Community Event Ideas to Bring your Community Together

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Community Event Ideas to Bring your Community Together

Back to school season is starting, and summer tans are all wearing off. There’s nothing like having the local community come together for a little pick-me-up as the leaves change color.

Getting back to our routine, be it school, college or work can be difficult — but it helps to know that everyone’s feeling the same way. Good community events will make you feel motivated and have fun!

In this article you won’t just get community event ideas that your neighborhood will love, but you will also learn how to plan for one!

A Basic Guide For Community Event Planning

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  • Goals

Decide what goals you want the event to achieve. Do you want to have an event for health awareness? How about putting together a charity if your community has faced a calamity? Or you could simply want to throw a fun quiz and beer night for all the adults!

  • Team

Once you have some community event ideas, form a reliable team to help you conceptualize and organize the event. It could be members of your family, or your friend group or colleagues!

  • Location

Find a suitable venue to hold your social event. Go for something that matches the theme. For example, you could host the beer and quiz night at your local bar. This will help drive their business and benefit the community too!

If you’re planning a walk, decide on meeting points and rest locations along the route for your group.

  • Licensing

Check with your local government body and find out if you need a license for your event. Live music is great for community event ideas but check with the authorities for the maximum decibel limit and get permits for the gathering.

  • Risk Assessment

Sweep the venue before local community events for any health hazards or potential issues. Make sure there are enough exits around. If you’re planning a bigger event, it is wise to get public liability insurance so that you’re covered on all grounds.

  • Comfort

Your guests need to feel comfortable at the event. Make sure there are restrooms available. If your event is outside, get an outdoor porta potty. Portable toilets for events are a great way to be at ease no matter your venue!

event restroom trailer with portable toilets

  • Catering

Hire local catering services, or have cook-outs and potlucks at your event. Creative event planning ideas include having food that matches the theme! For example: Organizing a blood donation drive? Serve sugar cookies and sparkling lemonade to make your donors feel better.

Have different stalls set up by local restaurant or food business owners to boost their businesses. If you want to sell alcoholic beverages at the event, you might need a separate license.

  • Registration

Registration is a good way to keep a track on footfall.

Registration could be as simple as getting everyone to fill in a Google Form as they enter. Generate a QR code for the form, print it out and keep it at the entrance for each person to “check in.” This way you get a handy Excel sheet of all the guests.

  • Marketing

Marketing seems like a big word, but really, all you need to do is get the word out. Even if you’re no marketing pro, you can use social media and word of mouth to send out flyers and e-invites to people.

Creating invites that look professional and artistic has never been easier. There are many free websites that help you do that. Start your own social media hashtag to create buzz and excitement for the event. Send people countdown notices as the days inch closer.

Now that we have a basic guide on community event party planning, let’s look at some community event ideas to get you inspired!

For Community Improvement

1. Donation Drive

Put together a donation drive or a charity drive in an easy to access, central location. You can work with a nonprofit organization to make this happen. It could be putting together household supplies for families who are underprivileged, or senior citizens who need some help.

Work with medical centers or organizations to have blood drives.

What brings a community together? Going through tough times like natural disasters. Community event ideas like a drive to donate goods, clothing, etc gets people together to help each other out.

blood drive community event

2. Silent Auction

A silent auction or gala is a great way to give back, in style. Get community philanthropists and leaders involved and investing in the event.

Make it a black-tie event. Group entertainment ideas like performances can wow your guests as they give back to the community.

This is one of the fancier community event ideas.

3. Small/ Local Business Fair

Outdoor event ideas like a local fair are great to promote local businesses. You can let the community know well in advance about the fair so that people can get ready for participation. This kind of event will take a few months to plan.

Fairs are a great way for small business owners to showcase their products and give out free samples. Community art event ideas like art fairs can display the work of local artists.

Based on the theme it could be a fair for food business owners, textile and fashion business owners, stationery and toy makers, etc!

To keep attendees comfortable throughout the fair, rent luxury portable toilets at the venue.

Health Oriented Events

4. Marathon

This is one of the best ways to get people to be fit, together. Public health awareness is a very important issue. Organize a simple 5K around your locality, through scenic routes and wide roads.

The best part is you get to explore your town and motivate each other to finish the race. Teamwork makes the dream work!

To organize a marathon, you will need permits and legal compliances as per your local government authorities. Having a restroom trailer rental set up at rest stops will also benefit the runners immensely.

marathon community event

5. Lunch & Learn

A ‘lunch and learn’ event lets you gather the community around for food, networking, and education. You could ask guest speakers from medical institutes and local hospitals to come in and speak about health issues and concerns.

It could be a seminar for healthy eating, nutrition 101s from a community nutritionist or even more serious topics like doctors coming in to talk about risks of substance abuse.

attendees at learning event

6. Immunization Drives

One thing this pandemic has taught us is to make everyone take their health more seriously. Team up with a medical center or pharmaceutical distributor to organize an immunization drive.

Vaccinations are an important way to build up our immunity to fight viruses. An immunized community is a healthier community.

If it’s an open air immunization, then make sure to have rest places for your guests to feel at ease. A luxury porta potty trailer at the event will benefit everyone.


Fun For The Family

7. Heritage Celebration

Organize a field trip to an important historical monument in your local community.

This is a fun and educational event for the whole family to enjoy. You can rent out buses to get people to the heritage point. Most attractions like this have events or tour guides to take groups through the place.

Hire a tour guide or historian to talk about the monument. It’s best to organize this type of event on a Sunday morning. This way you can squeeze in a community brunch at your favorite local restaurant!

8. Nature Walk

Fun community events like a nature walk through your local state park or gardens provide excitement for all. The children can enjoy fun social activities like spotting flowers and bugs along the way and the adults can revel in the serene calmness of nature.

This is a great outdoor event idea that will get on a trail in your local park and enable you to take in the views as you trek.

community event nature walk

9. Gardening Workshop

Support your local nurseries by organizing a gardening workshop! Team up with them to plan the event, collect resources needed and spread the word around.

You can charge a small fee to enter the workshop, and your guests can take back the little plants they potted or learned about. Workshops are great community social events.

Your local botanist can host the workshop and take people through proper care for the plant and provide tips and tricks for gardening.

Social and Fun

10. Cultural Food Festival Potluck

Throw together a night celebrating the unique culture of your community. Go all out with the theme and decor. If your community is famous for a certain thing, celebrate that!

For example, if you’re a proud farming and agricultural community, then have a farmer’s market set up over the weekend. Let every family coming in cook something special for the event to share! Have fresh local produce and baked goods at the event.

For a farmer’s market event, portable toilet rentals will be of great help.

11. Trivia Night

For fun social event ideas, host a quiz night! Let people choose and enter as teams. Decide a theme, like lore or fiction or even topical political events!

Organize this at your local bar and involve the bar owners and bartenders to create drinking games around the quiz — after all these are social events for adults.

Throw this on a Saturday night. After all, it’s fun to let loose and have a laugh — and it always feels great to win prizes.

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