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Restroom Trailers for Visitors at Historic Home Tours

When it comes to our past, many people think they understand all about it, or they think about major things, like wars or major advancements in technology. But there’s more to our past than that. And one way to explore it is through historic home tours that put you right in the middle of different decades or even centuries.

Historic home tours can give you a glimpse into the past, whether the not-so-distant past or the very distant past. It’s entirely up to you. And it can be a whole lot of fun for everyone because it lets you delve into the life of aristocracy, presidents and other officials, or even estate owners and other powerful or famous people.

view of front of historic home

Many areas have official historic tours or they have a historic homes list that you can find on the city website or with a Chamber of Commerce. Some areas even have entire historic districts that are filled with older homes. Of course, these types of homes will generally be built quite a while ago, but they’re definitely not considered ‘ancient’ homes. They’re simply from a slightly different era, which can still be fun to explore.

If you’re looking for really historic style homes you’ll want to check with your community and perhaps find the oldest places or even ruins of old homes. These can be fun to explore even if they are very destroyed because you can still get a glimpse of what life used to be like and what the homes used to look like as well. Plus, you can find out more about the history involved.

If you’re not sure how to find historic homes then make sure you’re checking out the internet. Search for ‘historic homes + your city’ or ‘historic house tours near me.’ You’ll be able to find all kinds of options and you may find single home tours or entire experiences that let you check out multiple different houses in the same area.

Searching for ‘historic tours near me’ will give you a fun experience and will let you and your family or friends really understand what life was like in your community. But you don’t have to settle for just ‘historic homes to tour near me.’ You can also take a look at historic homes in other communities or entire other parts of the world if you really want to see something unique. After all, each community or part of the world will have a slightly different history and historic home tours can help you understand that history.

Virtual Historic Home Tours

What’s even better is that you don’t necessarily need to leave your community to see historic home tours from entirely different parts of the world. Many historic homes and historic societies especially are putting tours online so even more people can enjoy them.

While this was starting to take place over the last several years, COVID has definitely sped up the process as even more communities are starting to look at virtual options for just about everything they can. This has increased the number of historic tours that are currently available online and made it even more exciting because the variety and styles are so varied. All you need to do is decide on a part of the world you want to explore, or a time period, and you can get more options for tours than you may have thought possible.

These virtual tours can be an amazing opportunity to see things you’ve never seen before or to understand different parts of the world or of history. They can be great for adults and even for children, helping them understand more about history than they could ever experience from reading in books or even from the rest of their school experience.

Then and Now

So, just what has changed between our history and our present? Well, just about everything has changed, but there are some things that have changed more than others (and especially when it comes to the homes that our distant (and not-so-distant) ancestors used to live in. It all starts with the houses themselves.

The style of homes has continued to change throughout the centuries as our ancestors continued to evolve and learned how to build and create stronger structures. Primitive structures were our ancestor’s way for many years before homes of any kind started to be built, and then, as they started to improve, they also started to take pride in those homes.

Older homes tend to have more decorative elements to them. They may have sconces and turrets and curves and large front porches and intricate woodwork on the inside. Older homes are built with a great deal of attention to detail and a great deal of pride and care. The architects who built those homes were very careful and conscientious about absolutely everything that they did and it’s apparent even today when we look at those homes.

Homes in the ‘olden days’ were built to last and built to amaze and that is why historic home tours are so popular and much fun. Because we don’t see that same attention to detail and intricacy today that we see in things from the past.

The arts are another area where there is a big difference between then and now. In fact, arts were much more intricate and detailed in the past as well. Artists would spend ages creating masterpieces with great attention to detail and extravagant designs. The music would be composed with traditional instruments like violins and pianos and great attention was paid to each note.

Today, while arts of all types are still popular and there are many different styles, they are exceedingly different from what was in our past. The art is often quite modern, with less detail and more abstraction. The music includes instruments that never existed in the past and are quite different from anything in our history.

But even this is just a small glimpse into all of the differences between the past and now. And in some ways, these are rather trivial differences between the past and now. One thing that we all can appreciate however, is the change in the bathrooms that we use.

Outhouses – Then and Now

In the past, outhouses were commonplace. In fact, it’s not too far in our past that indoor plumbing was a luxury (or even not invented yet). Those outhouses were small, cramped, dirty, and definitely smelled awful. They were often little more than a hole in the ground and they were dark, especially if you had to use them at night. But, thankfully, things have come a far way since those times.

Today’s outdoor bathrooms are no longer called outhouses because the only thing they have in common with those outhouses of our past are the fact that they are used for the same thing. Today, you can find bathroom trailers instead of those old outhouses, and that’s a much better experience.

Portable restroom trailers are able to be taken where you need them (since we no longer need an outdoor bathroom at every home). They are also far more luxurious than anything from the past and that’s why they’re referred to as mobile restroom trailers. These bathroom trailers are designed to keep you comfortable and provide everything you need in a restroom for special events.

You can choose restroom trailer rental for any event and get one that is simple and basic or one that is truly a luxury restroom trailer rental. A luxury bathroom on trailer includes not just the standard facilities, but also things like fans, lights, sinks, and a whole lot more. They are truly a good place to take care of your needs rather than a place that you have to go but don’t want to.

If you’re looking for true luxury, bathroom trailers can also be just like a full size bathroom with multiple stalls and everything you would expect from the bathroom at your favorite restaurant or storefront. And all of that at an event, in place of what used to be an awful experience.

With VIP to Go you can get the mobile bathroom trailer that you’re looking for to take care of your needs at any event, and you can even choose the one (or ones) that fit the needs of your event.

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Top of the Line Portable Restroom Trailers

We can offer the best of the best when it comes to mobile luxury bathrooms, and that’s our VIP trailers. You’ll find several different sizes to fit the needs of your event, including two-station restrooms all the way up to ten-station restrooms. Plus, there are specific sink trailers and shower trailers, so you can get everything you might need.

For the VIP trailers you’ll get a restroom that’s everything you would want from the ones at any indoor location. Each of these trailers features a sleek wood styling, AC, heat, surround sound, and a whole lot more to keep everyone comfortable. That way, even your most discerning guests won’t have a reason to leave early from your next big event.

interior of bathroom trailer with sleek wood design

interior of mobile restroom trailer with lighter color design

interior design of luxurious restroom trailer rental

Picking Out the Right Restroom Trailers

If you need assistance choosing a restroom trailer for your event, we can help you based on the size of the event and the style that you’re looking for. Whether you want something simple or something at the top of the list, we can get you the units that you need. Plus, we offer standard and ADA compatible trailers to make sure your guests will be as comfortable as possible.

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