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Filming a movie

Planning Your Movie and TV Shoot or Commercial

In film school, they might not teach you how to set up a movie shoot far from civilization. However, a film location in a remote area can significantly cut down on your costs and time constraints.

For instance, if you film in a major city like New York, you’ll need to spend over $3,000 in permits alone, and you’ll need a generous Liability Insurance policy. Plus, you’ll have to notify the community of how long and where you’re going to be filming.

Anyone who has worked on a film set knows that unexpected equipment errors, underprepared actors, or on-the-fly script edits can make your filming schedule much longer than anticipated.

Of course, you hope this won’t be the case, but it’s still wise to be prepared for whatever your shoot might throw your way. In the woods, the desert, or any other low-population area, you’ll have all the freedom you need to make sure your finished product comes out exactly how you want it to.

In fact, a recent federal case declared it unconstitutional for national parks to require fees or permits for commercial filming. Take as long as you need for your shoot; there’s no expensive filming fee running out your clock and no locals to annoy with all your equipment.

While you might still need to fill out some paperwork to shoot in some rural locations, the cost will still be significantly less. Fun fact: you can film outside in Maine with no permit or fees at all!

When you’re saving so much of your budget by choosing the right location, you have all the more reason to consider renting a restroom for commercial shoots.

Safety and Hygiene

A film is a glamorous thing. When you think of a film, you think of Hollywood, red carpets, flashing cameras, and beautiful people. Right?

Of course, not everything that goes into the making of a movie is so glamorous. The dirty little secret of the film industry is that, well, sometimes those beautiful people need to take care of business.

If you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, you should consider renting a restroom trailer for your movie shoot. You need a restroom for commercials, independent films, blockbusters, and everything in between.

When you plan your film and TV shoot, you’ll need to pay attention to safety, hygiene, and environmental needs. In the middle of nowhere, this is especially important.

Plan your film schedule like you’re going on a hiking trip; make sure everyone has enough water and snacks, don’t lose track of anybody, and make sure you have the right equipment for the job.

Let’s say you’re on set for one day, and you have a team of ten people. Everyone there will probably need to use the bathroom at least once or twice.

Now imagine you’re shooting in the same location for one week. That’s over 140 trips to the toilet, so you’re gonna need a  restroom trailer that is up to the task.

You might find yourself in the wilderness without electricity or a water source. To ensure the comfort and safety of your team, you might want a restroom trailer that comes with a power generator and water tank.

Hands-free flushing and handwashing technology is also readily available in restroom trailers. In an age where people are more concerned with the spreading of germs than ever before, this will keep everyone comfortable and safe.

What Is a Restroom Trailer?

If you work in film, you already know how long the days can get. During a six or eight-hour shoot, your cast and crew will be relieved to have clean, spacious, and fully outfitted restrooms for TV shoots.

The restroom trailer gives you a clean, comfortable set of restrooms with all kinds of amenities. Cleanliness is only the beginning of what your restroom trailer can offer you. Portable toilets can come with a host of customizable amenities.

The restroom trailer units generally come with several flushable toilet stalls for men and women, urinals, and sinks with running hot and cold water set flush in marble like countertops. A good restroom trailer rental company will also provide you with a generous amount of amenities. This includes soap, toilet paper, towelettes or disposable paper towels, and the like.

If you wish, you can get men’s and women’s rooms, so the guys on your set have a urinal available. You can also get a trailer with a baby changing station, in case someone needs to bring their child to work. Hey, maybe you’re even filming with a child actor!

The right restroom for filming and TV can offer you much more than just these essentials, however.

You’ll have a mirror in every trailer, which will come in handy if one of your actors pops into the bathroom and notices that their makeup is smudged or their hair is getting a little crazy.

These models will also come with soap, paper towels, and a wastebasket, so you don’t need to pick up a bunch of trash from your set.

There are also ADA restroom trailers available for people who have a difficult time navigating steps or are in a wheelchair. This restroom ensures that restrooms are accessible to everyone; an issue that is becoming more and more important in today’s world.

Plus, they just look nice. With attractive interiors and linoleum floors, you won’t be stressed out while you’re going to the bathroom. While that may seem like a frivolous concern, small comforts can make a huge difference in overall morale in the workplace; especially in a demanding environment like a movie or TV set.

Of course, the right restroom trailer has to fit your budget, too. Not to worry. These portable toilets won’t break the bank. No hidden delivery or installation costs, and they’ll give you a free site visit and consultation to determine exactly what features you’ll need for your model.


Restroom trailer

Other Rental Options

It can take an entire day to shoot just one or two pages of a movie script. If you’re filming in a remote location, why not rent more than just your toilet?

Your portable restroom trailer provider can also get you situated with a shower trailer. Every shower trailer will come with good lighting, storage for personal items, and a large tank for heating your water.

When you rent a shower trailer, you’ll be able to enjoy the same consistent water pressure and temperature that you do at home.

If you’re working with a large production team, you should consider renting bunk suite trailers. A bunk suite trailer is made up of several portable restrooms in one large trailer on their own raised platform.

You can get a bunk suite trailer that includes restrooms and showers if needed.

When everyone stays clean and comfortable, your team will be happy and you won’t have to worry about nasty bacteria spreading around your set. All you have to do is focus on making your film or TV show the best that it can be.

The Luxury Experience

Maybe you’re one of the lucky filmmakers that doesn’t have to worry too much about production costs. You can outfit your restroom trailers with way more than just the basics.

Everyone who has had some sort of job understands that sometimes going to the bathroom is more than just taking care of business. It’s getting a moment of quiet, personal time, and shutting off your brain to regroup before returning to whatever task you’re working on.

You can also equip your luxury model to play music if that’s your jam.

These trailers can also come with wifi, which can be especially useful if you’re filming in the middle of the woods somewhere.

You won’t have to worry about ballooning up your phone bill by using a personal hotspot, and; you’ll be able to look up whatever information you might need for your shoot. You can also stay in contact with your friends and family even if you have no cell service.

Not luxurious enough for you? Want to give your cast and crew a relaxing bathroom experience? You can even get a portable restroom trailer with a fireplace.

With luxury restroom trailers for movie shoots, your film team will be fighting for their turn to take a bathroom break.

Choose Your Model Today

Whatever the needs of your particular project, choosing the right restroom trailer for your movie shoot will help everything go as smoothly as possible.

At VIP To Go, your restroom units are temperature controlled, have wifi, and are outfitted with audio speakers so that you can pipe music through the sound system. You can also request an add-on in the form of a bathroom attendant.

You can check out this guide for help finding a portable toilet that perfectly suits your needs and budget. Your cast and crew will thank you.

You can also contact us or call us at 877.564.6977 for help in finding the right restroom for your filming needs.

Go forth, be comfortable, and stay sanitary. Happy filming!


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