Outdoor Restroom by VIP To Go: Equipping Department Stores with Neat Value

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Outdoor Restroom by VIP To Go: Equipping Department Stores with Neat Value

From a good selection of products on display to convenient shopping lanes, ample parking space and proper ventilation, cozy lounge areas, security, and clean restrooms—department stores need to provide their customers with various services. These extra touches can add to the maintenance cost, but they attract people, making the ROI worth every penny spent.

Let’s take a closer look at one of these amenities – the restroom.

Department stores must provide indoor and, if necessary, outdoor restroom facilities for everyone’s convenience—shoppers and employees alike. A shortage of decent restrooms could drive away potential customers and staff.

Yes, it could directly affect your sales revenues and productivity.

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The OSHA Standard

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide their workers with clean and accessible restrooms. Businesses with less than 15 employees are allowed to have one unisex restroom. For those with more, the following rules apply:

  • Two toilets for 16 to 35 employees
  • Three toilets for 36 to 55 employees
  • Four toilets for 56 to 80 employees
  • Five toilets for 81 to 110 employees
  • Six toilets for 111 to 150 employees
  • One additional toilet for every 40 employees over 150

For huge department store chains with several dozen employees and thousands of customers, providing ample restrooms is a must.

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Emergency Preparedness Toilet: How to Avert a Crisis

If your store has sufficient working indoor restrooms, is it necessary to have a reliable contingency option? The answer is yes.

You don’t want to be caught off-guard and face possible sanctions due to OSHA non-compliance.

When you need to close a bathroom door, you literally need to open another one and make it immediately available to serve your patrons and workers. That’s where bathroom trailer rentals come in handy.

An outdoor restroom provides a practical solution for your temporary restroom needs, like when your store experiences one or more of the following situations:

  • Renovations and Constructions

Expansions and revamps, tearing down, or building up walls could mean temporarily closing access to some restroom facilities. Renovation works, depending on scale, can take between two weeks to a few months.

You cannot afford to lose customers during this time, nor should you compromise your employees’ health and convenience.

In this case, a restroom trailer rental service can provide the support you need.

  • Repair and Maintenance

Part of department store upkeep is fixing faulty plumbing or performing regular preventive maintenance. Such plumbing work can take one to five weeks, depending on the issue’s complexity.

Closed access to the affected restroom or restrooms for this period could cost your department store. Avoid a decrease in foot traffic or customers’ length of stay by making provisions for an additional outdoor restroom.

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  • Supplementary Restrooms for Large Crowds

Your store should be prepared to accommodate a greater influx of customers during huge sale events like Black Friday, concerts, festivals and holidays, etc.

For each customer-drawing event your store hosts, you have to ensure that amenities are working. You wouldn’t want unsatisfied customers spreading word about their unpleasant experience in your store, enduring a long restroom queue that felt like forever. Your staff would also need access to these restrooms as they render extended work hours.

For situations where you expect employees to stay overnight or work many overtime hours, they’d surely appreciate your making a portable shower and toilet combo available to them so they could freshen up after many extended hours on the job.

Not All Bathroom Trailer Rentals are Created Equal

As you may have already experienced, some outside restroom providers fail to provide optimum experience, with reasons ranging from poorly maintained facilities to lack of provisions such as toilet paper.

Yes, the horror stories are real for some, giving the portable bathroom a bad rap. The idea of having to use a portable sink and toilet while shopping can bring discomfort to many users. They can’t help but think of an ominous range of odors and germ-filled surfaces surrounding them as they force themselves into one of those icky portable loos.

Yet, if you’re a department store owner who needs temporary restrooms placed outdoors for your staff and customers, there is no escaping this outdoor restroom route.

You need not fret, though, as not all portable restroom companies are content with simply providing the bare minimum (or even less). In fact, the industry is seeing hope as some providers are infusing luxury into their services, surprising many hesitant users.

