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Four reasons the impact of a rental toilet trailer on your budget is worth it!

A simple trailer provides luxury within your budget.

Choosing a rental toilet trailer to meet your restroom needs may sound expensive, but it probably won’t cost nearly as much as you think. For short term rentals we have trailers that begin around $950 a month. With long term rentals and volume discounts our prices can dip even lower. In fact, you might be surprised that renting a VIP To Go Restroom Trailer can actually save you money in many ways.

Here are 4 ways that a rental toilet trailer from VIP To Go can save you money:

1. You can actually have fewer toilets.

The World Health Organization and your local health department will have guidelines for how many toilets you need to have per person over a certain period of time. Your VIP To Go customer service representative can also help you figure out exactly how many units you need. But when it comes to saving money, you need to know that restroom trailers, which provide running water for washing your hands and flushing toilets that whisk waste away rather than just dropping it into an open pit of chemicals, can handle more human visitors than the old style blue chemical toilets. This means that the health department will allow you to have fewer toilets if you opt for restroom trailers. So, you can forget the eyesore of the blue boxes, have fewer units, and help mitigate the price of restroom rentals by doing so.

2. Restroom trailers are more pleasant and may keep your employees on the job longer.

Admit it, if you ate a little something that didn’t agree with you and you needed to us the restroom, reading material in hand, are you going to step into the blue box of smelly death? Or are you going to hop in your car and drive to a place with running water and a decent bathroom? If you voted for the drive, now image your employees taking driving breaks in search of cleaner restrooms. How much work time might be lost to this search for restroom peace? Proving a clean, pleasant rental toilet trailer can increase the productivity and work time of your employees. Happier employees and healthier employees are more productive employees.

3. A rental toilet trailer costs very little to run.

Part of saving money includes simply ensuring that a choice you make won’t cost you too much in the long run. With restroom trailers from VIP To Go you don’t need to worry. Our trailers all run off a standard 110 outlet and cost very little to run. All the power they need is for some lights, the pump to run during a flush, and heating or cooling systems. Of course, the exact porta potty trailer rental cost depends on usage and energy rates in your area, but overall your budget will not take as huge a hit as you might imagine. When it comes asking how much is a restroom trailer, the answer is probably less than you think, as our trailers start under $1,000.

4. Restroom trailers make for happier customers.

If you are putting your VIP To Go restroom trailer in a place where the customers can use it, having a restroom trailer will generate far more good will, and possible sales, than an old chemical box.

Call VIP To Go and talk to us about how a rental toilet trailer from us can save you money and make your employees and customers satisfied.

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