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Disaster Relief Trailers Rental

When disasters strike, it can truly destroy anyone’s plans, either personal, professional, or our very livelihoods. Serious fire hazards, viral outbreaks, natural disasters, and unplanned emergencies have the same thing in common: unplanned rallying.

You can definitely use emergency response trailers in situations where you have to show up as the first responders. And although they sound pretty important, you might not know what purposes they actually serve. So what exactly are emergency response trailers?

Emergency Response Trailer: What is it?

Emergency response trailers are trailers outfitted with the equipment that responders need to deal with any particular crisis. These trailers are fully equipped for any sort of emergency like the scenarios listed above and even more.

Of course, different kinds of emergencies require other trailers, but there are general similarities between these trailers that make them perfect for the sites of emergencies.

Any emergency response trailer you find can easily hook onto a vehicle, just as any other ordinary trailer will. Of course, trailers for everyday use have different functions, like towing items, holding equipment, and so much more. However, these special trailers are different because they come perfectly set for whatever scenario is at hand.

They only contain the necessary equipment for first responders. That means if it’s not extremely important, it’s not going to be in there.

Emergency response trailers definitely vary on this point. For instance, if the response team needs to head to a fire break-out, they will have different items than they would if they were running to a virus break-out site. Say the distance response is for a pandemic; then your trailer will come with items, such as medical equipment and hazmat suits.

Another common feature of disaster relief trailers is that every type of these trailers will include lighting and power to allow responders to work in, or use, them effectively. This feature is actually quite essential because these trailers act as the base of operations for emergencies.

Even if you are not using the trailers directly for response work, they still need power and lifting to serve their purposes well, like our VIP To Go emergency shower trailer.

They also include the latest technology since they often have to be in communication with people that are sometimes far away from the site. Some of these trailers have VIP setups, making them even more comfortable for the victims of the disaster you need to handle.

Expect response trailers to include large amounts of storage space. This is useful for the different sorts of equipment that will be in the trailers, depending on their functions.

Emergency response trailers are utility trailers because they are usually waterproof and fully enclosed. As utility trailers, they protect those who are inside from the elements outside, which aren’t usually friendly in an emergency crisis location.

Emergency Response

The Different Types of Emergency Response Trailers

The above-listed features highlight the general characteristics of different emergency response trailers, but most trailers have some extra features that make them perfect for their specific function. Because of the different needs of varying emergencies, we will highlight some types to explain their makeup briefly. 

Of course, this list is not exhaustive because they are trailers for every type of emergency. However, this covers the most prevalent emergencies.

Medical Trailers

Emergency response trailers designed for medical emergencies are specially equipped for the various occasions of health hazards the responders might be tending to.

Since they are deployed to react to an ongoing medical crisis, they are for sites where the victims are usually present. The medical responders might have victims that they cannot transport to a hospital, so the trailer acts as a makeshift medical center. They are also known as casualty response trailers

Some emergencies like natural disasters might require more than one type of response trailer, like casualty response trailers and fire response, to provide the necessary services. Sometimes, medical trailers are modified for a particular type of emergency and are known as Disaster Response trailers. 

Hazmat Trailers

Hazmat trailers are also called decontamination trailers, used to transport and dispose of hazardous chemicals or waste. They are explicitly designed to deal with these dangerous products depending on how serious the danger is. The emergency response trailers for this are typically categorized accordingly depending on the different levels of emergency. 

There are Hazmat Team Intervention Trailers for Level One and Level Three emergencies. These sorts of trailers are absolutely crucial for those in areas that are near chemical plants because emergencies can happen at any time. Some industries even have them set up permanently before any disastrous occurrence.  

Another type of trailer that’s extremely important for this sort of emergency is decontamination shower trailers or emergency shower trailers, which we will discuss more now. 

Emergency Shower Trailer: Why Do You Need it?

Emergency shower trailers are a vital type of emergency response trailers because of how many purposes they can serve. This type of disaster relief trailers are versatile and can serve several purposes in different types of disasters.

They are equally valuable for natural disaster situations, medical emergencies, or hazardous spills. Depending on your specific needs, emergency shower trailers can be outfitted to suit your demands, just like other types of response trailers. 

A shower trailer will be able to provide the amount of help you need because an ideal trailer will be outfitted with the necessary equipment. For instance, you should expect integrated tanks that will ensure adequate water pressure. The water flow at a disaster site can become unreliable, but these tanks will keep things running smoothly. 

The showers in the trailers should meet the ANSI standard of 20 gallons per minute flow for 15 minutes. Another thing you want to have under control is the water temperature. A shower trailer with thermal insulation can achieve this by preventing fluctuations outside the tepid range. 

Some extreme cases like cold nights or hot days require your emergency shower trailer to have tank heaters or chillers. A temperature-controlled shower will keep the water supply in the predetermined range regardless of environmental factors.

Apart from comfort, this also comes in handy in hazardous cases where a relapse of liquid ammonia combined with cold conditions freezes clothing onto the skin. However, a shower trailer with tepid water can thaw the affected areas to remove the clothing safely.

In hotter climates, water that remains static in pipes can increase in temperatures up to as high as 122 F due to solar radiation. However, response trailers with self-draining showers will quickly fix this problem. This is by drowning the water after each activation to avoid exposing workers or victims to those conditions.

Portable Shower Trailer: Buy or Rent?

Why VIP To Go Trailers are the Best Solution

With emergency shower trailers specifically outfitted to VIP standards, our trailers aim to provide all the necessary equipment you might need for your workers or the victims of a crisis. Check out why you should trust us below. 

Comfort and Relief 

During a crisis, the one thing people crave is a sense of normalcy. Our VIP To Go trailers can help achieve this by making your first responders, workers, or victims feel more comfortable as they provide or receive the necessary care.

After a major disaster event—a chemical spill, widespread flooding, or wildfire—any sort of comfort will be welcome, especially if it is in the form of a well-outfitted VIP bathroom with exquisite detailing and amenities. However, our showers are not only fancy, but they provide practical solutions for disaster relief. We aim at providing the exact service you need as we are willing to modify the trailers we send to you to your taste. 


With every amenity and provision you need for an emergency response mobile shower available, you can focus on the task at hand—saving lives. VIP restroom trailers do have a positive impact on morale. No one has to worry about keeping the bathroom clean or how to decontaminate affected workers.

A clean and private environment only promotes the work at hand, simultaneously fostering a sense of calm and dedication, allowing everyone to stay solution-oriented. 

Long-term Solutions

VIP To Go is with you for the long haul. Our emergency shower trailers are suitable for long-term disaster relief work. We also have other sorts of trailers that allow your workers, victims, or responders to bunk down at the sites if need be, like our Bunk Suite Trailer. Whatever your situation is, we are fully capable and have all the equipment necessary to assist you in managing the crisis.

Bunk suite trailers

Final Thoughts 

Every VIP To Go restroom offers both practicality and comfort through modern, reliable amenities. We also have emergency response trailers outfitted as opulent, luxury restrooms that come with internet, music, fireplaces, air conditioning, televisions, and lots more.

Whatever your needs are and where your location is within the USA, we at VIP To Go restrooms are ready to head straight to your crisis site to help you. All you have to do is say the word!