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Rent Golf Course Bathrooms

Who doesn’t love a round of golf?

It’s just 18 holes—you, your friends, a set of clubs, and the whole morning or afternoon to just relax and have some fun.

But if you own a golf course, or manage a high end golfing resort, you may be faced with a very particular, yet significant challenge.

How do you provide sanitary restroom facilities to the men and women who utilize your particular golf course?

This is a very important question, especially for those in the golfing industry.

So in this post, you’re going to learn how portable bathroom trailers or a mobile bathroom rental could prove to be the perfect answer to golf resort bathroom facility challenges.

Portable bathroom trailer rentals offer golf courses a unique opportunity to provide sanitary facilities without compromising on the quality or experience of the game, or the amenities provided to their customers.

Plus, it’s an affordable option.

Let’s break it down and talk about why a portable restroom might be the perfect choice if you’re currently performing golf course maintenance, or just need some portable restroom options for an event, a trade show, or even as a regular long-term rental.

Why We Need Golf Course Bathroom Rentals: Enhancing the Player Experience and Course Operations

Golf courses are the epitome of tranquility and well-kept greenery, offering players a place to indulge in the sport amidst beautiful surroundings. However, the extensive layout of most golf courses can pose a challenge in providing easy access to restroom facilities. This gap in amenities can interrupt the flow of the game and detract from the overall enjoyment. The solution lies in golf course bathroom rentals, a service that fills this critical need by placing convenient, clean, and comfortable restrooms at strategic locations around the course. Implementing golf bathroom rentals and golf course restroom rentals is more than just about meeting basic needs; it’s about elevating the player experience and streamlining course operations.

The necessity for golf course bathrooms stems from several key considerations. First, the comfort and satisfaction of players are paramount. Golfers expect a certain level of convenience and luxury when they visit a course, and having access to high-quality restroom facilities is a significant part of meeting those expectations. Whether it’s a quick round or a full day on the course, the presence of well-maintained restrooms ensures that players can focus on their game without unnecessary distractions.

Moreover, golf bathroom and bathroom golf rentals play a crucial role in the operational aspects of running a golf course. They allow for greater flexibility in hosting events and tournaments, accommodating guests with varying needs, including families, elderly players, and people with disabilities. Well-placed and high-quality restroom facilities can also help manage the flow of players around the course, reducing bottlenecks and improving the overall pace of play.

Additionally, golf course restroom rentals offer an opportunity to reinforce the course’s reputation for excellence and attention to detail. By choosing high-end restroom trailers or luxury portable toilets, courses can provide amenities that reflect the quality and prestige of their brand. This attention to player amenities can be a differentiating factor in a competitive market, attracting more members and guests looking for a premium golfing experience.
By investing in quality restroom solutions, golf courses can enhance the player experience, maintain high operational standards, and uphold their reputation as premier destinations for golf enthusiasts.

Bathrooms for Large Sized Golf Courses

The best golf courses offer a lot of acreage—where golfers can roam freely, engage in the game, and escape the stress of everyday life.

In fact, the average golf course covers about 150 acres in total.

golfers in country club setting

But in all of this acreage, it can be a challenge to provide sanitary bathroom facilities as often as is necessary or helpful.

This is where portable bathroom trailers and/or portable restroom options can really make a difference, especially if you’re currently administrating golf course grounds maintenance or planning an event.

A lot of golf courses host public restrooms in the clubhouse, in the country club headquarters, etc.

But unfortunately, many golf resorts don’t offer quality restrooms out on the course itself, aside from the occasional fairway restroom.

As a result, golfers could consider this inconvenience a deal breaker when choosing which golf courses they wish to visit.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to fill the gap with portable bathroom trailers and portable restroom options, such as those offered by VIP To Go.

Your High-End Membership Base Expects Quality Accommodations

If you manage or maintain a high end golf resort, the truth is that your high-end clientele is going to expect access to quality restroom facilities, available at all times of the day.

They’re not going to want to play 18 holes of golf without using the restroom at least a few different times.

But, this creates a bit of a challenge for you, especially if golf course maintenance has rendered your usual field-option bathrooms useless or inaccessible.

As a golf course manager, how do you provide sanitary facilities when utilizing permanent bathroom facilities isn’t really an option?

Portable bathroom trailers/portable restrooms can serve as a long or short term alternative.

Running Sewer Lines On Golf Courses Isn’t Always Practical

Sewer lines are actually a big challenge to install on golf courses.

You need to tear up turf, dig deep trenches, and install large pipes that run for yards, meters, and sometimes, for miles in order to connect them to the sewer system or public sewer utilities.

And the simple fact of the matter is that this isn’t always practical on a golf course.

The Big Problem: You Could Lose Golfers If Your Restroom Arrangements Aren’t ‘Up To Par’

As the owner or manager of a high-end golf resort, it’s your responsibility to make sure that customers, clientele, and golfers alike have access to everything they need to enjoy their time at your resort.=

But if your restroom arrangements aren’t up to par, your bottom line may suffer.

Chances are that the people who play golf at your resort contribute a great deal to your business’s success.

And you just can’t afford to leave them hanging on such an important issue.

Restroom facilities are a necessity, and you really can’t afford to skimp out on them; even in the event of golf course maintenance.

