending on the portable restroom trailer manufacturer’s manufacturing capacity and other needs.

Factors Driving Growth of The Restroom Trailer Market

Portable toilet rentals were a $17.1 billion industry as of 2020 and are expected to grow at 6.6% annually from 2021 to 2028. This is because most people prefer renting portable toilets and restroom trailers instead of buying them. Since they are generally used only on occasion, this allows customers to avail themselves of the convenience and affordable cleaning services that come with rentals as needed.

The demand for restroom trailers is mainly driven by construction sites (contributing to 41% of annual revenue), followed by outdoor events like outdoor weddings, parties, music festivals, and so on.

One can choose from a wide range of restroom trailers to suit different needs. Whether you need one for a short amount of time or a longer period, for a large event or a small one, portable restroom trailer manufacturers and shower trailer manufacturers offer trailers in different sizes and layouts.

Restroom trailers have come a long way from the early unsanitary ones that were difficult to clean and transport to today’s high-end ones. With more people hosting large-scale outdoor events, luxury restroom trailers are becoming even more popular due to their greater convenience and comfort.