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Construction Site Water Tank

When it comes to running a construction site, there’s a great deal that goes into keeping operations running. Even small details can cause massive delays, such as lacking the water necessary to perform certain tasks or keep workers hydrated. However, the logistics of providing industrial quantities of water for construction sites can be surprisingly complex and obtrusive.

Not to mention, buying water tanks and the specialized equipment needed to support them can be quite expensive, and operating them is time-consuming. However, it’s possible to save greatly on your construction site water needs by renting them instead. By renting, you free yourself from many of the details inherent in owning and operating construction site water tanks and avoid the complexities of long-term ownership and maintenance.

Construction Site Water Tanks

Construction site water tanks are especially suited to the needs of construction sites in various ways. For one, the sizes and models available are suitable for the needs of a construction site. Whether you’re working in or near a city or supporting remote operations at an oil field, these water tanks keep things running smoothly and provide you with the water you need.

Construction Water Tanks Power Your Worksite

There are countless ways that you can use specialized water tanks to support construction operations in any location. Virtually any industrial site needs a source of water, and this is doubly true in industries that often operate under remote conditions, such as mining. Landscaping businesses can also often make good use of a large water tank, as it can allow them to transport high quantities of water needed to keep a lawn looking beautiful in hot, arid climates.

At scale, construction site water tanks are also a much safer and more efficient solution to your water needs than many other options. Even if you simply need to provide drinking water for a large number of workers, a construction site water tank can be a better, more affordable, safer, and more environmentally-friendly alternative to other options. And when it comes to industrial applications, there’s simply no alternative. Construction site water tanks are entirely indispensable to keeping a worksite running by powering tasks such as:

  • Lay Tiles with Water Tanks
  • Water Tank for Chlorination Processes
  • Soak away Testing
  • Remediation
  • Piling and Drilling

Provide Drinking Water

Wherever you are, your workers need water. If you’re working at a location where the pipes aren’t working or where there are no pipes to start with, then you might have considered buying a high number of plastic bottles. However, this is far from optimal even for intermediate-size projects.

Using plastic bottles as a water source when you need an intermediate amount of water for drinking purposes runs into a variety of problems, such as the relatively high cost of bottled water and the catastrophic environmental impact of single-use plastics. If you’re working in a hot environment, you might also expose your workers to harmful chemicals that plastic bottles can release under heat and sunlight.

Your construction site water tank can also pull double duty by providing water for sink trailers and restrooms. A sink trailer is one of the most versatile tools that you can pair with a construction site water tank or water truck because it fulfills several roles at once. You can use it for washing hands and for worksite purposes, but it’s also a clean, convenient place to pour water to drink.

For instance, consider the twelve-station sink trailer from VIP To Go. It comes with mirrors, paper towel dispensers, and sinks. It’s an excellent resource to provide hydration as well as hygiene to your workers.

Sink trailer - as a water tank?

Keep Restroom Trailers Running

When you’re operating a worksite for a long period of time, restroom trailers are often the ideal choice for portable bathrooms. They carry many advantages as a high-volume alternative to porta-potties, such as the fact they’re covered and better regulated, temperature-wise. This makes them a better fit for a variety of locations where adverse weather conditions can be problematic for your people. A restroom trailer can provide for long-term usage by a large number of people, and a supply of fresh water will keep it running even longer.

Two-in-One Bathroom Trailers

In some cases, highly remote and dirty jobs need to provide additional amenities for hygiene purposes. You might consider using a bathroom trailer for this purpose, as this model offers a shower as well as a toilet. By providing your workers with the ability to get clean on the worksite, you’ll be able to work around many obstacles that can arise in remote work operations. If that doesn’t quite suit your needs, you might consider going for the VIP To Go eight-station shower unit.

Provide for Construction Site Processes

Laying tiles, performing worksite remediation, and other construction processes require ample water sources. Sometimes, it’s possible to procure this water from the local water system, but sometimes scale, legal concerns, or location preclude this. In this case, turn to a construction site water tank rental to make sure that your worksite has the water that you need to get the job done.

How Much Does a Construction Site Water Tank Cost?

In and of themselves, construction site water tanks might sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the size and model. While the up-front cost isn’t so great, it’s the burdens of supply and continued operation that adds up. Water tanks require regular maintenance, and when the supply of water runs out you need specialized water trucks and equipment to haul out enough water to refill them. The added expense and complexity here is why you should opt for a construction site water tank rental instead.

Construction Water Tank Rental

When you opt for a water tank rental from VIP To Go, you aren’t just paying for the water tank itself. You also benefit from the specialized infrastructure of a company that offers everything you need to keep your water tank running properly. For one, you can enjoy a refill dispatch from anywhere in the country at a relatively low cost.

You also get to enjoy premium quality in your tanks, which are going to be rust-free and thoroughly cleaned each time. Water tanks for construction sites are often underused, specialized equipment for companies that buy them, and they end up taking up a great deal of inventory space. As such, water tank rental is the way to go.

Water Trucks

Water tanks are a balanced, affordable way to fulfill the water needs of your construction site. They’re not too expensive, and they balance practicality with scale. However, sometimes a worksite has water needs that are even greater than what a few water tanks can supply. In this case, a full-size water truck can provide all the water that your team needs for its purposes.

VIP To Go Construction Site Water Tanks and Water Trucks

VIP To Go commands a loyal customer base across the United States, from construction to private clients. There are many reasons that we have so many repeat customers, and many reasons that you should consider doing business with us.

Highly Maintained Stock

At VIP To Go, we believe that our services are only as good as the products we offer. For this reason, we constantly reassess our inventory. This process starts from the smallest water tank or bathroom trailer and goes up to every truck in the fleet. Every two years, we roll over our entire stock and ensure that we’re providing the latest and greatest solutions of all sorts to our clients. This is one key reason among many that our customers keep coming back.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning

Construction site water tanks and the equipment they support, such as sink trailers, bathroom trailers, and other worksite solutions have complex cleaning requirements. What’s more, the chemicals that many companies use in cleaning contribute to groundwater pollution and pollute the local area. When you work with VIP To Go, you’re able to protect the reputation of your business by working with a reputable company that complies with all regulations. For that matter, our thorough, attentive cleaning procedures mean that you can rest easily regarding the health and safety of your workforce.

Nationwide Logistical Support

VIP To Go reaches across the entire United States with our fleet of trucks, expert technicians, and other resources. When you need any sort of assistance, it’s on the way and due to arrive quickly. Operating water tanks for a worksite often turns into a headache for management, which is why you shouldn’t wrap yourself up in the minute details of these operations. Instead, turn to VIP To Go and enjoy comprehensive logistical support across the United States.

Choose VIP To Go Construction Site Water Tanks

VIP To Go is the top national provider of water tank rentals, water trucks, and other construction site water sources. If you need any sort of trailers or mobile water solutions, get in touch with our representative for a free quote.