And portable bathroom trailers can serve as a perfect alternative.

What’s The Solution? Luxury Restroom Trailers

VIP To Go offers custom-built high end luxury restroom trailers that are perfect for not only events and job sites, but also high end golf courses, resorts, and more.

Restroom trailers are literally just as convenient as public restroom facilities— they’re air conditioned, they have heating, they feature multiple stalls (depending on which specific trailer you get), they have running water, they have a sewage tank, and they even come with mirrors, luxury woodwork, interior lighting, etc.

interior luxury portable restroom on golf courses

Contrary to some of the myths that plague the restroom trailer industry, our portable bathroom trailers aren’t a smelly or dirty solution, either. They offer a clean, sanitary solution that’s just as luxurious as a high-end public restroom.

Our luxury portable restroom trailers are even used for weddings!

Plus, golf course maintenance is minimal when you use a trailer.

You won’t have to do anything to your turf to make sanitary restrooms a reality when you consider restroom trailers as an option.

4 Reasons For Why VIP To Go Is The Best Option For Luxury Restroom Trailers

VIP To Go is a premier national supplier of luxury restroom trailers, and we take great pride in being the best brand in the business.

portable restroom trailer with handicap access on golf courses

Here’s why:

1. We’re Experienced

We’ve been in the game for over 15 years.

We know what we’re doing—and even if we don’t have a trailer on hand to meet your exact specifications, we can custom design one to literally be the perfect solution to your golf course needs.

Whether you’re performing golf course maintenance and need something temporary, or need a long-term rental, we’ve got what you need to solve the problem.

2. We Offer A Range Of Diverse Products

One look at our gallery page will show you exactly how many different restaurant trailer options we have available.

With so many different options available, you’re bound to find a product that’ll fit perfectly on your golf course resort, whether or not you’re currently performing golf course maintenance.

Plus, our luxury options are even good enough for high end events, like fancy weddings.

You could even use them for official tournaments. In fact they’d be a fantastic solution for portable restroom options during such a large-scale event.

3. We Offer Awesome Customer Service

VIP To Go makes it a point to be available for our customers and clients 24/7.

If you have a question, an inquiry, or a concern, we’re here for you.

That’s one of the factors that make us different from many of our competitors.

We believe that customer service is vitally important, which is why our world-class staff is always on hand to help you with any concerns you may have.

4. We Offer A Gallery Full Of High Quality Options

From luxury trailers for weddings, to trailer options for movie and TV shoots, to event restroom trailers, to everything in-between; we have the equipment to service your golf resort from beginning to end.

Whether you need it as a temporary fix, or as a long term rental, we’ve got you covered with great deals, great prices, and convenience that you just can’t beat.

Check out our long-term rental guide to learn how you can make restroom trailers a near permanent mainstay on your own golf course.

Environmentally Friendly Restroom Solutions by VIP TO GO

In line with our commitment to excellence, we also prioritize environmental sustainability in our golf course bathrooms. Our golf course restroom rentals offer eco-friendly products and practices, including water-saving fixtures, biodegradable products, and waste management processes that respect the environment. Choosing VIP To Go means opting for restroom rentals that not only enhance the player experience and course operations but also contribute to a healthier planet by reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

FAQs on Golf Course Bathroom Solutions

Are there bathrooms on golf courses?

Yes, most golf courses house bathroom facilities primarily within the clubhouse or country club, and occasionally, you might find one or two public restrooms strategically placed along the fairway for convenience. However, not all golf courses have bathrooms directly on the course, which can present challenges, especially during peak playing times or special events. This is where golf bathroom rentals come into play. Renting a portable bathroom trailer offers a practical solution to enhance facility accessibility without imposing additional maintenance demands on your golf resort. These bathroom golf rentals are designed to cater to both long-term needs and short-term events, ensuring players have access to clean and convenient restroom options at all times.

portable restroom trailer with handicap access

How much does a portable restroom cost?

At VIP To Go, we pride ourselves on offering golf course restroom rentals at incredibly affordable prices. The cost of renting a portable restroom trailer can vary based on several factors, including the location of your golf course, the specific type of trailer you choose, the number of units you need, and the rental duration. To address any pricing queries and to receive a tailored quote that meets your golf course bathroom needs, we encourage you to reach out to us directly. Additionally, you can explore our portable toilet trailer rental guide for detailed information on our various options to find the perfect match for your golf resort’s requirements.

How much does a luxury portable toilet cost?

VIP To Go offers an array of luxury portable trailers for golf bathroom rentals, ensuring that every golf resort can find a solution that fits its budget without compromising on quality. The pricing for our luxury restroom trailers varies, taking into account factors such as the rental’s location, duration, and the chosen unit’s type. To get a precise, quick, and comprehensive quote for your luxury bathroom trailer rental, please contact us. We are committed to resolving any restroom facility concerns at your golf resort with our premium golf course restroom rentals, providing an upscale experience for your guests and players.

Rent Portable Bathroom Trailers from VIP To Go

There you have it.

The full rundown on what it would take to fix sanitary facility challenges for your golf course.

Of course, we here at VIP To Go believe that luxury portable restroom trailers are really the best option for most golf courses, whether it be for a weekend event or a long term rental.

All you have to do is contact us to get the information you need to pull the trigger and make it happen.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.