You will experience this with VIP To Go as we take the outdoor restroom business out of the ordinary. We provide above-standard facilities and services that flush, so to speak, any negative experiences down the drain and elevate your portable potty experience by several notches.

We seek to debunk the myths that have lingered because of the nasty outdoor restroom reputation through cleanliness, comfort, and class.

VIP trailer set up for use in a commercial setting

The VIP Experience

VIP—that’s the name we live up to! Our portable toilet rental service provides luxury restrooms that don’t feel portable and outdoor at all.

What others offer as a premium is our basic standard. That’s what makes us a cut above the rest.

Our bathroom trailer rentals are engineered and designed to provide hotel-like toilet comforts and aesthetics as you lock yourself in and give yourself a go.

Unlike the run-of-the-mill sanitation solutions, we provide a range of station combinations to suit various budgets without compromising on quality.

So whether your store needs additional toilets for the long term due to a major renovation or for a one-day sale event, our outdoor restroom facilities are perfect for your store site.

All we need is a space to park the trailer, and we’re good to go (yes, in more ways than one)!

Outdoor restroom with handicap access ramp

What We Offer

We work best with department stores of any size – from community department stores to national chains like Target, Home Depot, Costco, Walmart, etc.

And each of our customers loves us because we don’t just provide a potty place. We deliver secure and sanitary spaces where you can rest a bit and freshen up in what feels like an en-suite bathroom amenity.

Our well-equipped, well-lit, and well-ventilated portable bathroom with sink enclosures are the kind that makes bathroom trailer rentals a delight to have on your store’s premises.

Each unit is equipped with flushing toilets, a spacious sink, fine mirror, toiletries, air-conditioning, sounds, hands-free and sensor-equipped functions, and an overall stylish design.

Here are some more of the perks you can get from our portable bathroom trailer rentals:

  • As a nationwide contractor, we can cater to your outdoor restroom needs for all your locations across the nation.
  • As a certified and well-positioned Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), we have the subcontractors, resources, and network that makes us a financially efficient choice.
  • We ensure excellence in service and facilities and offer customer delight through huge discounts and a reasonable pricing system.
  • Our decades of experience and vast network enable us to do our business with efficient, reasonable, and value-for-money turnkey services (i.e., permit requirements).
  • We continuously optimize our product portfolio by catering to the evolving needs of the various industries we serve. Whether you need to rent a shower trailer or luxury restrooms, we have something to match your requirements.
  • Our response time is quick to ensure that you are spared the headache and workforce needed for any unforeseen issues. We provide you with access channels to reach out to us anytime and get the prompt help you need.
  • You get optimum value for our price as we consistently keep our inventory up to date, retire our trailers as scheduled, and sufficiently restock our supplies.
  • Our personnel are highly trained in maintaining the technical, sanitary, and aesthetic features of our portable toilet and sink rentals, making the VIP To Go outdoor restrooms a delightful experience.

Redefining Bathroom Trailer Rentals

Our toilet and shower trailer rental service is the answer to your temporary yet important need to provide a comfortable and accessible restroom facility in your store premises.

And because we understand your need to take care of your employees, serve your customers, and comply with the OSHA standards, we created a range of bathroom trailer rentals for men and women for your store’s specific needs and budget.

We have various toilets, sinks, urinals, and other features like baby changing tables to suit your requirements. There’s a lot to choose from, giving you flexibility.

If you need an upscale portable toilet trailer rental service for your VIP guests and clients, we can also provide one for you, complete with fireplaces, flat-screen televisions and DVD players, music, internet access, and more.

Priceless Comfort and Luxury

If you are worried about portable toilet trailer prices, rest assured that VIP To Go can cater to a wide budget range—with features ranging from the expensive to the straightforward. Each one offers for free what is usually advertised as frills by other providers.

Want to know more about our offers and the bathroom trailer rentals business in general? Check out these FAQ’s.

Or you may contact us for your questions and get quotations for portable toilet trailer rental prices.

We’d love to serve your store!